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Some people glitter. Some people glow. But you are different. You shine.

I had just gotten home, but I could barley walk. My hands had been rubbed raw from the handle of the keyblade. I was bleeding in every place you could imagine. I was pretty sure I had broken a few ribs and my leg.

I limped down the road to your house. I faintly smiled, knowing you'd love me no matter what shape I was in.

I came up the sidewalk. I hadn't seen you in a few years, and I missed you.

I knocked on the door and you opened it. You looked happy for an instant, then that turned into shock, then fear.

I tried to hug you but I ended up collapsing into your arms, blood covering you.

"Sora!" you cried. "Who did this to you!" It took all my strength to wrap my arms around your neck.

You sobbed as I uttered my final words…

"You will always shine."

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