Melody Donivan looked in the eyes of the angry woman standing in front of her and then let her eyes rest on the building of the "Women's Clinic of Boston". She'd come all the way here because she was sure no one would find out before she could tell him.

"I hope you're here getting birth control." Carol Cena said, crossing her arms and tapping one foot. "I don't see pills or a prescription paper."

"Ummm…I….I…" Melody stuttered.

"You are only 16 years old! What ARE you thinking?" She demanded.

"I don't know!" Melody said, holding in the tears. "I didn't mean for it…..for this…"

"Yes you did. John will know you did this on purpose." Carol said. "John is in college! On his way to a great career. This is going to ruin his future, his life…"

"No it won't. I plan to tell him, today, now. I'll go to the college from here…" Melody began to be cut off again.

"Do your parents know about this?" The woman demanded.

"No, but I'll tell them as soon as I've told John." She answered.

"Listen sweety, you can't tell him." She pleaded.

"He's the father, he has a right to know. My baby has a right to know his father." Melody exclaimed, running her hand through her hair in frustration.

"He hardly has time to see you between classes, homework, and working. Do you think he'll have time to take care of a baby? He'll quit college, saying he'll go back and never will." The woman sniffed. "Your dreams are already gone that doesn't mean that his have to be."

With that she left. Melody got into her car and drove toward Springfield College. Ten minutes into the drive she got a call from her parents.

"Melody Katherine Donivan! Get your ass home NOW!" Her mother's voice screeched through the car.

While on the phone with her mother she had another call, Private Number. After hanging up, she checked her messages as she pulled into the parking lot in front of the college. She had her hand on the handle as she listened to the message.

"Mel it's John. I think it'd be best if we didn't see each other for awhile. I need time to think."

Melody quickly pushed the end button and looked up toward the window to John's dorm room. A skinny blonde looked out of the window, clad in a baby blue bra with matching underwear and nothing else. Melody quickly threw the phone down on the seat, wiped the tears and drove off toward home.

'News travels fast.' Melody thought as she walked in her house and saw her mother, Crystal and step-father, Robert sitting on the couch. She let her gaze fall on her packed bags by the door.

"Mom? Robert?" Melody sniffed. "You're kicking me out?"

"Sorry dear but we can handle this anymore. I've already called your father in Seattle. You're going to live there now. You flight leaves in two hours." Her mother said.

"We can't risk having a lot of gossip going around. I'm running for Chief of Police remember?" Her step-father said. "How will they let me control the entire city when I can't even control you."

((Chapter 1))

Seven Years Later

Melody wiped a tear as she kissed her six year old son, John and six year old daughter, Christina goodnight.

"Mommy will be back in a couple of days." Melody sniffed. "I have to go to Connecticut for an interview."

"I hope you get the job Mommy I LOVE wrestling." John laughed.

Melody grabbed her suitcase and went to see her best-friend Paris.

"You're sure you'll be okay with them?" Melody asked.

"Yes. Go, go." Paris said. "You need this job. If Vince pays for your relocation you'll be much better off. AND you'll be closer to me and David. The boys and I will be fine."

"Yeah. I'm still paying off college and the doctor bill from when John had pneumonia. The bills I missed last month when I was sick. If I get this job then I can finally get out of debt. Pay off my second mortgage." Melody sighed, remembering the day her kids were born.

The nurses were so worried because Melody and the kids were the only people on the entire floor who didn't have visitors. Melody was there for three days and the twins for another week. The only person who came to visit the whole week was Melody and their doctor.

"Why don't you find their piece of shit father and get him to help you pay for the bills?" Paris demanded.

"I can't ruin his life." Melody sighed. "He's probably got a nice job in some gym or something. Married to the woman of his dreams."

"Well then find a new man." Paris said. "They need a father. David can hook you up with one of his friends. Orton, Shannon, …"

"I know none of these people. You know I don't have time to watch wrestling. I haven't watched it since I watched it with John." Melody said. "I hope Mr. McMahon doesn't ask me any questions about what's been going on for the last seven years."

"Don't worry. Just tell him the truth if he does." Paris said, hugging her friend. "Your cabs here, now go."

"I'll call in the morning." Melody said, getting in the cab and going to the airport.

Meanwhile at Melody's house Paris was on the phone with her boyfriend, David Batista.

"Yeah David her flight should be leaving now." Paris said, smiling. "No she still has NO idea that John works there. Have you talked to him?"

"I just told him we had a mutual friend." David said. "I don't think it's either of our place to tell him that he has children if he doesn't know that Melody was pregnant."

"So you're going to pick her up from the airport?" Paris asked.

"Yeah. And then tomorrow night Johns staying here after the show and we'll pick you up at the airport on Sunday morning." David said.

The two hung up soon after and David took off for the airport to pick up Melody.

((Chapter 2))

Melody entered Vince McMahon's office, her stomach full of butterflies. She saw Vince, Stephanie and Linda sitting around the large table and introducing herself, taking the seat across from the three.

"So tell us about your education." Vince said.

Melody felt her stomach begin to churn. There was no way she'd get this job, she was hardly qualified.

"Well sir to be quite honest I got my GED when I was 16 and went to Seattle Community College for two years, where I got my Associates in International Business and Management." Melody began. "I graduated at top of my class. Then I went to University of Washington and got my bachelors degree in Business."

"If I may ask why did you get your GED?" Vince asked.

"I got pregnant. I went to live closer to my dad in Seattle, but he couldn't support us so I had to get a full-time job. Kind of hard to work full-time, go to high school and be a mother." Melody began.

"And the father?" Stephanie asked.

"I think his mother told him before I could. He called me soon after she found out and broke up with me." Melody began. "But he was in college, he had great prospect. I didn't want to ruin his life."

"Can you travel four days a week if you get this job?" Linda asked.

"Yes. My friend, Paris is going to watch them while I'm gone." Melody said.

"Paris?" Vince asked. "David's Paris?"

"Yes sir." Melody said.

"You don't have much experience but you do have great references from your professors and you seem to be very bright." Vince began. "I too came from close to nothing, no school. The job is yours. You start tonight."

"Thank you!" Melody said, jumping from her seat. "Thank you so much."

Melody smiled as she met David outside of the building in front of his Mercedes. She'd already talked to Paris, Vince had the moving truck set up for her and Paris would be arriving the following day with the kids.

"You ready to go to the arena?" David smiled. "You can change in my locker room."

Melody went to the locker room David showed her too and he left her to change. She quickly put on her black slacks and white button up shirt. She was bending over to put on her boots when she heard the door open.

"David have you heard from Paris? I need to call and ask her how the k…" Melody said, turning only to find herself looking into those same blue/grey eyes she'd missed for three years.

The next thing she knew everything was black.

((Chapter 3))

"John dude what did you do to her?" David asked, running into the locker room as she saw John standing over Melody.

"Nothing yo she just passed out." John said.

"Mel, baby wake up." David said, slapping Melody lightly on the side of the face.

"Baby?" John asked. "What about Paris?"

"She's Paris' best friend, you jack ass." David said. "Why don't you go get the trainer."

David gritted his teeth tightly as he saw John stand in that same spot. He was relieved when Stephanie walked in and saw them and ran to get her father and a trainer.

Melody opened her eyes and saw Vince standing over her. She remembered seeing John and sat up quickly, holding her head as the room spun.

"Slow girl." Vince said. "What happened?"

"I just passed out, that's all." Melody said quietly.

"I'll see you in my office in 10." Vince said.

Everyone left except Melody, John and David. Melody walked over to the side of the room David was on and whispered.

"I can't take this job." Melody said.

"WHY can't you?" David exclaimed. "You deserve a job here just as much as jackass over there."

"Who are you calling jackass!" John yelled. "Why don't you leave me and Melody alone we need to talk."

"Last time you two were alone she ended up on the floor!" David yelled.

Melody sighed as her cell rang, she checked the ID 'Home Calling'.

"Let the message pick it up." David said.

"It's Paris what if something's wrong with…." Melody began, she just stopped and answered.

"Hello?" Melody asked.

"Hey girl how's it going there?" Paris asked.

"I'm fine." Melody said.

"You passed out, don't lie to her and tell her your okay!" David yelled from across the room.

"I'm going to kick Johns ass!" Paris exclaimed into the phone.

"Wait. How did you know?" Melody began. "I can't believe you KNEW all along, you both knew….."

Melody looked up at David and fought to keep the tears inside. She shook her head and left the locker room and ran toward where Vince's office was. Inside she found Stephanie.

After the show she road back to David's house quietly. When they got there David went to his room and showed Melody where hers was.

"You know where you sleep jackass." David said, leaving.

"John we should talk…." Melody began.

"There's nothing to talk about." John said. "You disappeared. Just left. No returned phone calls, changed your phone number and moved out."

"But John you're mother….." Melody began only to be met with a closed door.

((Chapter 4))

The next morning Melody was sitting outside of the ring watching John and David workout. They'd taken a flight to Boston earlier in the day and the kids would arrive with Paris any time now. She'd tried numerous times to tell John about them but he didn't want to listen. Now David was being, seemingly to hard on John. All the stars in the seats were whispering, asking each other what John and David's problems were.

Melody laughed for the first time in months as Stephanie told her what she'd be doing that night. David and John got out of the ring and went to talk to Vince as Melody's cell phone rang. 'Paris Cell'.

"I have to take this." Melody smiled.

"No problem. I'm going to go get to the bottom of the drama with those boys." Stephanie laughed, going to stand with the others.

"Paris where are you?" Melody answered the phone.

"Mel don't freak out." Paris began.

"Don't freak out WHY?" Melody asked, jumping out of her seat.

"We had an accident. The limo got hit by some crazy ass driver." Paris began.

"Are the kids okay? Are you okay?" Melody asked.

"I'm fine. Christina just has a few bruises." Paris began.

"What about John?" Melody asked.

"What about me?" John asked from behind her.

"Paris?" Melody asked.

"He'll be okay. He has a concussion, he was unconscious when they brought him in. They said something about his thumb is dislocated they are going to have to put it back in. They are still taking x-rays and stuff on him." Paris said, sniffing.

"Where are you?" Melody asked.

"St. Johns Medical Center." Paris said. "ON….on…fuck if I know where it is."

"I know where it is." Melody said. "I'll be right there."

Melody quickly hung up and walked right past John toward where David, Vince and Stephanie were standing.

"Mr. McMahon sir." Melody said.

"Yes sweety." Vince asked.

"I need to go." Melody said.

"You just started." John laughed. "Giving up already."

Melody ignored him and the look that David gave him.

"Paris and the kids had an accident and are at St. Johns I need to go." Melody said.

"Are they okay?" David exclaimed.

"Two of them are." Melody sniffed.

"Go Mel. Go." Stephanie said. "David go with her."

Twenty minutes later the two stepped into the waiting room where Paris and Christina were. Melody hugged her daughter to her and sighed in relief.

"Where John John moma?" Christina asked.

"John John isn't done yet baby." Melody said. "Why don't you stay here with Aunt Paris while Mommy goes and checks on him."

Melody found the doctor and talked to him.

"He has to stay awake until at least 2 a.m. Keep the hand iced today, here's a prescription for the pain and nausea." The doctor said.

An hour later they left and the three survivors insisted on going to RAW. Melody prepared herself as the group walked into the door of the area backstage.

"I see you all three survived." Vince laughed, coming over to see Paris and the kids.

"Vince these are my kids, Christina and John. Kids this is my new boss Vince McMahon." Melody smiled.

"Mr. McMahon, you're my idol." John smiled, shaking Vince's hand.

"Call me Vince." He smiled. "You watch wrestling?"

"Yeah. Every time it's on. Every pay-per-view." The boy smiled.

"Is Dave here your favorite wrestler?" Vince asked.

"No, I'm a member of the chain gang." John smiled.

"What the hell IS the chain gang!" I demanded.

Vince laughed and smiled. "That'd be Dave's jackass over there. Can't believe you're a Cena fan."

"Of course, Cena is great, I want to be like Cena when I grow up."

Melody held the tears in, breathed, sniffed, everything she could. Only one managed to fall down her cheek. As she looked up and saw none other than John and his parents Melody felt the urge to pass out again.

"Baby keep your hand up like the doctor told you." Melody said.

"Ma I didn't know you had kids." John said to Paris.

"I d…." She began.

"Paris what's the name of the pharmacy you called for his medicine?" Melody asked.

"Couch's or something like that." Paris said, looking up. "There they are."

"Stay with Dave, I'll be right back." Melody went over to the man, Paris close behind.

"How much do I owe you?" Melody asked, grabbing the money from her back pocket.

"$327.38." The man read off the label.

"WHAT!" Paris yelled. "$327! What is it morphine!"

"Shut up Paris!" Melody snapped, giving the man the money and taking the bag. She quickly read the directions as they walked back toward the kids.

Melody was so busy reading it that she didn't see Carol Cena standing in front of her and she ran right in to her, dropping the bag on the floor.

"Sorry Mrs. Cena." Melody said, reaching for the bag.

Carol was quicker.

"John Donivan." She read quietly. Melody saw the single tear stream down the old ladies face as she took the bag back and walked over to the little boy.

"You better not lose any of those damn pills." Paris said. "I've had cars cheaper than that shit."

"Shut up Paris." Melody said, handing him a pill.

"Mommy I have a headache." John said.

"I know baby. Do you want to go to the hotel and lay down?" Melody asked. "You can't go to sleep for another 10 hours. It's only 4 o'clock."

"No I don't want to miss the show." John smiled, taking the pills with Dave's bottle of water. "Cena you're my favorite."

"Oh yeah." He laughed. "You a member of the chain gang?"


"Not me. Dave's mine." Christina smiled, hugging Dave's leg.

"Shut up!" John snapped.

"Be nice to your sister." Melody said firmly. She didn't even think before saying it.

"Okay mommy." John smiled.

"Dave's buying me a horsie for my birfday." Christina smiled.

"Is he really?" Melody asked.

"He promised."

"A horse David?" Melody asked. "Where am I going to put a horse!"

David merely shrugged.

"When's your birthday?" John's father asked.

"In five months. We'll be six!" Christina smiled..

"I'm still older." John said, sticking his tongue out.

"Six?" John asked, looking at Melody. At that second she knew that Mrs. Cena never told him about the baby or babies.

"John…." Melody began.

"Don't even bother!" John said, walked away from the group.

Melody ran down the hall after him.

"John please just listen to me! I can explain!" Melody said.

"No need to explain." John said, turning around and holding Melody up against a wall. "How could you keep something like this from me? Maybe you cheated on me, is that it? They aren't mine?"

"No. I would never cheat on you." She said.

"I don't want to talk to you right now. I don't even want to look at you right now!" John yelled at her. "Ouch!"

"You leave my mommy alone!" Little John yelled, having kicked John in the shin. "I hate you. You're not my favorite anymore! I don't want to be part of your chain gang."

"John honey that's not nice. We were just talking." Melody said, grabbing for his hand.

"No mommy he was mean to you." Little John said, wiping his tear away. "I wanna go home."

"I want Dave." Christina wined. David quickly picked her up.

"David put her down NOW!" John snapped.

"What the hell is your problem?" Dave asked.

"You're not her father!" John yelled.

"Our daddy is making something of himself." Little John snapped. "He's a workout freak, he played football. I hope he comes and beats you up!"

"That's not nice." Melody said. "Now stop it."

"Why don't you two come sit down on the couch in my office and watch tv until the show starts." Stephanie asked, walked up and winking.

"Anywhere away from HIM!" Little John said, following Stephanie down the hall.

"Why didn't you tell me!" John demanded.

"You broke up with me!" Melody yelled back. "Besides when I got to the dorm to tell you some half naked blonde was in your room!"

"I hate you!" John said. "Just because I broke up with you doesn't mean you couldn't have told me. My mother was right about you!"

"Your mother…." Melody began. "Your mother is always right."

Melody let the tears fall freely and turned to leave.

"Dear I'm sorry. I was upset." Carol began.

"This is all your fault!" Melody yelled at the woman.

"How dare you blame my mother." John said.

"Seeing me at the clinic, John breaking up with me, the blonde, getting kicked out. None of it was a coincidence, you did it all didn't you?" Melody asked.

"I did call John, but I didn't tell him…" Carol began.

"Of course you didn't. You didn't even want ME to tell him." Melody said.

"Well you got your wish. John didn't know, I didn't tell him. And the only person that has suffered from it are my babies." Melody said, leaving.

((Chapter 5))

Melody sat on the bench in Dave's locker room crying. She cuoldn't go find the kids yet. She didn't want them to see her like this, they'd hate John even more. She wiped a tear away and looked up at Paris and Dave.

"What the hell do I do?" Melody asked. "I know this is all my fault, but I don't know what to do anymore."

"It's not all your fault." She heard someone say from the doorway. She looked up and there stood Carol and John Sr. along with John. "It's mine. All of it."

"How can you say that mom?" John asked, looking at his mother.

"I saw Melody outside of the clinic. I told her not to tell you, begged her. I wasn't very nice. I knew she was going to do it anyway so I called your parents." Carol said, turning to Melody. "I figured they'd just ground you. I had no idea they would kick you out."

Melody looked down at her hands.

"That doesn't matter because I was still going to the college, even after my parents call, even after John's message." Melody said, not looking up.

"I figured you would. I called John and told him it wasn't fair to you for him to never give you the time of day. I figured if he felt guilty about the way he treated you, he'd break things off." Carol began. "And he did. But if you were still going dear how come you never told him."

"Nothing stopped me until I pulled up and got out of the car. And there was a tall, skinny blonde standing in Johns window. With nothing but a matching pair of blue bra and panties and a very large smile." Melody said. "I figured either one, you told John I was pregnant and he freaked out or two, he cheated on me with some cheerleader and decided he needed a college chick instead."

"I never cheated on you." John said.

"Oh so you banged her in the five minutes AFTER you left the message on my phone." Melody screamed, standing up.

"None of this matters." Mr. Cena said. "Carol I must say I am QUITE disappointed in you. But I love you anyways. John you are still a father and you and Melody share two beautiful children. You have to work out your differences. Melody, I'm very sorry that you had to raise two children by yourself. But I swear from now on the Cena family is here for you whenever you want or need us."

"Thanks John." Melody smiled, as he hugged her softly and grabbed his wife's hand to leave.

"I think it's time we leave the two to talk." He said, glancing at Paris and Dave.

"You gonna be okay?" Dave asked, grabbing Paris' hand.

"I'll be fine Dave." Melody said.

"If you touch a hair on her head. OR make her cry I'll kick your ass." Dave whispered to John on the way out.

Melody briefly looked up at the man that she loved. The only man she'd ever loved and mostly likely the only man she would ever love. What could she possible say or do to fix this?

((Chapter 5))

"I'm really sorry." Melody whispered softly.

"Sorry. You're just sorry you got caught." John snapped.

"I didn't want to ruin your life." Melody said. "I had thought about calling you to tell you even after I left the college but I thought about what your mom had said and my life was already ruined so I figured that I wouldn't kill yours too."

"Ruined? Hello! You still got a job with the WWE which means you still graduated from college." John said. "AND to top it all off you got the kids for six years just to yourself. You weren't saving me, you were being selfish."

"Selfish? Selfish!" Melody screamed, jumping up off the bench. "I got kicked out of my mothers house, sent half-way across the world to live with a father I hardly ever even knew. Then when I was six months pregnant, the same day I found out I was having twins I got kicked out of his house! The entire time I was pregnant I was either at work, at the doctors or doing homework so I could get my GED. Then in college I had to stay at home and do online classes because I couldn't afford a babysitter! The only reason I graduated was because Paris was nice enough to watch the kids when I had to go take a final and while I was at work. All she charged me was $100 a month. I had to pay thousands of dollars in hospital bills, doctors bills. You know how quick kids grow out of clothes, shoes. How much they need? You know when the last time it was I got a full nights sleep! I'll tell you when, the day I found out I was pregnant. So don't YOU call me selfish!"

Melody wiped the tears away when she heard a knock at the door. She smiled as she watched Christina's head pop in.

"Mommy are you okay?" The little girl asked.

"I'm fine baby, where's Dave, Paris and John John?" Melody asked, opening her arms for her daughter to run to her.

"Dave and Paris are outside with John John." Christina said, smiling. "John John didn't want to see HIM."

The little girl pointed towards John and Melody held back the tears as she watched the sadness wash over John's face and then the anger begin to resurface.

"Dave, will you bring John in here please?" Melody asked, sitting her daughter down on the bench.

"I don't want to see him." She heard John John say. Melody knew that her son was crossing his arms and sticking out his bottom lip. Just like John used to do whenever Melody didn't give him his way.

"You are just like your father." She heard Mrs. Cena say.

Melody felt the panic set in. She wanted to be the one to tell them, not her, not anyone. Melody needed to do this. Needed to explain that none of it was John's fault.

"John John come in here now." Melody said, opening the door completely and holding his hand. "Why don't you guys leave us alone."

Melody began to enter the room and looked at her little girl. Melody knew they may be angry with her. Knew they'd be upset.

"Dave on second thought maybe you shouldn't walk to far." Melody said with a sigh.

She closed the door and sat the little boy down next to Christina, and glanced over in John's direction. There he was standing there. His bottom lip pouched out, his arms crossed and he seemed to be in deep thought. She wasn't even sure that he knew they were all three in there.

"Mommy has to tell you something okay?" Melody asked them as she turned all of her attention to her kids. "It's something very important."

"Okay mommy." Christina smiled.

"Does HE have to be here?" John John asked.

"Yes." Melody said. "You remember when mommy told you that your daddy was very special and that he had very big dreams. That he needed to do it and mommy would take care of you?"

"Yes mommy." Christina said.

"When will daddy be done?" John John asked.

"Well baby he IS done. He has all of his dreams. Now he wants to meet you." Melody said. "You remember when mommy told you that daddy didn't know about you yet? That we would tell him if we ever got the chance?"

"Yes." John John said.

"Well when daddy found out about you he was surprised. And when people are surprised sometimes they say things they don't mean. Say things that make people sad. But we shouldn't be sad. We should be happy, happy that you get to finally meet daddy."

"When do we get to meet daddy?" Christina asked, excited.

"Yeah I want him to beat up John." John John said.

"Well mommy and John knew each other a long time ago. And we loved each other very much. But when mommy moved away we didn't talk anymore." Melody began. "John IS your daddy."

"Daddy, daddy, daddy." Christina yelled. The little girl jumped off the bench and ran over, hugging herself to John's leg.

Melody watched as John picked his daughter up and held her to him for the first time. She watched as the tears streamed down John's face.

"I hate you. I don't want him to be my daddy." John John yelled. "I hate you. I hate you."

Melody ran after her son as he slammed the door open.

"I got this." Dave said, sprinting after the small boy.

She ran to her office and leaned against the wall, letting her body slide down until she was sitting on the floor. Melody put her face in her hands and cried like she'd never cried before. She had ruined everything. There was no way she could ever fix this.