Please don't sue me! I don't have a lot of money! I understand fully that all of the characters, thoughts and ideas from Rurouni Kenshin rightfully belong to the great Nobuhiro Watsuki. I am grateful that he has come up with such a wonderful world that I can play in! I have written this story purely for the amusement of myself, my friends and any online readers who would care to read it. I will not publish it or try to sell it- Thanks for giving me such animated characters to use!

Italicized words with '' around them represent thoughts.

Italicized words with "" around them represent words that had been spoken or thought in the past.

Plain italicized words are Kaoru's writings.

For those of you who are not familiar with the Japanese culture, I have provided a glossary of the words and phrases that I have put in the story. Also, I need to explain the importance of names and what one calls another person, and their significances.

When you meet someone for the first time, it is usually proper to call him or her by his or her last name first. For example, Kenshin's last name is Himura, so Tae calls him Himura-san. That is what Kaoru also called him when they first met.

By doing so, it signified a more aquaintance-like relationship, giving a certain amount of expected respect. Tae never had a close relationship with Kenshin, so she always called him Himura-san. However, as they grew closer and more intimate, Kaoru and Kenshin began calling each other by their first names, completely dropping the honorifics(san) attached to them.

By tacking these honorifics onto another's name, it is symbolic of their relationship and the amount of quiet respect amongst them.

The Japanese culture is laden with respect and therefore, these honorifics help to differentiate the closeness of relationships.

In the story, I have used over a hundred Japanese words and phrases. Please refer back to this front page if you need help translating them. I think they are all pretty self-explanatory when I use them, however, and you might be able to translate them yourself.



Aah- Yes

Akabeko- The name of Tae's restaurant

Ano- Um…

Arigatoo- Thank you

Arigatoo Gozaimasu- Thank you very much


Baka- Stupid; moron; idiot

Bakumatsu- revolution

Battosai- Nickname Kenshin earned for perfecting every move in Battojutsu

Battojutsu- The skill to attack by drawing the sword- usually a 'one strike' attack

Busu- ugly (nickname given to Kaoru by Yahiko in original series)


-chan- used after a person's name usually to express intimacy and affection; cutesy term also meaning little

Cho- even (in a gambling game, like even numbers)


Daijoubu desu ka?- Are you ok? (can also be said as just 'daijoubu?')

Daimyo- feudal lord

Demo- but

Deshi- apprentice; student (Baka deshi: stupid apprentice)

-Dono- Added on to a name to show deep respect.

Dooitashimashite- Don't mention it; you're welcome


Erhu- A Japanese instrument, very similar to a violin


Futae no Kiwami- Double Master; Sanosuke's famous attack

Furo- bath

Fushimi- A small town just outside of Kyoto. (In my story, I claim it to be a diamond mining town- I have absolutely no idea if it is or not- I made it up to fit my storyline)


Gatotsu- Fang stab (in the series, it is Saito's attack. However, in my story, it belongs to Cho.)

Gohan(yo)- (It's) Dinner

Gomenasai- sorry; (Honto ni gomenasai- I am really sorry)


Han- Odds(in a gambling game, like Odd numbers)

Haori- A half coat; men's traditional wear

Hentai- Pervert

Hitenmitsurugi Ryu- Kenshin's famous sword style; consists of many attacks

Hitokiri- Assassin; direct translation- 'man slayer'

Honto- really


Iie- no

Irrashaimase- Welcome! (Can also be just irrashai)

Itai- Ouch!; that hurts

Isogu- Hurry up!

Itatchi- Weasel (nickname given to Misao by Saito in the series. Sanosuke gives it to her in my story.)


Jaa mata ashita- See you tommorow (ashita-tommorow)

Ja ne- See you

Jigoku no Odori- Dance of Hell; Kaoru's final and most powerful attack. (I made it up completely)

Jou-chan- affectionate term given to Kaoru by Sanosuke; direct translation is 'young girl'

Juppongatana Name of Takeda Kanryu's force of men (Shishio's strongest group of fighters in the series)


Kami-(sama)- God

Kamiya Kasshin Ryu- Kaoru's sword style. Not sure of exact translation, but in my story Kasshin means the 'sword that protects.' Just made that up)

Katana- sword

Kenjutsu- Swordsmanship

Kimono- women's traditional robe-like outfit

Kitsune- fox (Name given to Megumi by Sanosuke in the series)

Koibito- Boyfriend/girlfriend; lover

Konbanwa- Good evening (Usually used after five or six in the evening)

Konichiwa- Good afternoon

-Kun- Added to name when addressing colleagues or younger people- seems to be used mostly for boys, but can be used for girls.

Kuzu ryu sen- Nine headed dragon; one of Kenshin's attacks. Used to strike nine different spots on an opponent; nearly impossible to defend against

Kyoto- Once the capital of Japan; Tokyo is today


Maa maa- Ok, ok!; It's alright; clam down

Mou!- Gees!

Mochi- Japanese dessert made from sweet bean paste, wrapped in rice cake

Minna- Everyone; all

Mizu- Water

Meiji Era- Era after the reign of the Tokugawa family; 1868-1912


Nee-chan- Older sister(affectionate term) Oneesan is proper term

Ne?- Right?

Nii-chan- Older brother(affectionate term); Oniisan is proper term


Ohayou (gozaimasu)- Good morning

Okaasan- Mother; also can say 'Kaasan' for short

Okashira- Leader

Omedetoo- Congratulations; happy (Otanjoobi Omedetoo- happy birthday)

Origami- The art of paper folding

(O)tanjoobi- Birthday

Otoosan- Father; also can say 'Toosan' for short

Owari- The end

Oyasumi (Nasai)- Good night


Pocky- A type of Japanese candy


Ronin- Derogatory name for a Samurai

Rurouni- Wanderer

Ryuu no Hi- Dragon's Fire; one of Shishio's attacks (Once again, I made it up.)

Ryuu no Hiko- Dragon's flight; one of Kaoru's attacks. She learns it from Shishio. (I made it up)

Ryu Tsui Sen- Dragon Mallet Flash; one of Kenshin's favorite attacks. (I didn't make this one up)


Sakabato- Reverse-blade sword

Sake- A Japanese alcohol

Sakura- Cherry blossom

-sama- Attached to name to show great respect; basically means 'Lord'

Samurai- Warrior

-san- Respectful term added to name; means 'Mr., Mrs., Ms.

Sanjuu no Kiwami- Triple Master; upgraded form of Sanosuke's Futae no Kiwami

Sayonara- -Good bye (for good)

Sensei- Teacher; also means doctor (Gensai-sensei is a doctor)

Shinnai- wooden sword

Shinsengumi- Tokugawa family security force in Kyoto; directly translates to 'newly selected corps'

Shoji- Japanese sliding doors made out of paper and wood

Shun Ten Setsu- Instant Heaven Kill; Sojiro's final technique in my story

Soshite- And

Sou Ryu Sen- Twin Dragon Flash; One of Kenshin's battojutsu techniques (not made up)

Sukiyaki- A Japanese beef dish; usually thinly sliced beef with teriyaki sauce


Tabi- Japanese socks

Takoyaki- Japanese snack; a paste of wheat flour and octopus cooked into little balls (Eeewww)

Tanuki- Raccoon; Nickname given to Kaoru by Megumi in the series

Tatami- Floor mat

Ten Ken- Heaven's sword; One of Sojiro's attacks

Tobi Izuna- Flying lightning; one of Raijuta's attacks in the series, but is one of Kaoru's in my story

Tofu- Bean curd

Tori-atama- Chicken head; bird head; nickname given to Sanosuke by Cho in the series

Tsuki- The moon


Yakisoba- Japanese fried noodles

Yakitori- Japanese skewered grilled chicken and vegetables

Yokatta- Oh good; Thank goodness; I'm glad; Passed tense form of oh good, used when things went well or turned out ok

Yosh!- Good!; Alright!