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Teaser: bird laguz mating rituals

Notes: theme number 47 for the lj community. Crack pairing so be warned. I enjoyed writing it fully, though. Fun time merriment.

Oh, and on a side note 'cause someone asked me if I would, I don't write yaoi… ever.


"Do you think we should get her brother?" the young boy questioned, his black wings fluttering uneasily as he watched the scene being played out before him.

The old crone hawk chuckled and heaved up blankets for the oncoming winter. "You really are a young one, aren't you?" The young boy turned to look at her, eyes wide and bewildered.

In front of them, the young princess of the Herons was addressing her liege-lord, Tibarn of the Hawks. For the first time since she had come to the Phoenician Hall, the young beauty looked angry. Enraged, in fact, and her lips were flowing with a wicked-paced dialogue.

And even if the ancient tongue was impossible to decipher… well, it was pretty obvious what she was likely saying.

What was even more surprising was that Tibarn—proud, brave king of the Hawks—was backing down, letting Leanne push him into a corner. There was a bewildered expression on his rough face.

The young boy couldn't remember a reason for Leanne to seem so angry, but there was no doubting she was. Flushed cheeks and heated words easily inclined him to consider her disposition hostile.

"Heron are gentle creatures," the old hawk-crone told the young boy. "Except… for the one time when they mate, it's their way to see who will be the dominating force in the union… and they mate for life, you know."

The boy didn't quite get it but he turned backed to Leanne anyway. He noticed that there just wasn't rage burning her fathomless blue eyes. No, there was something eyes. And it was sparkling and wild and passionate as she pressed a slender hand against Tibarn's chest.

It made his cheek flush as well with some inbred knowledge of what exactly was going on, even if his youthful mind didn't quite grasp the concept.

"Of course…" the old crone added thoughtfully, a grin sliding across her face, "…hawks are no pushovers, either."

Just as she said it, Tibarn seemed to have had enough. His eyes meet hers in his own powerful way as he grabbed her wrist. Leanne gave a small yelp and tried to yank herself away, but Tibarn wouldn't let her. The youth recognized the same look in his king's eyes as he had seen in the young princess's.

They stared at each other like that for a moment, battling for dominance. Leanne had a surprising amount of willpower, and it matched the king's. Their eyes were glazed over, slicked with something primal and urgent.

And suddenly, Tibarn brought her into his arms, his powerful, brown wings folding over Leanne's willowy body. And the young girl went willingly into them. She stood up on her tiptoes and caught his mouth with her own.

The boy stared in shock and surprise. What in the name of…?

"Mating rituals," the old crone sighed and went to do her laundry.

notes: see? Fun-time merriment! I saw them in PoR and thought: well, they'd look good together! Alas, they are a crack pairing.