-1(Chapter 6)

A few minutes later she heard a knock at the door.

"Mel, it's me." She heard Paris say. "Christina wants to stay with John. And John John is going to go stay with Dave and I at the hotel. I'm taking him back now."

"Okay." Melody said, wrapping her arms around her legs and letting her face rest on her forearms.

Ten minutes later, Mel was still there, crying. She heard the knock on the door.

"Mel it's Dave can I come in?" Dave asked.

"Dave just leave me alone please." Mel said.

"Mel, baby let me in." Dave said, louder.

Mel knew he was just worried but she merely shook her head as if he'd be able to hear her.

Outside the Door

"This is my fault." Carol Cena said, looking at her son with Christina in his arms.

"She'll be fine Dave. She hates people seeing her upset." John said, putting a hand on his friends shoulder.

"Yeah well you could have been nicer to her you asshole." Dave said, gritting his teeth and turning towards John. He let his eyes rest on the hand on his shoulder and turned his glare back to John. John quickly dropped his hand and sighed.

"I was upset. She knows I didn't mean that stuff." John said.

"Mommy said when people are surprised they stuff they don't mean." Christina said, smiling. "Mommy loves Daddy. Daddy are you going to live with us now?"

John shook his head and sighed. What a question.

"Mel I'm coming in whether you want me to or not." Dave said, opening the door and going inside. He didn't close it all the way.

He almost cried seeing her sitting on the floor, rocking herself back and forth. He picked her up and sat on the couch, with her in his lap, rocking her back and forth. Rubbing a hand up and down her back.

"Don't cry baby. You're breaking my heart here." Dave said. "I'm the Animal I'm not supposed to have a heart."

Dave did his best to get her to laugh for a few minutes but nothing worked.

"My babies hates me…" Mel sniffed. "John hates me…..I didn't mean it Dave. I didn't mean it. I thought it was the right thing to do. I mean at first I knew it was the wrong thing, but the more I thought of it it seemed right. You saw how hard it was. You know John. He would have felt responislbe. He would have had to go get a job and he wouldn't have had time to do all the stuff he wanted when they were babies. All the doctors appointments, finals, homework, work, sick babies, school plays, soccer games, practices. It was hard. Why can't he see that? I know it's not John's fault. This is all my fault. I can't take it back. I've ruined everything now. Everything. The only things I ever wanted in life were for the kids to be happy and healthy and hopefully someday have John love me again and now it's ruined. My babies aren't happy and John hates me."

Mel cried for at least thirty more minutes before Dave heard her breathing even out and he stood slowly from the couch and stepped out of the office. He saw John, Christina, Mr. Cena and Carol all still standing outside of the office with tears in their eyes.

"My mommy's sad Dave. Make her better." Christina sniffed.

"I wish I could baby." Dave said, sadly.

"I'm going to take Christina back to the hotel." John choked out.

"But who will take care of mommy?" Christina asked sadly. "Mommy always takes care of me when I don't feel good."


John had another coughing fit and grabbed his chest as he felt the pain shoot through it. He was missing the most important lecture of the college semester. He had no one to ask to take notes. No one to ask for help. He rolled on his side and added the wad of Kleenex to the already full trash can beside his bed. His head was pounding. No that was the door.

"I'm dead. Go away." He mumbled.

He looked up as the door opened and Melody entered the room in a blue sundress.

"Why aren't you in school?" John asked, sitting up a little in the bed.

"I got Jenny to call the school and tell them I was sick. My parents won't find out." Melody said, sitting next to him on the bed and putting a hand to his forehead. "John maybe you should go to the doctor, you have a fever."

"I"ll be fine." John said, placing his hand over hers. "It's just a bad cold."

"Well I brought you chicken noodle soup." Mel said, putting it on Johns night stand. "And these."

She handed John a notebook and he opened it.

"Where did you get these?" He asked, as he looked at the class notes.

"I sat in your class for you." Mel smiled. "Professor McHenry said she hopes you feel better by Wendsday's class. But if you don't just to send your paper in with your roommate. There isn't going to be a lecture."

"I love you so much." John said, kissing Melody and hugging her to him.

"I should get home. School is getting ready to get out." Mel said smiling. "I love you. Take care of yourself. Sleep. Stay in bed."

"I will baby. I just wish you could stay in bed with me." He smiled.

"Your awful John Cena." Mel said, leaving the room.

End Flashback

John opened his eyes and noticed that Dave had already left. He quickly left the arena and went to the hotel.

(Chapter 7)

Dave stood up when he heard the knock at the door. He saw John standing there and sighed.

"What do you want John?" Dave asked.

He looked at the sleeping Christina in Johns arms and rubbed a hand across his face.

"How many rooms does she have?" John asked.

"One for the kids and one for her." Dave said, stepping back into the living area that connected the two rooms.

"I'll stay here." John said.

"I don't think that's a good idea. I think you've done enough to her for one day." Dave said, watching as John went into the empty bedroom and came out without her.

"I'm staying." John said.

"I'm staying too." Dave said, crossing his arms.

"What would Paris think if she KNEW about this?" John asked.

"Paris KNOWS." Paris snapped stepping out of the other room. "She needs to sleep so you both be quiet."

"Where's Johnny?" John asked.

"Your parents took him for supper. He can't sleep for another few hours." Paris sighed. "They are dropping him off at our room in ten minutes. Don't worry I've been taking care of him for awhile, I can handle it."

"That's not what I meant." He sighed.

"I can't believe the things you said to her." Paris said. "She's killed herself taking care of those kids. She's done everything and loved them so much. More than most people would expect because they were a part of you. She has second guessed herself every day since the day I've met her. If you don't believe me ask Dave. She didn't even know you worked here. Dave and I didn't tell her. Dave got her the job because even though she's qualified she didn't have enough references. No one wants to hire a single mom of two. She spend all of her money on those kids for all these years. She just paid an ungodly amount for Johnny's medicine. And who knows how much the hospital bills from tonight will be. It hasn't been easy on her either."

Paris didn't wait for John's reply she just left the room.

John sat on the couch and felt Dave sit next to him.

"Tell me about what you know." John said, turning himself to look at Dave.

"I've known Mel for almost five years. There was a point that she needed money so bad that she actually considered going to work as a stripper. She finally talked herself out of it but she applied for the job, got offered it and everything. She went in for her first day and turned around and walked back out. All the days the kids were sick she would get up with them at night. Sometimes she didn't get any sleep at all." Dave said. "Paris and I always offered to help but she always told us that she was the one that was responsible for them and she should be the one to do it. She was always afraid of ruining everyone else's lives and making sure everyone was happy. She never stopped to see that she was ruining her own life and she was the most unhappy person in the world. If the kids were at school or at a friends house playing or if she was at work she was miserable. She would think about you and start talking about you and how much she missed what the two of you had. About what her life could have been life. Sometimes she'd decide that you were better off without her. Sometimes she'd decide that she'd made a huge mistake and maybe you would have been happy with two kids at the age of twenty. And you wouldn't have blamed her everyday for you never reaching your dreams."

John was surprised when he heard a sniff come from Dave. He looked at Dave when he wiped a tear from his eye.

"Mel got in a car wreck a few years back. When I saw her lying in the hospital bed with IV's and monitors hooked up all over her I was sure she was going to die. Paris and Paris's mother took turns watching the kids and staying at the hospital with me. I was the only one there when she woke up the next morning. She actually opened her eyes and shot up, wanting to know if anyone took care of the kids. I think the only reason she lived was because she NEEDED to take care of them." Dave said. "I felt so bad for her. Because even though the doctor told her not to work she went to work three days later when she got out of the hospital. She wouldn't go get her medicine because she couldn't afford it. And she wouldn't let me pay for it. I could tell she was in so much pain and her recovery took longer because she went back to work more than two weeks before the doctor actually released her. She actually cried when she had to get a second job. She worked while the kids were in school and she worked three nights a week after they went to sleep. Paris would sit with them while they were sleeping and Mel would go to work as soon as she got them to sleep. She actually did that until three days ago. When I got her this job."

Dave took a deep breath.

"She was going to work herself to death. She was actually working Monday thru Friday from 8-4 and then she worked Wendsday to Saturday from 10pm-3am. The kids woke up at 6 every day and she would get up with them. Paris and I tried to get her to find a different schedule so she could sleep, but she refused. She said she couldn't take the kids time with their only parent because of her screw up." Dave said. "The only reason she even agreed to take this job was because a few weeks ago she passed out and I took her to the hospital. The doctor told her that she was too stressed, overworking her body. Told her she had to find a way to slow down, to rest, to get rid of the stress in her life. If she didn't…..if she didn't……"

"If she didn't what Dave?" John asked.

"She'd literally work herself to death." Dave said. "I was scared, Paris was scared. And we made sure that Mel was scared. She'd never watched wrestling. Didn't have time. She is barely out of college. When she wasn't working she was playing with the kids, cooking, doing schoolwork. It was very hard for her. I'm not saying she made the right decision. But it would have made her life easier had you been around. So don't even think about calling her selfish." Dave mumbled.

"I'm going to go for a walk." John said, grabbing the extra key card and leaving the hotel room.

Dave went to the room and lay down with Christina and let himself fall asleep.

(Chapter 8)

Mel opened her eyes and shot up in the bed, trying to let her eyes adjust to the dark. She glanced at the clock. 6:30.

"Shit." Mel mumbled, pulling back the covers.

"Christina is asleep with Dave and Johnny's with Paris." She heard John say from a chair in the corner of the room.

"John?" She asked.

Her eyes were puffy and sore. Her chest hurt from crying so hard. And she felt like someone had ripped her heart out and stomped on it.

"I'm sorry." She heard him say.

"Sorry?" Mel asked, standing from the bed and walking over to him. "You have nothing to be sorry about."

She began to sniff and felt two strong arms grab her and pull her into his lap.

"Don't cry baby." John said. "I don't want you to be sad. I don't want to fight anymore."

"I don't want to fight either." Mel said.

"I forgive you." John said. "I could never hate you."

Mel felt him kiss her forehead.

"I want us to be a family Mel." John said.

"You don't…" Mel began.

"I'm not doing it because I feel like I have too. I'm doing it because I want to." John said. "You're the only woman I've ever wanted to be with forever. The only woman I ever wanted to have my kids."

"How are the kids?" Mel asked.

"Christina is fine. Worried about you, but fine." John said. "Johnny and I had a long talk last night after he went out with my parents. We're okay now. Did you know I was his favorite wrestler?"

Mel found herself laughing and shaking her head. She sighed when she felt John's lips meet hers and she gladly returned the kiss. They both looked up when the door opened and Christina and Dave stepped in.

"Sorry guess we should have knocked." Dave said, rubbing his hand along the back of his neck.

"Mommy are you still sick?" Christina asked.

"No baby, come here." Mel smiled, as Christina jumped on top of them.

"Mommy I'm hungry." Christina smiled. "Can we go get John John now?"

"Yeah lets go get dressed and we'll go get John John and Aunt Paris and eat." Mel smiled, grabbing clothes and following her daughter to the other room.

"If you hurt her…." Dave began.

"If I hurt her you have my permission to beat the living shit out of me." John said, standing and leaving to go change his clothes.

Fifteen minutes later Christina and Mel knocked on Paris's door.

"Hey girl. Bettter?" Paris asked, hugging her friend.

"Yeah is Johnny here?" Mel asked.

"Carol and Big John took him down to the restaurant a few minutes ago. Said everyone was supposed to meet there." Paris said, as Dave appeared next to her.

"Ready to go eat girls?" Dave asked.

"Where's daddy?" Christina asked.

"Right here." They heard him say from down the hall.

"Let's go." John said, picking up Christina and leading the way to the elevator.

The group entered the restaurant and saw the Cena's and Johnny sitting at a large table waiting for them. The group quickly approached the table but Mel stood at the entrance staring at the floor. The were all sitting before Carol spoke up.

"Where's Mel?" she asked.

"She was just….." Paris began seeing her friend standing in the entrance. "Wonder what's wrong."

"I think I know." Dave said, looking down at Johnny. "She thinks someone hates her."

"John I thought you said you were going to talk to her." His mother snapped.

"I did." John said, putting his hands up in the air. "We made up. Her and the kids are moving in with me in West Newberry."

"What if she doesn't love me anymore?" Johnny asks, with tears in his eyes.

"Mommy's ALWAYS love their kids no matter how many stupid things they say or do." Carol began. "Just like kids still love their mommy's no matter what they do."

Carol looked up at John and smiled. John gave his mom a kiss as Johnny stood from the table.

Mel felt someone tugging on her pant leg and looked into the eyes of her son.

"Mommy I'm sorry." He said. "I love you."

"I love you to baby." She said, hugging him.

Johnny grabbed Mel's hand and drug her to the table, sitting her next to John and taking a seat next to Christina.

"Mommy I'm going to be a diva when I grow up." Christina smiled, blowing a kiss to the table like Maria does.

"I'm going to be the WWE Champion." Johnny said.

"I have no doubt." Mel smiled, looking at her family.

She knew that now that her secrets had been revealed all would be well. It wouldn't be easy, it wouldn't be perfect but they'd all be happy.