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-Chapter 12-

Kai and Yuriy ran over to the boy, and after assessing what they could, they concluded that they couldn't move him, 8 ribs and his left ankle were broke, pointing out at odd angles and, by the swelling his wrists, they were at least sprained.

"Br, Bryan, go back to the village and get their doctors…" Yuriy managed without too much stuttering.

"Are you sure Yue? Maybe you should—"

"Shut up and go!" Yuriy yelled, snapping his head to his boyfriend. Bryan sighed but started back to the village.

"I'm sorry Kitty-cat. I told you if you called, we'd be there in a heart beat. But we weren't…" Yuriy muttered and moved some of the boys blood knotted raven hair from his once sun kissed face.

'Oh Rei. You have to hang on Koi. If you leave, I don't know if Yuriy could handle it. Laima, who am I kidding…'(1)

"Don't go Rei… I don't know what I'll do if you leave me here…" Kai, in a sudden bout of emotional strength, took control of the cituation. "Come on, there is fabric around the floor. Most of his bleeding has stopped, but lets try and get the rest or he'll bleed to death." Kai said, ordering Yuriy around for a change. Yuriy nodded, knowing what needed to be done, and got up to collect the pieces.

"Kai, look what I found." He looked up to see Yuriy holding a long robe. Covered in a least amount of blood then anything else, was Gin-Li's robe.

"So either an old guy is running around naked. Or this situation didn't get out of hand, he planned to hurt Rei this bad." Kai growled.

"As much as I hate to do it. We have to use these to bandage him up. It's the largest piece of fabric we have."

Nodding in agreement, Yuriy sat back down and the two got to work on ripping the cloth and bandaging the boy. After a while, Rei seemed to gain a little more consciousness, but with it, all the pain returned in waves, causing the boy to clench in pain.

"I can't loose Byakko… leave him alone you bastard…" He started to mumble, surprising the two boys at his side.

"Kai and Yue tried to save me from you… You only proved that you are just like those who killed my parent…"

Yuriy and Kai exchanged looks.


"Rei is next to dead and he just wants to sit there. I know he's upset but that's no reason to snap at me. He could have done this. Less painful on him…" Bryan muttered under his breath. He was vigorously walking, but no longer had the energy to run. "I better hurry up it getting late." He noticed as he looked through the trees to the setting sun.


Lee, Kevin and Gary all walked up to the boy, out of breath.

"Have you, found Rei?"

Bryan thought for a minute. 'Should I tell them?'


"Yeah, chill out. We found him. But you really don't wanna go back there. He isn't in the nicest of shapes, boys." He said, putting on the: 'I'm in Neoborg, back the hell off or listen to me damn well' fiasco.

"We're going."

"You'd be more good if you told me where your doctors are. Rei needs one bad and soon." Lee exchanged looks with the other two. "Listen to me. If you aren't going to tell me where they are, move."

"Kevin, take Bryan back to Mao and Mother, then get Mother and the others to come after us." Reluctantly, but with little argument, both complied to the White Tiger leader and headed back to the village, their differences aside for now.

"Go straight. You can't miss it." Bryan called back to the remaining White Tigers. Lee nodded and Gary followed his leader.

"He must be pretty loyal to Yuriy, Rei and Kai to work with us." Gary said.

"We have the same common goal. It only makes sense. Now come on."


Kai, Bryan and Yuriy were sitting on the ground outside May-Lynns' cabin.(1) Bryan had returned with Lee and Mariah's Mother and two other healers who quickly worked on getting Rei patched up enough to move back to the village where he currently was. They had no clue where the person that hurt Rei had gone to. But they didn't much care at this particular moment either, they were simply waiting for someone to tell them that their first real friend was alright.

-Flash Back-

"Stupid Bryan… What does he know anyway…" Yuriy said as he sulked in the back yard of Takao's house.

"What were you fighting over now Yuriy?"

The Neko-jin sat down beside his quickly-becoming best friend.

"Ugh. He came down to the mall with me because I wanted him to help pick out a new gun for Kais' birthday—"

He paused when he saw the look on Reis' face.

"Are you looking at me like that because you didn't know it is Kais' birthday on Friday or the gun?" He asked, pausing in his story.


"Anyway, and on the way out I seen this earring on display in a jewellery shop. It was a silver flame with a ruby in the center. Then he started grossing me out and saying that I nor Kai were girls and didn't need earrings but I thought that Kai would like it—"

"Why would Kai need an earring?"

Yuriy sighed then looked to the boy.

"Kai really doesn't tell you this stuff. Does he. His left ear is pierced." Yuriy stated.

"No, I guess he doesn't…"

"We should try to get him to wear it. It really does look good on him"

Rei rolled his eyes.

"I'll take your word for it on this one Yuriy."

-End Flashback-

'We hadn't gotten him to put that earring on… Maybe when you wake up, we'll try again Kitten…' Yuriy thought and laid his head on Bryans' shoulder, glaring at a passing woman who looked at him odd.

"I am not in the mood for these Homophobic bit—"

"You are Kai, Yuriy and Bryan correct?" They all looked toward the voice of a man who strangely, and in an odd way, resembled Lee.

"Yeah." Kai said bitterly. "Why?"

"I am Lee's Grandfather, the one who gave Rei his Byakko."

Yuriy, Bryan and Kai all exchanged glances.

"What do you want?"

"Which one of you are Rei's Boyfriend?"

"Me. Why the hell do you care?" Kai growled.

The old man ignored Kai's growling and continued.

"As the rules of this village, Rei may no longer live here, and he should have Byakko taken from him." All three glared. "But, seeing as what he has been through and what he put up with to try and keep the village happy. We are going to bend some rules."

"What rules?" Yuriy asked, scepticism in his voice.

"Rei should be completely exiled, for his preferences, but, we have decided that while he may not live here anymore, he will not be exiled. He will be allowed to visit, and still talk to his old team."

The Russians sighed, they knew that that was one of the reasons that Rei never admitted to being the way he was, he didn't want to be exiled.

"What about Byakko?" Bryan asked. That was the first set of words he had said since Rei had been taken away from them 4 ½ hours ago.

"He will be able to keep Byakko on 2 conditions."

"Being!" Yuriy was becoming impatient.

"Please remain calm young ones." The Elder said, "In the case that Rei dies and does not have a neko-jin heir, Byakko is to be returned to this village, but if he does recive an heir, the heir must have Byakko and return to this village at least 3 times a year." Kai and the others sighed in relief. "This is of course, if Rei leaves that room alive."

In a flash, Kai and Yuriy both had the elder by his collar. Each had the fabric held tightly in their, turning white, fists.

"Shut up…" Yuriy started.

"And get the fuck out of our sight…"

They roughly let him go and glared as he walked away.

"Damnit! How the hell can he say things like that about his own heir!" Yuriy growled while Kai sat back down with a sigh. "Wasn't that bastard the one who gave Rei his Byakko!" Kai nodded.

"He did Yue, but you have to admit that Rei is a little more then worse for wear—" A slap echoed through in Kai's ears as a harsh, but soft hand collided with his face.

"Kai! Damnit you little bastard! Don't you dare give up on Rei! I thought you loved him and here you are jinxing him!" Yuriy's eyes blazed with an anger so strong, Kai or Bryan had never seen it this bad. His face was contorted with the same anger laced in his eyes. "Don't you dare give up on him! Do you hear me Hiwatari! Don't you fucking dare!" Bryan came up behind the enraged Russian and wrapped his arms around his waist and grabbed his balled up hands.

"We're not giving up on him Yue, we want him to pull through just as much as you do. But there may come a time where we're going to have to deal with the fact that he's not going to wake up." Bryan said gently.

"I know, I just don't want to deal with that right now. Everything was finally going right. Rei's with Kai, we found that apartment in Japan were we are far away from Voltaire and where Rei would be safe and sound. It's not fair." Yuriy sulked. His anger switching to sadness.

"I know Yue, I know."

As Bryan comforted the distraught red head, no one noticed Kai slip into his own little world.

-"Are you alright master Kai?" A female voice asked softly.

"No… No I'm not Suzaku… I may loose Rei…" A body appeared next to the poor boy. Kai looked up when he noticed long fiery locks fall down his shoulder and pale hands wrap around him. She said nothing, but sat her head on her masters' shoulder in silent comfort.

"Thank you Suzaku." Kai muttered calmly.-

"Kai! Kai! Snap out of it please… He's gone… Rei's gone." A tearful voice begged.

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