Ok, so this is a bit childish for me, and if any of my friends do see this and happen to read it, please, don't say anything unless you actually like it. You know me and self esteem. I don't care if you're a stranger and you flame me for writing this, but if you're a friend, please, just don't.

I wrote this for a few different reasons: One, my little cousins were over and they found my old power ranger tapes, so we watched them, and they pointed to Tommy and were like, we know him, that's the black ranger. I just had to laugh.
Second, I always hated how saban ended the Tommy/Kim relationship. Kat was nice and all, but I will always prefer Tommy/Kim. ALWAYS. So I've always kind of wondered what would happen if they met up, and what the real reason behind the Letter was.
Third, no matter how old I get I want to hold onto my childhood. Growing up around a lot of boys (my brother, and the four kids my mother babysat daily after school) Power Rangers was my childhood. It may not have had the best plot lines, or the best filming, but when you're eight, they were the best plotlines. I remember running home just to watch it on TV. Yes, I do remember all the names, I won't deny. I remember colors, I remember where and when the team changed. I was in love with the Tommy/Kim relationship, and I still am, in a way. I want my own white knight, I guess I could say.

So, this is a tribute to everyone who grew up with the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, or anyone who wants to know about the start of something that has been on for many, many, many years.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters, or anything that may refer to an actual Power Ranger episode. I do however own this plot line. Saban owns the rest.

Summary: Tommy gets a phone call from two old friends, who have two surprises for him, one being a Power Ranger Day in Angel Grove. He accepts the invitation to attend, and must now suffer the consequence of bringing the four teenage Dino Thunder members to meet his past. Things go from weird to insane when Tommy is forced to come face to face with his first love, for the first time since he gained his Turbo powers. He now has to keep secrets from his friends, deal with trouble making teens, and fend off his best friends' plots to get him back together with the one woman that could ever complete him.

Summer was a time for sleeping in, lazing about around the house, and occasionally taking a dip in the pool or going to the beach. It was the time of year when teachers were able to enjoy themselves and not have to deal with the complaining of students and/or their equally annoying parents. Summer was the time when the average teacher could finally kick back and relax.

Unfortunately, Dr. Thomas Oliver wasn't your average teacher. And his students weren't your average students; or at least four of them weren't; which meant that during the summer they didn't exactly avoid their science teacher. In fact, he was sure that he saw them more often during the past two weeks of summer vacation than he had seen of them during the school year.

The sun had barely risen that morning and he was sure he could hear the four recently graduated high schoolers in his living room. Groaning, Tommy sat up in bed and ran his hand through his spiked hair. He never should have given Conner the key (in case of emergencies). "I should have let a monster eat them," he muttered, pulling on a pair of jeans and a black T-shirt, before stepping out into his living room, to find Conner and Ethan playing with his old Sega system, while Kira and Trent watched. The room was a mess, though he admitted it wasn't entirely the fault of the four multicolored teens on the couch.

"Morning, Dr. O," Ethan said without taking his eyes off the mortal combat game. Conner gave a one handed wave, while Kira and Trent turned around and smiled. Their powers were gone, but they still all hung out together, and still wore their colors. Conner in a grey tank and red shorts, Ethan in black shorts and a blue t-shirt, Kira wearing a pair of jeans and a yellow tank, and Trent in a pair of khaki shorts and a white t-shirt. Tommy just shook his head and muttered something that sounded suspiciously like "I hate you," as he disappeared into the kitchen to make a pot of coffee. As he reached up to grab his favorite mug, the green one with the white stripes, from the cabinet, the telephone rang. He glared at it for a second before calling out to Kira, who immediately picked up the handset in the living room.

"Dr. Oliver's residence; Kira speaking," she said into the speaker without taking her eyes off the TV screen. Ethan was creaming Conner, who insisted that his thumb hurt and he couldn't press the buttons as well as usual.

"Um… hello," said the voice on the other line; a female.

"Hi, who's this?" Kira continued cheerfully as Conner began hitting Ethan with the controller, Trent wincing every time, obviously feeling his friend's pain.

"Uh… this is Trini Kwan. May I speak to Tommy, please?" the person on the other end asked, unsure if they even had the right number.

"He's a little incoherent at the moment… oh, Conner's trying to kill Ethan again," Kira said, tossing the handset to Trent as she went to pry the controller away from Conner before Ethan ended up unconscious.

"Hello?" Trent asked tentatively into the phone, watching his friends end up wrestling on the floor, and praying that neither stepped on his girlfriend.

"Hello," Trini returned, getting more than a bit confused. Hadn't a girl just been on the line? "Who's this?"

"Uh, I'm Trent, who are you?"

"Are they passing the phone around?" a voice in the background asked Trini. She paused; Trent assumed he was on speaker phone and she was nodding to the other person.

"Trini Kwan. Listen, can I please speak to Tommy?"

"Sure, I'll get him for you," Trent replied, getting off the couch and stepping around the three struggling teens on the floor and went into the kitchen to find Tommy ignoring the commotion in the living room, drinking coffee and reading the sports page. He had obviously forgotten about the phone. "Dr. O?" he asked, and his teacher looked up, appearing to be in a much better mood than he was before the coffee. "A woman named Trini K-"

Tommy dove across the table, startling Trent to death, and grabbed the phone as the teen scrambled back into the living room to get away from the crazy paleontologist.


"Tommy! Finally!" Trini sighed, although she sounded very enthusiastic. "I was beginning to wonder if you even lived there."

"Hey bro," another voice added over Trini's.

"Jason? Man, how are you guys? How'd you get my number? What are you doing together?"

Trini laughed, cutting off his seemingly endless supply of questions. "One question at a time, Tommy. We're doing well; your number is listed in the Reefside phone book; and Jason and I are married," she answered, as if it was nothing.

"Come again?" Tommy said, plopping back into the chair he'd abandoned when he leapt at Trent to get the phone. "You're what?"

"Well, we ran into each other a few months ago, and well, a week ago, we decided to elope," Jason explained as if it was a normal occurrence for two old friends to randomly get together and somehow end up married.

"Wow… um, congratulations. Who else knows?" By that point Tommy had noticed that all the noise in the living room had stopped. He could tell the teens were listening, but truthfully, he didn't care; they could only hear his half of the conversation anyway.

"Just Zach; I haven't been able to reach Billy on Aquitar," Trini explained. She hopped he wouldn't notice that she'd left out the sixth member of their group. Tommy remained silent, so she figured either he did and wasn't going to say something, or he didn't. "We ran into him in Vegas," she added, changing the subject.


"Yeah, he works for a record company now and he was scouting for new talent and Trini bumped into him, literally, in the casino of our hotel. He was our witness," Jason added.

"Small world," Tommy answered, taking a sip of his coffee. "How'd you know to look for me in Reefside?" he asked them. No one but Haley knew where he was. Well, maybe his parents, but they didn't live in Angel Grove anymore, so he didn't know how Trini and Jason, or anyone from his high school years could have found him. He was getting a bit suspicious of this random phone call, considering it was barely nine o'clock in the morning.

"We didn't for sure," Trini answered, her voice hinting that there was something she wasn't saying, or didn't want to say.

"Trini! Jason!" he said warningly, using a tone he had only used for a short time, when he was leader.

"Well, we heard there was a ranger team in Reefside and well, where there's Power Rangers, there's, well, you," Jason stated simply.

"Thanks. I'm so happy to know you two believe I have nothing better to do than hang around the latest group of Power Rangers," he retorted, dryly, although he didn't say it wasn't true. The teens, however, were more than a little surprised to hear Tommy mention Power Rangers. After all, they were only getting half the conversation. Kira frowned. Where had she heard the woman's name before? Then it hit her.

"Guys, Dr. O is talking to the first power rangers. Or at least one of them," she stated, her eyes wide. Conner and Ethan dropped their controllers and moved closer to the entrance of the kitchen where Trent and Kira were standing. Tommy smirked hearing them, although he was pretty sure that Trini and Jason hadn't heard Kira's whisper. It was always funny to watch the teens wander around awestruck when they discovered some part of his past.

"Well, it worked, didn't it," Jason retorted. "Although Trini did have to call like three other T. Oliver's in Reefside first." Tommy stifled a laugh.

"Yeah, well, that's what you get when you go searching for people. So, what's this phone call about? Surely you didn't just call to make fun of where I live and tell me you were married at nine o'clock in the morning."

"What, can't a person call and tell their best friend that they're married?" Jason asked, trying to sound innocent.

"Not a week later," Tommy retorted.

"We were busy," Trini responded.

"Ok, I didn't need to know that." The thought of Jason and Trini was sweet, until he remembered what exactly it was that married couples did in private. Then it was just creepy. "So really, why the sudden phone call?"

"I guess you don't get Angel Grove news in Reefside."

Tommy shook his head and then remembered that they couldn't see him. "No. Can't say we do. What's going on?"

"Well, Angel Grove's having another Power Ranger's day," Trini began.

"Do they have a big sign posted that says 'WE WANT TO BE KIDNAPPED, AGAIN'?" Tommy said, cutting her off.

"Maybe, not sure, but I'll check; anyway, the mayor said something about hoping the Rangers would make an appearance, and Jason and I were going to go anyway, but we thought it'd be kind of fun to get the old gang back together and well, maybe,"

"Show up in costume?" Tommy said with a bit of a laugh. Why not, it could be fun. That was if no aliens decided to try and kidnap the entire city again. It was the summer, he didn't have plans, and he could get away from the teens. Let them hang out at Cyberspace instead of his living room. "When is it?"

"Oh Tommy! You'll come? You're really going to come?" Trini started squealing. "Cause Kimberly said she'd come and she wanted to know if you'd be there too, and we said we didn't know cause we didn't know where you were."

"Ah ha!"

"Ah ha, what?"

"You said Kimberly! Someone else did know." Tommy said into the speaker. He heard the teens inch closer to the kitchen. He shook his head. The other end went quiet. "Trini? Jason?"

"You're still going to come, right?" Trini asked him.

"Of course; I wouldn't miss this for the world. So, it'll be you two, Zach, Kim, and I?"

"Trini's going to try and contact Billy. See if she can get him to come home, at least for a little." Jason stated. "Its in three weeks, but Zach and Kim both said they'd be here next Saturday."

"Alright, I'll make a reservation at the hotel. See you in a week?"

"Yeah," Jason started to say goodbye. "Wait, who were those teens that were on the phone earlier?" Tommy groaned. So close. He'd been so close.

"Those would be the most recent Power Rangers."

"Ha! I knew it! I know you Tommy! You should bring them." Jason laughed. Tommy could picture him doing a little victory dance behind his wife, while Trini grinned from ear to ear. They knew him way to well, but he knew them as well.

"What? No way! Not in a million years."

"Aww, come on. I want to meet your little protégées," Trini added, and Tommy could see her pouting her lip the way Kimberly used to in order to make him do what she wanted. Tommy just sighed.

"Who said they were my protégées?" Tommy asked her.

"Jason," Trini added simply. He should have known.

"Fine, I'll think about it. But don't get your hopes up. Their parents probably won't let them." Tommy answered. "I'll see you both next week. Bye."

"Later bro," Jason answered, hanging up the phone at the same time as Tommy. Tommy sighed and shook his head. So in a week he'd be seeing his old friends. He'd seen Jason two years before, but he hadn't seen any of the others, in wow, it had to be almost ten years. This would be one hell of a reunion. And then there was Kimberly. Jason and Trini hadn't even wanted to tell him she'd be coming until after he'd agreed. Trini thought he'd back out. And when he thought about it, she was probably right. Maybe he should call them back and say something had come up. He wasn't exactly sure he wanted to be in the same city, let alone the same room as Kimberly. He shook his head one more time to clear his thoughts, as he heard the Dino Thunder teens scramble to get back to their previous positions.

"Hey Dr. O," Conner said with a slight guilty look as Tommy came into the living room and sat down on the couch beside Kira and Trent.

"Don't 'Hey Dr. O' me. I heard you four listening," he retorted. He knew he was going to regret this. Somehow, taking the Dino Thunder teens to Angel Grove for almost two weeks sounded like a really, really bad idea.

"Was that really them?"

"Yes, Kira. That was Trini and Jason, the first yellow and red. They've invited me to attend a Power Ranger's day in Angel Grove with them next week."

"Can we come? Please!" Ethan began to beg. Tommy laughed. He had to milk this.

"Well, I don't know. It's only to honor the first six power rangers."

"Aww! Please? We don't care," Conner added to the conversation. Trent, Kira, and Ethan were nodding.

"And then there's the cost, and you'd be bored."

"I'll sleep outside, and no we wouldn't," Ethan suggested.

"Please, Dr. O?" Kira pouted. What was it and the female yellow rangers being able to make him feel so guilty; first, Trini, then Aisha, Tanya, and now Kira. He slapped his forehead.

"They already made me promise to bring you," he told them. The four teens began to jump and cheer. "But you've got to ask your parents first," he added, but doubted they could hear him through all their celebrating. He was doomed.

Tommy spent the next week getting together the odds and ends that needed to be taken care of before he could leave his home for two weeks. He'd called each and every one of the teens' parents, all who'd been thrilled to give up their kids for two weeks to a trust-worthy teacher. Tommy wanted to throw out the responsible half of himself and kick himself for even agreeing to this in the first place. Trent's father was even willing to pay for the whole trip, at least for the kids.

Unfortunately, when Tommy called the only hotel in Angel Grove, they only had two rooms left, and he didn't want to have to impose on Trini and Jason. That left him with a decision. He finally decided to give the four kids one room, and take the other room for himself, after threatening to run Trent through with a saber if he and Kira did anything stupid. Kira and Trent had turned bright red, while both Ethan and Conner made gagging and hacking sounds until Kira hit them, hard!

He called and canceled the newspaper, and shut off the gas. He didn't like the idea of his house burning down while he wasn't there; granted, he liked the idea of his house burning down while he was there, even less. He called Haley and asked her to check in on his house and get his mail for him. Once she'd agreed, he'd set about packing. Here was the hard part.

He set up a big black suitcase on his bed and looked around his room. He grabbed a handful of green, white, and red t-shirts and polos, and some dress shirts, a tie or two, as well as a few pairs of shorts, jeans, khakis, and one pair of dress pants. He glanced over at the part of his closet where he kept his black shirts. None of his friends knew about his most recent trip into the realms of the power rangers, and no one but Jason and Trini knew he even had anything to do with them, although with Jason, that wasn't going to remain a secret anymore. Sighing, he tucked one or two black shirts into his bag, followed by socks, boxers, and his other essentials, which included gel for his hair.

The morning before the trip, he woke up early, only because he'd made the teens promise to be there by nine, or he was leaving without them. He went to the back of his closet and pulled down a box. Inside was his old white ranger suit, his useless morpher, a powerless saba, and his old communicator. He took the box into the kitchen, grabbed duct tape and a sharpie and proceeded to secure that the top of said box was going to remain in place no matter what. For good measure he popped the sharpie open. "DO NOT OPEN FOR FEAR OF DEATH". Tommy smiled at his handy work just as the doorbell rang. "Come in!" He called, as he added one more thing to the warning: "CONNER, THIS MEANS YOU!"

The former green, white, red, black ranger walked into the living room where his suitcase had been joined by Ethan's, Trent's, and Kira's. He set the box down and looked at the three teenagers in front of him. Kira wore her usual yellow tank top, but had a pair of white shorts on, and she carried a camera. Trent was wearing a pair of white shorts, a grey tank top, and a white button down t-shirt over it. Ethan had on a pair of white and blue shorts, as well as a pale blue tank top. They all looked over at their mentor, who wore a pair of white pants, a green tank top, and a red button down t-shirt over it. His shoes were black.

"Couldn't choose a color Dr. O?" Ethan asked. Tommy just shook his head.

"My friends don't exactly know about my being the latest black ranger, and they're not going to," he told the teenagers who all nodded.

"Hey, what's going on, guys?" Conner asked walking in and adding his bag to the pile. He wore a pair of red shorts, a white tank top, and a red top over it.

"Nothing, just listening to Dr. O explaining to us how he was too chicken to tell his old friends he was the black ranger." Ethan told him. Tommy glared daggers at the boy, who grinned innocently.

"Its Dr. O's choice, which means you and Ethan won't say a word." Kira told him.

"I doubt Conner'll be able to say anything. He'll be too tongue tied when he meets Jason." Trent returned.

"Will not," the red ranger informed him as the four guys began taking the bags to the back of Tommy's jeep. Trent bent to get Kira's, but she slapped his hand away and carried it out to the car herself.

"I bet you ten bucks, he will," Trent told Ethan.

"No fair, I'd lose that in a heart beat. But I think he'll over come it in fifteen minutes."

"I give it thirty," Trent whispered back.

"You're on."

They were on the road to Angel Grove by nine thirty because as soon as they pulled out of the drive way Ethan remembered he forgot to use the bathroom. Then Conner forgot his CD player at his house; Kira couldn't ride in the back seat with two of the three guys; and Trent was thirsty. After getting everyone situated (Ethan behind Tommy, Conner in the middle, Trent behind Kira), they began the three hour drive to the home town of the Power Rangers, as Conner kept calling it. Tommy wanted to smack him and say that it was only a city, but the other half of him was happy that the teens were so excited. He was excited. He'd be able to show his team proof of his past, not just the stories that they'd managed to hear as they went along.

Unfortunately that meant letting them into another part of his life; a private part that contained the first power rangers, Zordon, Alpha, and especially Kimberly. He wasn't sure he wanted to do that. Granted, there was no turning back, especially once they passed under a sign that read "Angel Grove five miles". Tommy realized he'd been arguing with himself the entire drive. He hadn't even noticed that the constant arguing in the back seat had stopped and all chatter had started to die down as they neared the city limits. Trent nudged the sleeping Kira awake, as they passed the sign that welcomed them to Angel Grove. The four teens sat awestruck as Tommy drove through the city. Every once and a while he'd see something, a scorch mark or a scrape in the wall, that were the remains of a battle from long ago. He didn't say anything; they're be plenty of time for nostalgia later. At the moment he needed to get himself and the teens to the hotel.

The moment he parked the car, Conner bolted out and into the building. Tommy shot Ethan and Trent a questioning look. The two laughed and admitted that he'd had to pee since they entered the city but was too stunned to say anything. Tommy just laughed, along with them and Kira and then proceeded to the check in counter, while the guys got the bags out of the car and Kira fetched one of the carts. It took fifteen minutes for them all to get upstairs and into the rooms. Tommy was a bit more relieved about his decision to take his own room, when he saw they connected. A knock on the door revealed a maid with a rollaway, which he eagerly gave to Kira. The three guys would take turns on the two beds, one sleeping on the floor each night. He retreated to his own room, after reminding Trent and Kira what he'd do if they did anything. Again, the teens turned red, while there friends made gagging sounds. This time Kira slammed her heel into skin on their feet, causing both to fall over in pain.

Tommy snickered as he heard the boys whine that Kira had hurt them again and then start arguing over who got the beds, until Kira suggested rock paper scissors. He went to the phone and dialed Haley's number. He'd already instructed the teens to call their parents as soon as possible, and he waited for her to pick up.


"Hey, its me. We're here."

"All of you? No one's dead?" Haley asked, a bit of amusement in her voice.

"No, unfortunately, they're all alive. Which means tonight, I'm dead," he told her. They talked for a few more minutes about the trip before a costumer called Haley's attention away. Tommy promised to call her back in a few days to let her know what was going on, and to check in. Haley made him promise not to leave Conner anywhere where he could get hurt, and they hung up, just as Kira knocked on the connecting doorway. She was wearing a yellow bikini, and a white wrap. Tommy stared for a second before knocking himself out of it. She just reminded him of someone who'd been on his mind since the phone call he'd gotten a week before.

"What's up Kira?"

"Is it alright if we go to the pool for a little? We don't have to meet up with your friends until after dinner, right?"

"Yeah, pool sounds good. Give me a minute and I'll join you. Did you guys call your parents?"

"Yep. Conner's finishing up with his mom right now." Kira replied. Tommy nodded and closed the door, fished through his bags and came up with a pair of white and black swim trucks. He cringed at the black for a moment, but pulled them on anyway, and threw on a white T-shirt, hoping it would drown out the black. Judging from the faces on his students when he went back into their room, he had succeeded.

"Get your own color," he heard Trent mutter as the five of them went down in the elevator and out onto the pool deck.

"This was mine before it was yours buddy," Tommy retorted, as they took towels and put them out on a few chairs. The teens raced off to the water, but Tommy just sat down on one of the chairs, took off his t-shirt and took out his cell phone, watching the four teenagers splashing around, much as he used to when he was their age. He dialed Jason's cell number and waited as it rang, once, twice, and someone picked up on the third ring.

"Jason Scott's phone, how can I help you?"

"Billy?" Tommy asked, surprised to hear the new voice on the other line.

"Tommy! How are you?"

"I'm good. What are you doing answering Jason's phone?" he asked. Over the course of the week he'd learned that Billy had actually moved back to earth several years back, but was afraid his friends would be upset with him for leaving in the first place that he never bothered to contact them to say he'd returned. Jason and Trini had spent several hours convincing him that they would only be upset if he didn't fly straight out to California (he'd been living in Washington, D.C. with his father) immediately. Billy had been only too happy to comply and had taken the next flight out. Of course, the hotel was already booked solid, so Jason and Trini were putting him up at their place. Tommy and the others had almost rushed to Angel Grove just to see him, but he made them promise to keep to their original plans.

"Jason and Trini are outside with Jason's karate students, and he left his phone inside."

"That's right; I forgot he had his last lesson this afternoon," Tommy said, looking down at his watch. "Anyway, what are you up to?"

"Nothing much. Zach's flight got in early, so he came over. We've been enjoying listening to the genres of harmonious tunes that Jason has in his anthology." Billy replied. Tommy paused for a second. It'd been so long since he'd had to translate his friend's speech.

"Music; right," He laughed, and Billy did too. Tommy was pretty sure that Zach was laughing in the back round as well. "Anyway, tell Jason and the others that I'm here and I'll be over around seven with the kids," Tommy told him.

"Children? You have offspring?"

"Me? No way. They were earth's most recent team of Power Rangers. Jason decided they were my protégées, so I was commanded to bring them with me." Tommy explained, glancing back at the teens in the water, who were currently being yelled at by a woman in a pink and white bikini, a white sun hat on her head. Actually, she was yelling at Conner, while she was dripping wet. Tommy was pretty sure she hadn't been in the pool. "Listen Billy, one of my protégées just got himself in trouble. I'll see you tonight."

"Alright Tommy. See you later," Tommy hung up the cell phone and shoved it onto his chair before walking to the other side of the pool. He was going to kill Conner. Couldn't he do something as simple as swimming without getting into trouble? Kira saw Tommy coming and gave a pleading look that begged him to help them. Trent and Ethan looked like they were going to crack up laughing, and Conner had a look on his face that said he was wishing he was anywhere but there at the moment.

The woman was lecturing him on keeping water inside the pool, and not on women who were trying to enjoy a relaxing day by the pool before having to go and face a very awkward evening. The teens weren't exactly sure why they had to hear her life story, but they listened anyway, as she appeared like the type of woman who, while she was petite and seemed harmless, could probably kick their asses, as long as they weren't morphed (which, since they were powerless, wouldn't be happening).

"Um, excuse me miss. I'm sorry about Conner. He's not the brightest kid in the world. Let me buy you a drink to make it up to you," Tommy said, tapping the woman on the shoulder, hoping to draw her attention away from the teenagers, so they could slip away. His stepped around in front of her, so his feet were a mere inch away from the pool. The woman jumped, a bit startled. She hadn't heard him approach her. She looked up and her light brown eyes met his dark brown ones. The breath caught in his lungs as she stared at him.

"Tommy?" she asked. Surprised, Tommy stumbled backwards and landed backwards in the pool, on top of Ethan. The shocked teen, pulled himself out from under his teacher, as the four stared at him. Tommy ignored them as he fought to stand up, pushing Trent's offered help away, unconsciously. He stared at the woman that had been the cause of his embarrassing action. "Oh my god, Tommy, I'm so sorry," she was saying. The teens were still trying to figure out what exactly was going on.

"It's alright, really. I'm fine. I meant to do that. I was getting kind of hot." Tommy was stammering, trying to defend his fall, as he pulled himself back out of the water. He was aware that the Dino Thunder teens weren't the only ones staring. The woman just nodded, turning deep red, just as Tommy did.

"Ahem?" Conner asked, getting his mentor's attention. Tommy just looked at him, his body still dripping wet. He glared at the teen, and they all took the hint and left, which surprisingly caused everyone else who was watching to turn their attention else where.

"I-I'd hug you but," he began, addressing the woman in front of him. She gave him a smile and threw her arms around him, obviously not caring about the fact that she was getting wet. Tommy went stiff, unsure how to react. She felt his muscles tighten and released him, believing he hadn't meant he didn't hug her because he was soaked.

"Sorry, I-"

"It's ok. How about that drink?"

"Uh… sure, why not." She returned, looking up at him. She went back to her chair, took her hat off, reveling a pink hair tie, and pushed her feet into pink sandals. Tommy almost burst out laughing at her choice of clothing, as he relaxed a little. Meeting her again wasn't going exactly how he planned, but it wasn't absolutely horrible. "I've missed you," she told him, when she rejoined him, handing him her towel. He took it casually, and whipped some of the water off his body.

"I've missed you too, Kimberly."

"What the hell just happened?" Ethan asked, as he and the others pulled themselves out of the pool and watched Tommy walk over to the bar with the woman who'd been threatening to call the police on Conner just because he'd done a cannon ball right near her. Granted the hotel's rules clearly stated no cannon balls. It wasn't that Conner couldn't read. It was that he just didn't bother too.

"Dr. O fell on you," Kira stated simply. "Probably killed several brain cells and made you stupid like Conner," she added, as she sat down on her lounge chair. Trent just laughed and sat down beside her.

"Yeah," Conner began. "Wait a minute. Hey!"

"My point exactly. But I agree; what's up with Dr. O?" Kira asked. Trent shrugged, glancing over his shoulder, where their mentor sat, rather uncomfortably with the strange woman in the pink bikini. She didn't look any more comfortable with the situation than he did. In fact, she looked worse. Why were they sitting together if neither wanted to be in the other's company.
"I don't know, but she's hot," Conner said.

"I wouldn't let Dr. O hear you say that Conner," Ethan advised. "Something's up between the two of them."

"Something big," Kira added, turning back around and facing the pool. Conner shook his head and looked at Ethan.

"Race you back to the pool?" The kid in the blue bathing suit grinned and took off running, Conner right behind him, leaving Kira and Trent behind on the chairs. Kira pulled out a book to read, as Trent dug out his CD player. All the better to drown out Conner and Ethan with.

"Sorry about Conner," Tommy told his old friend, as he held out a chair for her to sit down in. Kimberly blushed a bit at his action, but took the seat, none the less.

"It's alright. I blew the whole thing out of proportion. Used to do that a lot." She mumbled. Tommy nodded a bit, but didn't respond. Kimberly let the uneasy silence overtake them. This definitely wasn't how she was planning to meet him. She'd hopped to come face to face with him that night, fully clothed, looking extremely happy, when really she was aching inside to tell him that she was sorry; that everything had been one huge misunderstanding. She'd planned to be calm, cool, and collected, not yelling at teenagers for splashing water on her. She must have seemed like a bitch to him. "So, who are the kids?"

"Oh, the one in red is Conner, white is Trent, blue is Ethan, and yellow is Kira."

"Rangers?" she asked him quietly. He blinked at her and then frowned. She smiled and indicated her own pink bathing suit, her eyes jumping to his white one. Tommy smiled and relaxed a bit, and then nodded.

"Yeah. Most recent team."

"Just four? That's surprising. How'd you meet them?" She said, trying to stave off the inevitable silence that was trying to overtake them at every moment.

"I'm well, sort of their mentor," he lied. He wasn't about to tell her he was one of them. Once Kim knew, the whole group would know, and he didn't want that, or need it. Where was that stupid bar tender? "When did you get here?" he asked her, changing the subject.

"Last night. I decided to spend the day by myself, look around the town a bit. The Youth Center still looks the same; Ernie's nephew runs it," she told him as one of the bar tenders finally realized they were sitting there.

"Can I help you- TOMMY? KIMBERLY? Hey Bulky! Look who it is," the thinner of the two called to the other. Tommy and Kimberly looked at one another and then back at the two hotel bar tenders.

"Skull? Bulk?" Kim asked, not believing what she was seeing. Skull was a bit heavier than he used to be, and Bulk was a bit thinner, but otherwise the two old high school bullies looked just as they remembered. "What are you doing here?"

"Working, duh. And I thought I was the dim one," Skull responded. "Wow… when did you two get back together? What happened to that Australian girl, Tommy? Kat was her name?"

Tommy and Kimberly blushed deeper than they had ever before. Bulk frowned at them for a moment, and then hit his partner upside the head. "Sorry. It seems some people still need to grow up a bit," he told them, indicating his partner. Tommy nodded, and Kim just kept her eyes diverted. "Anyway, what can I get for you two?"

"Just a beer for me," Tommy told him.

"I'll take a Mudslide," Kimberly added, getting out her credit card. Tommy handed Bulk his before she got the chance, and sent him away.

"Tommy, really."

"I said I'd buy you a drink because of Conner's stupidity, and just because the woman he splashed turns out to be my ex-girlfriend, doesn't mean I'm not going to keep my word."

Kimberly nodded. So there it was. She was the ex-girlfriend, nothing more, nothing less. She wondered what Kat was. Was she just another ex-girlfriend? Or was she an ex-girlfriend that was also a friend? Maybe she wasn't an ex-girlfriend.

Tommy could have kicked himself. He so hadn't meant that the way it sounded. He had just meant that it didn't matter what their relationship was, he was going to buy her a drink, because he wanted to. But no, he had to stupidly go and upset her. What would the other's say? Trini and Jason would probably be kicking him as well; Zach would be laughing; and Billy would be trying to pretend nothing happened. He sighed. He felt like he was back in high school: never sure what to do, what to say, or how to get out of a bad situation. The only thing that was different this time was that he didn't have one of Lord Zedd or Rita's evil monsters breaking loose in the city as an excuse to get away.

"Thanks. I like your hair, by the way."

"Yeah, it was time for a change," he told her. He didn't add that he'd done it because Haley had tried to put little red bows in it their freshman year in college, and he needed to stop her. Bringing up Haley around Kimberly at the moment probably wasn't the best idea. Not after what Skull had said.

Bulk returned with their drinks, and Tommy's card, which he slid back into his wallet. "So, what are you two doing here?"

"Visiting friends," Kim told him. Tommy just nodded. Bulk smiled.

"Sure you are. You being here has nothing to do with the upcoming celebration in two weeks," He told them, suspiciously.

"I've got no idea what you're talking about," Tommy told him, trying not to burst out laughing.

"Well, Skully and I are using it as our last chance to find out who they are, or were, or, well, you know what I mean."

"Yeah, well, good luck with that," Tommy told him.

"See you around guys," Kimberly added as she and Tommy began walking away from the bar. "Do you think they know something?" she asked.

"Those two? Not even if they live to be a hundred." Tommy replied as they heard the sound of a blender crushing metal behind them and then a loud crash. They both winced. "And I don't think they'll make it to that age."

"You're probably right. Anyway, I should be heading back to my room. But I'll see you tonight?" Kimberly asked him as they neared the teens. Tommy ran his free hand through his hair and nodded.

"Of course. I'll see you at Jason and Trini's later. Have a good afternoon." She nodded, unsure exactly how to part from his company. After another moment of awkward silence, she nodded again and took off towards the elevator. Tommy groaned and sat down on a lounge chair beside Trent. Both the white and yellow rangers were staring at him, questioning looks on their faces. Tommy just glared at them, and the two teens backed off. He pulled on his t-shirt, grabbed his other belongings, and checked to make sure Kira had the teenager's room key before instructing them to be ready at six fifteen (give them forty five minutes for Conner to forget something and for getting lost so they could still arrive on time) and heading back to his room.

He double locked his front door, as well as the connecting door to Conner, Kira, Ethan, and Trent's room, and headed into the bathroom, making sure the room's blinds were drawn. He didn't think anyone would be sneaking a peek in his room seven stories off the ground, but you never knew. Turning on the shower to about as hot as he could stand and not burn himself, he took off his trunks and t-shirt and stepped inside, letting the warm water run over his body for some time before he began to start using the hotel's brand of soap. By the time he got out, it was an hour and a half later, and there was very little hot water still flowing from the shower head.

Feeling much better than he had since falling in the pool, he toweled himself dry, wrapped the terry cloth device around his waist and went out into his room. Glancing at the clock which read five thirty, he placed his ear against the connecting room door. He could hear the shower running, as well as the TV going. Everything else was fairly quiet. They'd actually listened to him for once, and it appeared that Ethan and Conner were too tired from splashing random women to make much sound, let alone trouble. For the teens, it seemed the pool had been a very, very good idea.

Forty minutes later he pulled on a pair of khaki pants, and a green shirt, with a white button down over it. He tied his shoes, and unbolted the door between the two rooms, then knocked, incase Kira had locked the boys in the bathroom and proceeded to change in the wide hotel room. He actually figured she'd do it. Ethan opened the door and let him in. Trent was dressed similarly to Tommy, except his pants were white, and his T-shirt was grey. Conner wore a pair of black pants and button down red shirt. Ethan was wearing khaki's like Tommy, but had a blue polo on. Kira was at the sink, finishing the light bit of makeup she'd decided to wear. She wore a pair of white caprice and yellow tank top. She turned around and smiled when Tommy came in.

"Still no black, Dr. O?" she asked, teasing him.

"I told you. I don't intend for them to find out," he retorted.

"But they do know about us? They're not going to be like 'who the hell are those creepy teenagers following you around', right?" Ethan asked, getting a bit alarmed.

"Yes Ethan, they know about you: that you were power rangers. They just think I was your mentor, and we're going to stick with that, or those days you've been spending at my place will become filled with chores: like cleaning up my office."

"You're secrets safe with me."

"Me too!"


"Don't even joke about that."

"Alright then; we ready to go?" he asked them. They all nodded, and followed him out to the car. They piled in, Kira claiming shot gun again, and winning it after threatening to paint Conner's toe nails while he slept that night. Trent had already backed down, and Ethan did as well, hearing what the former yellow ranger would do to Conner. They got to Jason's place at five minutes to seven, only to see four cars already there: three rental cars, and a red SUV, with a yellow bumper sticker in one corner that said "yes, my wife lets me drive the car". Tommy laughed a bit and climbed out of the car, the four teens suddenly quieter than they'd ever been while conscious. Tommy looked at them for a minute and then shook his head. They were scared. It was funny. He walked up onto the porch and rang the door bell. There was a lot of barking and paws running on hard wood floors, followed by the running of human footsteps (someone in heals). The door was flung open and a black and yellow blur flew out the door and attached itself around his neck before he even had the chance to react, nearly knocking him over. The two huge boxers, the sources of the barking were jumping around madly, wagging their tails, and smelling every new person they could find. Both wore collars that were red, blue, yellow, pink, black, and white, although one had a red tag, and the other had a yellow tag.

"Alpha, Zordon! Heel!" Jason's voice called from inside, and both dogs immediately retreated back into the house, and down the stairs to the basement.

"Alpha? Zordon?" Tommy asked his friend as he tried to pry Trini off of him. During the whole thing, Jason, Zach, Billy, and Kimberly had come out of the house as well, and were standing on the porch, or leaning in the doorway.

"Yeah, well," Jason didn't need to explain. He knew that Tommy would understand; which of course he did.

"Trini, I can't breathe," Tommy laughed, when his friend wouldn't let go.

"No. No way. If I let go, you'll disappear again," the Asian woman retorted. Tommy just shook his head.

"No, I won't; I promise. Jason, a little help here?"

"She did the same to us, bro. She'll let go in an hour or so," Zach told him. Tommy looked up at his old friend. Zach looked much the same as ever. No dread locks though, but he still had a multicolored vest on over his black polo and black pants. The two men shook hands and pulled on another into a one armed hug as Trini let go, only to hit Zach in the shoulder. The former black ranger moved aside so Billy could greet his friend. The former blue ranger wasn't wearing his characteristic overalls, although granted, in his later years as a ranger, they had become increasing less frequent. Instead he wore much the same as the younger red ranger, only adding a black tie to the mix and of course, his shirt was blue.

"You stuck with white," Billy commented as they pulled one another into an embrace. "Well, green's got bad memories, and red belongs to Jason," he responded as Jason came forward to hug his best friend. Jason wore a simple red polo and a pair of khaki pants. His outfit greatly complimented Trini's yellow sundress.

"Of course. Its good to see you, bro."

"You too." Tommy answered, as the former red ranger stepped aside. Kimberly's eyes met Tommy's and they both knew their friends were standing there, hoping they'd run into one another's arms, and Kim would start sobbing and they'd be back together. They stepped closer together, and mentally promised not to mention seeing the other earlier that day as they gave one another a weak embrace. They pushed away and studied one another, Tommy taking quick note of how beautiful she looked in a pink knee length skirt and white tank top. Granted, nothing would compare to the bikini she wore earlier.

"Hey," he said quietly, breaking the tension that had filled the air. The other four former ranger were looking back and fourth at one another, not knowing that the tension was because of earlier that day, and not because of ten year prior.

"Hey," she said back, nearly inaudible.

"Well, why don't we go inside, and Tommy can introduce his friends," Trini said, breaking the silence that had descended. Jason was considering bringing Alpha and Zordon back out to snap everyone out of it.

"Friends?" Tommy asked, looking back at the awestruck teenagers behind him. "Oh right. Guys? Kira?" He waved his hand in front of the young woman's face. She barely blinked. Tommy just shook his head. "Better do those introductions out here. I don't think they'll move otherwise." The other's nodded and laughed. "Guys, this is Conner, red; Kira, yellow; Ethan, blue; and Trent, white; Kids, this is Jason, red; Trini, yellow; Billy, blue; Zack, black; and Kimberly, pink." Tommy informed them.

"I'm gratified to make your acquaintance." Billy said, holding his hand out to Ethan. The younger man snapped out of his stupor and took it.

"Like wise." Ethan said.

"He understood Billy?" Zach asked, as Kira and Trent stared at the two in blue, confused.

"Of course I did. He only said he's pleased to meet me." Ethan shrugged. Everyone just laughed, even Billy.

"When we were adolescents, my peers had difficulty understanding my extensive terminology." Billy explained and Ethan nodded.

"It's a pleasure to meet you," Trini said to Kira, who smiled and shook her hand.

"Its nice to meet you too." Both girls grinned at Billy.

"See, Billy, they know how to speak human," Zach joked, before offering his hand to Trent.

"Welcome to Angel Grove."

"Thanks," Trent responded as Jason approached Conner.

"Hey Conner; Its nice to meet a fellow red," Jason told him. Conner just swallowed and nodded. "Is he ok?" Jason whispered to Tommy. Tommy just shook his head.

"I think he had one too many blows to the head. The helmet only protect against so much," his friend responded, causing everyone to laugh, except Conner who was still staring at Jason.

"Well, lets go inside, shall we. Its getting a bit cooler now that the sun's gone," Trini suggested. "We were thinking about ordering Chinese?"

"That sounds great," Tommy told her as he followed everyone inside. Ethan and Trent had to drag Conner. "I'm starving."

Ok, so it's a start. I've always wondered what a reunion could/would be like. I wrote this a year ago, in Spanish class cause I was bored and didn't want to listen to my professor. I tried to tweak it a bit and make it better, so I kind of hoped you liked it. Even if you didn't, that's fine with me, like I said, I did it because my imagination needed an outlet. I'll probably continue this… actually, I'm pretty sure I will.

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