Chapter 6- the SWAT Kat trio

Tai's consciousness returned to his mind. His whole body ached and it felt like something was squeezing his ribs. The red kat tried to open his eyes, but the bright light made him close them again.

" Hey, I think he's up." A voice spoke.

" Talk about taking a kat nap. Out for three hours strait."
Another voice replied. His eyes opened to show he was in the bedroom back home. He had a splitting headache and could hardly move. He looked to see the voices belonged to Chance and Jake, who were watching him.

" What.. What happened?" Tai asked as he tried to get up, but the pain made him fall back down.

" We beat Madkat and got back here, but you were out cold." Jake answered.

"Your cut was pretty bad." chance said with a smile. " It took like an hour to stop it from bleeding, so don't move or you'll open it up again."

The red kat looked to see white bandage over his chest and on his side was a bright red mark on it.

" Guys." Tai said. " I'm sorry for causing you such trouble. I promise I wont tell anyone."

" Trouble?" Chance said, " You saved us, buddy. Besides, we're not worried about you telling anyone."

" Yeah, you we're pretty good as a SWAT Kat." Jake said

" You know, you should stay one." Chance finally said.

Tai eyes shot wide and he tried to get up, only to fall back.

" Seriously?" he asked, wondering if it was a joke or something.

" Yeah. We'll call you.." Jake stopped to think, remembered Tai's fire attack. " Blaze, how about that."

" Blaze?" Tai questioned.

" Your fur, it's a fire red." Chance covered, knowing what his bud was thinking.

"Blaze, sounds cool." Tai said

Chance stuck his hand between Jake and Tai. " All for one" he said

" And one for all" Jake said as he followed chance's example.

Tai raised his hand and put it with the others" the three SWAT Kats" he said.

Chance and Jake pulled their hands back.

" Get some rest, buddy. Your gonna start training when your better."

The two kats left the room. Tai tried, but couldn't contain himself.

" A SWAT KAT! I CANT BELIVE IT! A SWAT KAT!" he shouted in glee, only to have more pain shoot into him.

Chance and Jake heard the ruckus from the shop.

" Kids happy." Chance said with a smile, crossing his arms over his chest.

" Yeah." Jake replied. " I can't help wondering about that attack he did."

" I know what you mean. Didn't expect the kid to have that kind of power."

" I don't think it was him." Jake said as looked at Chance.

" Remember the voice, it wasn't his."

" Yeah." Chance answered. " Oh well, let the kid have his fun. We'll figure it out eventually."

" I guess your right." Jake replied. " Besides, it might be fun having a third."

Note from the author: I hope you liked the first part of the series( the series name is the SWAT Kat Trio, I couldn't think of something better at the time). Please tell me what you think and if I can do better.