By: Justin A. Braton

At a time, God, the Father,

The glorious Father,

Decided that He was going

To create me.

With His mighty hands,

Oh, those glorious hands,

He filled my body with

His love!

Oh, what glorious love!

And in His tender care,

That glorious care,

He placed me with a family.

I grew with love and guidance,

His glorious love and guidance.

Through times of trial,

And through times of joy,

We shared that special bond.

Such a glorious bond.

I came to know His presence,

His glorious presence,

And did my best to please Him.

I did not deserve such forgiveness,

That forgiveness which was given,

To all who loved and believed in Him.

For what have I ever wanted, but

To sate my own desires and needs.

But now, with a generous heart,

I hope to return the gifts

Which were surely given to me.

As said before, we shared trials.

Oh, what terrible trials.

However, for my faith,

He fought for me to keep me safe!

And what a glorious fight it was!

My enemies were beaten, hurt!

They wept in agony!

Never again did they fight me,

Thanks to my Protector,

My glorious Protector.

Now times are slow,

I have grown old and humble.

Life passes me by and by.

But, I am never alone,

For His presence rests

Warmly in my heart.

In silent prayer, I talk to Him.

I wait for that return,

That inevitable,

But glorious return,

To God, my Father, my Teacher,

My glorious Friend.

And, back to those gentle hands,

Those glorious hands,

From which we all did come.