Title: A Love Eternal

Author: flyingbird

Disclaimer: Any characters that you recognize don't belong to me. Any unfamiliar people you see are products of my own imagination

Summary: AU Angel is the leader of his pack (werewolves) and one night runs into Buffy who is having some trouble.

Rating: PG-13

A/N1: This is just some crazy idea that I got one day and I just had to write it down. I don't know how much time I will have to write but hopefully I'll be able to update regularly. Please let me know if you like it or not!

A/N2: Takes place in a world of only werewolves, no actual humans. Most everyone lives in a pack that has a leader, kinda like an alpha-male, and all of the pack members sort of follow them. Angel's pack lives in a large wooded area and that's where the entire story takes place.


Her heart was beating wildly as her paws pounded on the ground, carrying her body swiftly through the trees. She didn't know where she was going and at the moment she didn't much care. After running for five days straight the she was too exhausted care, the only thought on her mind was escape from her pursuers. She knew they were close by, she could hear them running somewhere behind her and that thought alone caused her to quickly pick up her pace and push her body faster. She didn't know exactly what would happen to her if they ever caught up but she had a pretty good idea and didn't really want to find out for sure.

Parker and Riley had been after her for ever it seemed. Both were the sons of the illustrious leader of the Triven Pack and were well known to all werewolves. They had been causing trouble from a young age and though their pack wasn't especially known as a cruel one, those two certainly were. Parker tended to be the leader of the two, and consequentially it was his idea to pursue the youngest daughter of Hank Summers.

They had first met at a banquet hosted by the leader of a neighboring pack, the Crisol. Hank had gone to accompany the leader of his pack and had brought along his family: his mate, Joyce, and their two daughters Dawn and Buffy. At the time Dawn had been 10 and Buffy had been 8. Upon seeing her Parker declared that he absolutely had to have her and asked his father to speak with Hank about possibly arranging a marriage for sometime in the near future. This request was met with absolute refusal from both Hank and the leader of the pack. They stated firmly that Buffy was just an eight year old girl and they wouldn't be making such decisions about her future at such a young age. They left promptly after dinner had finished and decided to keep Buffy well away from the two of them, for the stories spreading around about the 17 and 15 year old weren't good to say the least. Both Joyce and Hank wanted much more for their youngest daughter and they had many years yet to find an appropriate match for her, for it was common among the female werewolves to mate anywhere from 15 to 18, with males of varying ages. The incident was soon forgotten and everyone moved along with their lives.

However, this was not to be. Parker never forgot about the beautiful young blond and she became an obsession of his and Riley's as well and the two decided that in the end she would be theirs. For the next five years they approached her at every opportunity they got, making lewd comments and trying to get her on their own. They were by no means above kidnapping her, in fact, that was their main goal. However, it was an unwritten law that females weren't allowed to walk through the woods unescorted by an older male, to ensure their safety, so it became increasingly difficult for them to put their plan into action, especially when Buffy grew up into a beautiful young girl. This didn't deter them for long however, and instead of giving up they simply formulated a new plan.

Of course, Buffy had been told about Parker and Riley and was warned to stay away from them. She knew that they were dangerous and anytime that she saw them while out in the woods her escort would immediately move her to safer grounds, however some times fighting was involved and Buffy would have to run to find help. It scared her that two people would be so determined, but apart from that she did manage have a fairly normal childhood. She and her sister were as close as could be and did almost everything together until Dawn found a potential mate and started spending time with him. Overall she had a very happy life, up until the moment that everything went wrong, the worse night of her life.

Now she was running for her life, listening with increasing desperation as her attackers drew closer and closer. At 14 years old she was pretty fast, but she knew that she couldn't out run them forever. Her breath was coming in pants and her whole body ached, tired from countless hours of running. She could hear both Parker and Riley howling to the moon and knew that the chase would be over soon. Just then she stumbled over an exposed tree root and fell, tumbling across the forest floor. She struggled to her feet as fast as she could and took off running again but seconds later came to a screeching halt.

Standing 20 feet in front of her, teeth bared and panting heavily, was Parker in his full wolf form. He was quite large and impressive, with a full coat of dark brown fur streaked with black. He growled softly at Buffy began to walk towards her slowly, drawing closer with every step he took. Trying not to panic, Buffy took a few steps backwards but then jumped as she hear another growl right behind her. Spinning around she found herself face to face with Riley, also in wolf form and also closing in on her. Although scared she was determined not to give up without a fight so she growled back and once again began backing away from the both of them. Growing up with a lot of boys had taught both her and her sister how to hold their own in a fight and she carefully began calculating how she could possibly get out of this situation. She didn't have much time to think because right then both males jumped at her and she had to act.

Meanwhile, Angel was strolling through the woods not far from where Buffy was being attacked. He had been feeling restless that night and just needed to get out for a little while to run amongst the trees. He had stopped now and was just walking around, considering going back to rejoin his pack. Just then he heard a noise up in the distance and perked up his ears in interest. It sounded like a fight and without thinking he took of running to see what was going on.

Upon arriving at the scene he was too stunned to move at first. A young female wolf was being surrounded by two older males, both of similar appearance, and they were growling menacingly. The female was limping and Angel could see she was injured as there was blood coating her side and one of her legs. Shaking his head he quickly brought his senses back and ran towards the quarreling pair. His approach didn't go unnoticed by any of the wolfs and he took the opportunity to growl menacingly at the two males. He bared his fangs and stood solidly, reading to pounce at a moment's notice. His was rather large and undeniably strong, with a sleek coat of the darkest black fur one could imagine. As the son of his pack's leader, he was fairly well known around the werewolf community, although he didn't recognize any of the wolves before him, maybe they were from a different area. He didn't know and didn't much care at the moment, his one and only priority was to rescue the young female before him.

Parker and Riley were both concerned with the appearance of this new male. They had never seen him before but they could tell he was exceptionally powerful. They hadn't planned on this and didn't know what to do. Should they take him? It would be two against one so the odds were in their favor. Angel growled again approached them, positioning himself directly in front of Buffy, who was by know laying on the ground as her injuries had become too much for her. All of his actions just screamed power and dominance and Parker hesitated to attack him. Angel however, not being one for patience at the moment, leapt at the two apprehensive males and clawed at them savagely, warning them that he was serious. Growling, Riley immediately backed off and soon Parker turned and followed him, running away through the woods.

Once he was sure that they had truly departed, Angel's gaze turned towards the wolf behind him. She was bleeding pretty profusely, the red blood staining her fur, and her breath was coming out in pants. She looked to be in a lot of pain and Angel couldn't help but wonder why she had been attacked. She was very young; she couldn't be any older than 15, and he felt an odd sort of protection for her. He though about all of his female friends in his pack, most of them were around this girl's age, and he became angry thinking about how any of them might become hurt. He could tell that she was scared of him, and if it wasn't for her injuries would have run away.

He tentatively reached out paw and touched her neck, signaling that he wasn't going to hurt her and just wanted to help. She closed her eyes in submission and soon after that lost consciousness. Angel, bending down, maneuvered his body until he managed to get her lying across his back. Carefully standing up, he began to make his way back to his pack's home, determined to help the young girl.