My last Breath

As she ran through the forest she could hear the screams of the village not far ahead. She quickly readied herself for an attack. When she reached the edge of the forest she flung her bag down to make her faster. She readied her bow and arrow as she entered the village. There were corpses in all the walkways as Kagome reached the bottom of the steps to the village shrine.She aimed her arrow at the demon holding a girl by the neck. He tightened his grip on her neck causing her to scream. "Drop the girl!" she pulled back the string and stood firm in place. The demon broke the girl's neck, and then turned around. Kagome couldn't believe it, it was Inuyasha the one she loved so dearly. He was covered in blood "Inuyasha" she said low enough that he had barely heard it. He started to lick his fingers then started to charge her.

Kagome's fingers accidentally slipped and the arrow went flying right at Inuyasha, he moved to the side and let it barely hit his shoulder. He stopped for a second and rubbed his arm then picked up his speed once again. Kagome went through her mind but she couldn't think of anything that worked well anymore and tetsiga was nowhere in sight. So she did the first thing in her mind and ran back to the well. Inuyasha caught up to her just before she reached the edge of the well. He came from a near branch and ripped his claws across her back. Immediately she fell to the ground in pain. Inuyasha laughed as he stood beside her body. Kagome let go of the side of the well and looked at Inuyasha grined. Kagome didn't know if it would work now but she would go ahead and try it. Breathless and in pain she worked her way to sit up and put her back to the wall of the well.

"Sit boy," she said as he fell to the ground. It took a minute before Inuyasha came to. The first thing he did was look at Kagome; the image of him hurting Kagome went though his mind. "Kagome?" Inuyasha quickly sat up and put his hands on Kagome's shoulders trying to get her to look at him. Kagome opened her eyes weakly and looked up at Inuyasha. "Inuyasha I am so sorry…" she began but Inuyasha stopped her. "No I am the one who should be sorry," he said as he gathered Kagome up in his arms and started to walk back to the village. Kagome smiled and whispered "Inuyasha I love you I really do." Inuyasha could feel her getting lighter in his arms, he knelt down and set her on the ground. Completely speechless he looked at her as she passed on before he could respond to her. A moment of silence passed before it all registered into his mind. Inuyasha began to cry as he held her closer to him. He whispered to her ear hoping she could still hear for that brief moment "I love you to". Inuyasha dropped to his knees and rocked her body in his arms as he cried on her shoulder. He had lost Kikyo twice and now he had lost Kagome. He picked her up and went in the direction he knew Sesshomaru was in, and then swore that they would be together again soon.