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When Seiya seeks a love potion and instead gets something more than he bargained for what will ensue, especially when Haruka is the one to find him when he falls ill….reviews appreciated!

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The Curse of the Frog

Prologue – Mistakes do happen!

Seiya stood staring at the door of the shop lost in thought. The faded sign on the door read Madame La Martine's Medieval Magik. Should I really try this? Am I really this desperate for Odango? His hands nervously swiped his jeans to erase the clammy moisture forming there as he contemplated the sign hanging precariously. The red and blue paint used in the lettering was faded and cracked and the picture of the gypsy was almost nonexistent.

He drew forth the last of his resolution mumbling quietly, "for Odango" as he reached for the door knob. The door quietly squeaked open and he was assaulted by an herbal smell. The yawning darkness inside and the overwhelming scent almost had him turning back to the bright daylight behind him although the thought of spending his life without his true love kept him moving forward.

He gulped a last breath of fresh air before stepping into the musty darkness. A chiming bell tinkled a dire warning as the door unnaturally closed behind him. He squinted in the gloom trying to make out his surroundings.

Madame Martine heard the tinkling and hurried from her storeroom in the back. She moved the hanging beads and glanced at her first customer in a while. His aura blinded her with its pure light. She could sense the desperation and love hovering around his spirit.

Seiya was startled by the sound of rustling heading his direction. Every horror movie he had ever seen came to mind when the beads started swaying. An old weathered hand moved them out of the way. He sucked in a breath and watched as a wrinkled old lady slowly made her way towards him.

She has to be eighty if she is a day. His breath came out in a quiet whoosh he took in her appearance and swallowed. She looks harmless enough. The many gauzy scarves she wore caused the rustling. He could make out white hair pulled haphazardly back from her face and faded blue eyes squinted at him.

"How may I be of service?" Her quiet voice had a soothing quality to it that immediately put Seiya at ease.

"I was wondering…well kind of hoping you might have something like a love potion?" Seiya glanced at the old crone standing behind the counter and watched as her eyes crinkled kindly when she smiled.

"A love potion, you say, I haven't had a request for one of those in a long time." She rubbed her hands together absently, appearing lost in thought. "Let's see, love potion, love potion, where did I put the last batch I made?" She spoke out loud and brought a finger up to tap her chin. "Ah I remember…just a moment young man and I will have your love potion." She turned around and moved slowly back towards her storeroom.

Seiya eyed the dim dusty area around him. Jars were everywhere, and bins, and shelves housed things he didn't even want to contemplate. He shuddered at the thought and was startled as the old lady returned.

"I have just the thing." She held a glass soda bottle filled with green fluid. "This is exactly what you need." She rubbed her chin thoughtfully before continuing. "Now all you have to do is drink this right up and your love will definitely be unable to resist you."

Madame Martine held the bottle out towards Seiya and smiled. She squinted as he stepped forward and grasped the bottle. His hand brushed her fingers and the hair on the back of his neck stood straight up. He looked at the fluid suspiciously and shook the bottle gently. It fizzed just a bit and he watched as green foam formed on the top.

"Does it taste okay?" He asked her as he removed the cap.

"Should taste sweet and tart, kind of like an apple," she nodded her approval and watched him closely.

He held it up to his nose sniffing just a bit for an odor. When he smelled nothing foul he held the bottle to his mouth and tipped it up. He gasped when the liquid met his tongue but kept swallowing. He drank every last drop, handed her the bottle and hurriedly swiped at his mouth.

"That was nasty…that was definitely not apple…more like pond slime." Seiya was too busy swiping and talking to notice the old crone's eyes widen in surprise.

"Pond slime, are you sure?" Her eyes watched him avidly for signs of anything.

"Well as close to pond slime as I'll ever come…it was slimy and nasty." He glanced at her suspiciously wondering at her confused tone.

"You must go, your love awaits you." She made shooing motions and almost pushed him out the door. She slammed the door and turned the lock.

"My god, what have I done?" She walked back to the store room and glanced at the shelf to see the apple green drink still sitting where it had been. "I did…oh my god…I gave him the Curse of the Frog by mistake."

She swayed almost collapsing and made her way to her stool. Sitting heavily she sighed and dropped her head into her hands. She shook her head sadly realizing there was no known cure for what she had given him. "Poor, poor young man, I only hope your true love can love you enough."

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