Sugar Spun


A long time ago, when the mirror showed not a rather graceful young woman just beginning to breach womanhood, our lives began to lose themselves in one another. Days of slipping unseen into your shelter were no longer looked upon as innocent and friendly amongst the world's view. Yet we met as frequently as possible, wherever it was. Our hearts and bodies could not stay apart for long, the early bonds of childhood wound around us and pulled tight.

We had not known, how could we? I was young, and you were, well... strict with yourself.

Dance brought us to our senses, the passionate movements of his people made me sick with envy. No one of my kind was taught such grace, such fire. Yet one day you told me that we were envied above all, for we had such emotions for one another. Our intensity made us such high beings to this world.

I remember the smile, crinkling those dark eyes, flecked with bright amber. I never noticed.

The ways of the dance, I stopped for nothing to awaken the fire that lay dormant for the most natural rhythms since time itself. With patient hands you coaxed me through the most intimate ways of the dance. Love and dance, you would whisper in your rough voice and I leaned back against your chest, are one in the same. A slide down my hip, a breath caught in the warm air. They both need two people: one to begin the dance, and one to join.

Yet among the lively bodies of those passing by, of voices echoing against the stone of our kingdom, our delights were in their ignorance, none knew the beauty of our dance. The stiff spinning in their movements choked the breath of the art of dance. You knew better than all the ways of true dance, where it was not a performance with vapid smiles and rigid rules, but a revision of a being's soul. With a handsome smile, you told me that only those who feel the dance could partake in it.

I fell for you then and there.

Our nights were soon brimming with soothing passion, addicting sighs and unspoken love yous. We would hold onto each other and listen to the breath fill our lungs, your warm embrace, waiting for the other to whisper the reliever of our insecurities. Yet it never left our mouths.

Our romance slowly died, the fire shunted and diminished, the dance slowed. We parted, not looking the other in the eyes, and walked away, glancing backwards in the hope one would turn and run back. I never did, I was afraid. How foolish I was! I couldn't say a word to you? Where was the emotion, the intensity your people claim to envy?

I could not find any.

If only I had the chance to tell you, would you have felt the same way?

The years rush past; we silently grew apart. Those who knew us were shocked to learn of our not speaking, how little they really knew. One day you sent word to my brothers of a gleaming wish granter, I immediately knew my wish.

As we sped through withering woods, the wind lashing my long hair, I saw my white hope.

Reaching out, I whispered my heart's darkest wish.

Let us leave the sides and join the floor once more. One more try; let's make it right.

Take me once more in a time when dancing in the glistening moonlight was our dream. Twirling and gliding along smooth sand. Crisp water wafting around our ankles, begging to join the sweet embrace. When you showed me the truth of the soul.

Join me again, for now I dance alone.


A/N: Passion and fallout, two of my most recent bunnies. As usual, my two favorite characters, Mr. Tumnus and Lucy. This was my…most interesting story yet. Looking at them both as emotional and physical beings gave me the thought of passion and dance. Humans are intense, the Fauns and Satyrs (moreover the Fauns) lived and created music and dance. So, you can't have one without the other. Ignore the shameless over use of poetic words, I have been writing description for people's beta projects.

Happy Easter.