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The chase

Tenten smiled as she watched Sakura walk away. She turned to Neji and got an evil idea. She stood up and headed towards were she saw Naruto and Sakura go. Neji and Lee both watched her as she ran off both wonder what the heck there teammate was doing. After a couple of minutes Tenten came back with a book in her hand she sat down and scooted her chair close to Neji, who gave her a look the said 'Who said you could enter my personal bubble' but he stopped when she turned to smile at him.

"Neji! Let do a song! I signed us up and everything. Now we just have to pick a song." Tenten said with a look on her face that said 'You know you want to do a song with me, so please don't say no cause you know you secretly love me' Neji left eyebrow twitched.

"Tenten. I. AM. NOT. SINGING. WITH. YOU. PERIOD!" He said in the calmest voice he had. What gave this woman the right to sign him up to sing? Neji doesn't sing. Singing and Neji does Not go together. EVERYONE with the exception of Tenten knew this AND SHE WAS ON HIS TEAM! Her smile slips from her face.

"Come on Neji. Its only one song and I really don't want to sing by my self." She said looking with the puppy dog look. It was her deadliest weapon she had. She only used it when she really, really wanted her way and she always got her way with it…. Always. Neji eye twitched even more. He turned his head away so he didn't have to see the look.

"No. Sing with Lee." Lee hearing his name popped up behind Tenten excited that he could use his 'youthful voice' for something. Tenten face turned to one of discust.

"Neji…. Think of what you just said…. Do you remember last Christmas?" Lees face dropped of one of depressed and Neji didn't move. He pretending he didn't hear her. But oh did he remember.


Team Gai was in a karaoke bar and hanging out by order by Gai saying that it was a youthful time of the year and they should give there 'Christmas cheer' by singing.

"HOLY HOLY holy HOLY hoLLLLLLLY OLLL OLLY" Lee 'sang' the churchy Christmas song (more like screeched in what him and Gai called beautiful singing) everyone in the room had covered there ears. People ran around try to escape

"JESUS SAVE US!" Someone screamed

"KILL HIM!" Another one said

"Throw something at him and knock him out!" Some else said. And so people threw stuff at Lee

Lee ran off stage excited towards Gai.

"GAI-SENSEI! Isn't great they cheer me on by throwing things at me" Tenten and Neji sweat dropped. All of a sudden a chair hit Lee in the head and he passed out on the floor. Neji and Tenten sweat drop grew even more.

End of Flashback.

Neji didn't want to experience that again. He turned back and saw Tenten looking threw the book of songs. He opened his mouth to tell her again he wasn't going to sing when she gasped and turned to him shoving the book in his face.

"THIS ONE! I want to do this one. It's perfect." She said and turned her head away and tries to hide the small blush on her face. Neji took the book and looked and the song. 'The Chase?' He thought. Sound interesting. He looked down farther at the lyrics. His eyebrow twitched. A Love song he should have known. He read the whole song and closed the book. Tenten looked at him waiting.

"NO" He said sternly. He said turning his head back at the stage. He glanced at Tenten who had her head down looking depressed. He sighed. "Listen… I don't sing… Its just not… Me… ok. Now stop acting so childish." She turned her head in shock.

"Childish!" she said standing up. "Fine… see if I care… I... I'll do it by myself!" She said and stomped to the backstage... whipping what little tears that dared to come to her eyes. On her way to the back she stopped and talked really quickly and talked to Hinata, Ino and Sakura and went and got Naruto, Lee, and Shikamaru (who by the way was 'convinced' by Ino to do so.)

15 minutes later after 3 and half random songs by random people that the author need to put here.

The lights dimmed and 7 people went on stage. Three guys on the left and three girls on the right and the last person headed towards the microphone. The music started up the lights didn't come on yet. The three boys and girls started to walk forward but the other one stayed still as the lights stared up. The boys and girls were none other then Naruto, Lee, Shikamaru, Sakura, Hinata, and Ino. And the Person at the mic was Tenten. The girls started to dance towards the boys while the boys acted cool like they were checking them out. Neji's eyes widen as Tenten grabbed the microphone shakily. 'What's she doing? Everyone knows she has stage fright.' He got up and started walking off.

Up stage Tenten saw Neji leave and she frowned and opened her mouth as the first line was to come. Though it was rightfully supposed to be the boy singer aka Neji. She closed her mouth and let the lyrics fall from her mouth.

Tenten: Why you gotta play it cool like that?
I saw you there just looking at me

Mmm hmm

She turned around shocked and saw that Neji had a mic in his hand and was singing (key word there) what was rightfully his part. She noticed he had a blush on his face as he walked towards her. The crowd gasped not expecting this. The 'dancers' all smiled at each other and kept dancing.

Neji: Yeah I'm talking to you
You put up a front but I see through you

Tenten got over her shock and started walking his was and started her part.

Tenten: You must be crazy for thinking like that
Caught you many times for staring at me
Uh huh
Yeah I'm talking to you
Why you gotta act like I'm a fool?

She sang towards him singing from her heart. Neji smirked and grabbed her free hand and pulled her close. Forgetting there was people around them for a bit.

Neji: Round in the circle so many games
Tenten: Sooner or later I'll have my way

She said pulling back and winking heading towards her girls as the boys headed towards him.

Everyone was shocked that not only Neji was singing BUT he had a really good voice. Tenten also had a good voice it was kind of soft but it went well with the song.

Neji and Tenten: Cut to the chase as I show it over and over
You wanna get closer to me
And you know it
So why don't you just make your move
I got all of my love just waiting for you

Tenten and the girls did some dance moves they had choreographed in the little time they had together. All of a sudden Neji saw the three girls walk over to him and the boys walk over to Tenten. The boys acted like they were whispering something to Tenten. While the girls were doing the same to Neji

Tenten: All your boys have been telling me
You went and told them that you wanted me
Uh huh
Baby that's a fact
So tell me what are you gonna do about that?

She sang cockily. Neji smirked and played along with what they were doing.

Neji: Even your friends have been telling me
You went around and asked for me
Mmm hmm
Now that I'm right here
Say what you need
Baby I'm all ears

He smirked as he cupped his ear giving her a look that said 'tell me'

Tenten: So tell me what are you running for?
Neji: Give me a sign and then I'll be yours

They moved forward, towards each other. Tenten dancing while Neji walked forward he watched her hips move to the beat and thought what a good dancer she was.

Neji and Tenten: Cut to the chase as I show it over and over
You wanna get closer to me
And you know it
So why don't you just make your move
I got all of my love just waiting for you

So wont you?

Neji and Tenten: Cut to the chase as I show it over and over
You wanna get closer to me
And you know it
So why don't you just make your move
I got all of my love just waiting for you

Neji: Round in the circle so many games

Neji grabbed her hand and turned her in a circle.

Tenten: Sooner or later I'll have my way

She said pulling him close and about to kiss him but pushed him away.

The girls, including Tenten, got in the middle of the stage and started to dance a couple of moves. While the boys did there own thing.

Naruto: Rewind (he said through a microphone that know one saw him grab)

Everyone scattered and the girls went to the boys. Sakura to Naruto, Ino to Shikamaru, and Hinata to Lee (who once in his life was acting normal). Tenten walked to Neji and everyone started dancing. Neji smirked as he pulled Tenten a little closer. She pulled back a little to sing.

Neji and Tenten: Cut to the chase as I show it over and over
You wanna get closer to me
And you know it
So why don't you just make your move
I got all of my love just waiting for you

So won't you?

Neji and Tenten: Cut to the chase as I show it over and over
You wanna get closer to me
And you know it
So why don't you just make your move
I got all of my love just waiting for you

Tenten pulled away and headed towards her girls but they pushed her towards Neji who caught her. She blushed in his arms. He leaned closer to her ear as the music finished and the lights dimmed making it look like he was kissing her but he wasn't (cough cough yet cough cough)

"That's the last time I ever sing for you" He said. Tenten blushed even more. People clapped and whistled at there performance. He pulled her and they walked off stage with everyone else. Everyone left so they could have a moment.

"Neji... Thanks." She said in a smile. "I owe you one" He turned and looked at her. He walked up to her and pulled her close and kissed her on the lips. At first she was so shocked she didn't know how to react. But soon she closed her eyes and kissed him back. After a few seconds they pulled back and Neji had his cocky grin on.

"Debt paid" he said.

"Round in circles, so many games" She whispered. Neji smirked and leaned in.

"Sooner or later… I'll get my way" He said and kissed her.

Lee sat at the table wondering were Tenten and Neji were.

"Gai-sensei... I'm starting to worry about Tenten and Neji." Gai smirked and put his hand on Lees shoulder

"Lee I believe it's a perfect time to tell you about the birds and the bees." He said happily. Tsunade who happened to hear this got up and pointed to Gai.

"STOP HIM! CODE GREEN! CODE GREEN! STOP HIM! DON'T LET HIM CORUPT LEE ANYMORE!" She screamed. Every sensei jumped from there seats and jumped Gai (well with an exception of Kakashi... he was busy with his book)

Sakura turned to Kakashi.

"Kakashi-sensei? Why is it bad for Gai to tell lee the birds and the bee speech?" she asked. Kakashi looked from his book down at Sakura to Gai

"The last kid to hear about the birds and the bees from Gai ended up going insane…. Poor kid... he was a pretty good ninja to..." Sakura turned back to the scene scared that she might have to hear that speech from him someday.

Backstage Tenten and Neji were oblivious to the matter and just kept kissing.


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