Heavy were the arms that bore the woman down onto a bed made from leaves, straw and grasses. The great alpha werewolf of our age knelt before the greatest mind of our age, and laid his head upon her stomach, relishing with raised hairs and lowered ears the feel of her warm, wet hands on his back.

"You're mine," he purred, arching his back in an uncanny feline grace. When her hands faltered and stopped in their massage he raised his head, a somber question in his eyes. "Yes?"

Laughter escaped in stuttered breath without the backing of crystal noise. She resumed her perusal of her hands on his body. "Yes."

"Wolves mate for life," he said needlessly, his tongue darting out and soothing her smooth and grimy stomach.

"You're not only a wolf."

Ah, but of course he wasn't. So much more lay beneath the fur.

"You are so much more than a woman," he countered, his eyes hard with the truth of his sentiment. She did laugh, then, at the hard look in his face. A sentient sentiment! How charming, she thought.

She cupped his cheeks until they relaxed against her hand.

They mingled for a long time like that, man and beast, woman and man and beast and beast and beast. Their chests and breasts collided, a cacophony of stuttered breath yet their hearts beat in a harmony of the pounding paws of their brethren. Tongues on hair, on skin, on an exposed nipple peaked with the morning dew. It was such a sweet, intoxicating mixture, and Fenrir groaned against it all.

"Hermione," he whispered into her hair, gathering her close.

She rolled him gently until she was on top of his undulating form. Her nails scritch-scratched onto his chest, and his breath hissed between sharp canines.

When both lay panting, eyes gasping and rolling in the dark yet always meeting, they collapsed on one another.

Fenrir slept peacefully between the arms and legs of the woman he loved.

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Now just a few words on this fic, since we're at the end:

I agree wholeheartedly with the reviewers who said Hugh Jackman would make an excellent Fenrir. Then again, maybe it's the deliciousness of Wolverine that I'm imagining. Mmm, someone should make a Wolverine/Hermione manip. Of course, the descriptions in the novels make him out to be a tad on the ugly side, but let's face it, fanfiction really has been getting ugly wizards laid since 1997 (I saw it on an avatar and it's true).

I'm very sure that I'm at the end of my indulging in Fenrir and Hermione. I'm a Severus/Hermione shipper at heart and will probably go back to those sails for quite some time now. I really do want to see someone else try their hand at this unique pairing. I check around a few sites to see if anyone else has written anything but usually I'm disappointed by the lack of fics and the severe lack of art. If anyone does write or create anything with this pairing I'd love to see and review it.

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