(Chapter 8)
Fifteen minutes later Christina looked up as John entered the gym. She was practicing in the ring with Amy.

"You're too energetic for me." Amy said, sitting on the mat. "You're wearing my ass out."

Christina laughed as she watched Dave enter the gym.

"Dave can you teach me how to do a power bomb when your arm is better?" Christina asked.

"I can teach you." John said, smiling at her.

"Okay." Christina smiled.

"But not now. We're going to be late for our flight." Adam said.

"I have to go get my bags." Christina said.

"I got them, their outside with mine." John said, holding her hand and dragging her out of the gym. He picked up their bags and they walked out of the hotel hand-in-hand.

"Johnny!" Christina heard the familiar yet annoying voice say. She turned to see Maria standing next to the bus that would be taking them to the airport.

"Didn't I tell you NOT to call me Johnny?" He said looking at the woman.

"We're sitting together on the plane." She smiled.

Christina let go of John's hand and took her bag from his other hand and followed Adam and Amy on the bus.

"I'm sitting with Trish so I'll see you when we get to the hotel." She said.

Christina sat on the bus between Amy and Trish mumbling in Spanish.

"What the hell are you saying?" Amy asked.

"I said …..Maria is sitting with John on the plane." She smiled.

"That's all?"

"Well not all but that's what caused it all." She sighed.

Christina was the first on the plane and found her seat. She was sitting between Trish and Chris Masters. Chris still hadn't left her alone about a date and it was beginning to drive her nuts.

As the plane took off Christina tried to stay awake she was NOT going to take the chance of waking up to HIM.

"I'm going to the bathroom sweety." Trish whispered to her and left.

She motioned for John to follow her when she noticed Maria was asleep, leaning her head on John's shoulder as he kept trying to raise it up. He quickly rested her head against the window and followed Trish to the back of the plane.

"Trade me seats." She groaned. "I don't want to sit with the RAW whore but I feel sorry for Christina. She looks tired and she's afraid that if she goes to sleep Chris will try and molest her or something."

"If Chris lays a finger…" John began.

"Tell her how you feel." Trish smiled, as the two walked back toward the seats.

They both laughed as they saw Christina against the window.

"She hates sitting by the window, she's afraid of heights." John whispered.

"Trish I hope you don't mind switching. I love sitting next to the window." She lied.

"Move your ass Masters so I can get to my seat." John said.

Chris started to move over a seat but John stopped him.

"I don't like sitting on the aisle." He said, flopping down in the seat next to Christina.

He took the blanket Trish had put on the floor and placed it over Christina and him.

"Get some sleep." He whispered, moving her head to rest on his shoulder and kissing her lightly on the forehead. "Just don't think about what's outside of the window."

"Easy for you to say." She grumbled. "I hate flying. I hate it. Why can't we drive?"

"We'll drive next time okay baby?" He asked.

"Really? Okay." She smiled, feeling John run his hand up and down her arm lightly

Christina quickly fell asleep. She woke to Maria's annoying voice again.

She opened her eyes and her head shot up off John's shoulder as she saw Maria standing over them. She felt John tighten his arm around her shoulder so she couldn't move completely away from him.

"Johnny I thought you were sitting with me." She whined.

Christina glared at the ditsy woman standing before her, she was looking at John as if she could eat him for her lunch. Christina had it. She was going to take everyone's advice and FIGHT for John.

"Maria do NOT call me Johnny." He said. "Only…"

Christina moved John's arm and stood. Locking eyes with Vince McMahon briefly before turning her head to Maria.

"He's MY Johnny. Only me and Brandy can call him Johnny." Christina said. "He doesn't like you, why don't you get a clue? Or even better why don't we ALL pitch in some money and buy you a clue bag, that way if you ever get a clue you can put it in there and save it."

Christina smiled when she heard everyone start laughing and briefly felt bad when she watched Maria frown. Christina turned to look at Trish who was now sitting in a seat in front of Christina. She only turned back when she felt a sting on her left cheek. She turned and looked at Maria and would have had her on the floor of the airplane had John not caught her as she jumped toward the woman. Christina felt herself pulled into John's lap and watched as Chris Masters stood and carried Maria back to her seat. Trish returned to her window seat next to John and Christina moved off John's lap to take a seat on the aisle.

"So John how does it feel to have two girls fighting over you?" Trish smiled.

"That was funny as hell." John said. "Glad Chris won."

Christina turned to her friends and started to say something, but was stopped by John's lips. She could hear the entire plane whistle and scream and immediately buried her face in John's neck.

"I love you Chris." He whispered.

"I love you too." She whispered.

Christina couldn't hold back the huge smile. She finally had John and she was NEVER letting him go.