The Wrench Tango

Disclaimer: I don't own FMA, nor the picture which inspired this little story. I don't even own the concept of an EdwardxWinry pairing, which is close to perfection, IMHO.

Warning: Implied wrench violence; plus intense kissing.

Author's note: The drawing I speak of can be found at The easiest way to find it is to type "Edward and Winry" in the search box, and look for the drawings from the album of Kikyo29. To describe it: Winry is trying to bean Edward with a wrench, so he takes drastic action to save his poor noggin from another lump. Winry doesn't seem to mind this strategy.

The wrench raised high, about to come down and strike for a third time, and Edward Elric had had enough! An automail arm shot out and his right hand met her wrist halfway to his now tender scalp. Winry was strong, and the arm buckled - but only slightly, as he pushed back. Something flashed by his left eye - her right fist, and he grabbed that wrist too, and held on tightly. Edward Elric and Winry Rockbell did the Wrench Tango, back and forth, left and right, their feet shuffling for purchase on the wooden floor. It was the same damn thing every visit - he would come home for automail maintenance (or re-building), an innocent conversation flared into an argument, a wrench flashed, and he would end up laying on the floor, nursing a new lump on his head.

Well, not any more! He was finally - completely - fully - to his blond eyebrows - fed up! Not that Ed was safe, not by any means. Winry growled in annoyance, her face was contorted in anger. Her baby blue eyes were flashing a warning: you mess with me, mister, you pay the price! She was slightly taller than he was, and muscular from lifting heavy pieces of metal all day. Edward was still stronger, but he couldn't keep this up all day - he had to think of something - and fast! Think, Elric! Think! Distraction - that always works! Yeah! He grinned wickedly at her, and as he expected, she fell for it, opening her mouth to say something. Pulling her closer, Ed reached forward and his lips met hers in a fierce kiss.

Winry made an outraged sound in her throat. Ed couldn't be entirely sure, but he could assume she was saying something along the lines of "You are SO dead, Elric!" He deepened the kiss and suddenly - she stopped fighting. Her hands opened, and he dimly heard the sound of the wrench clanging to the floor. Success! Now to end this and claim vic - um - what - what are those sounds - is she moaning? Oh, I like that! Entirely of their own volition, his hands let go of her wrists, the left tangling itself in her silky hair, the right slipping around her waist and pulling her tight against his body.

His logic screamed in disbelief: What are you doing! But Edward's mouth and body were in cahoots together, and they were giving logic the cold shoulder. Hehe, shoulder - umm - her's are so soft. Winry had closed her eyes, and put her arms around his neck, as she fiercely kissed Ed back. The Wrench Tango was over, so he closed his eyes too, and made his own little noises of contentment. Logic piped up once more: I think you've created a monster. The rest of him told logic to shut up - so it did.