Title: Taxes

Rating: PG

Summery: Toshi wants to know what his parents are doing alone in their room when they could be playing with him. Who better to ask than good old Uncle Gaara.

Disclaimer: I own Toshi and the dead sand cow. And the wolf that killed it.

Quote: It takes an idiot to do cool things. That's why it's cool.- Haruko (FLCL)


Chapter 1

Toshi was absolutely thrilled. His uncle Gaara had come from Suna for a conference between the nation leaders and had been invited to stay the night. The young blonde was currently sitting in his Uncle's lap, watching him make animals out of sand.

Toshi was laughing at a cow and kangaroo frolic around a field when his mother and father stood up. Toshi looked up quickly.

"Um... Gaara, Hinata and I have... business to attend to. Will you watch Toshi until he goes to sleep?" Naruto asked, Toshi thought the face he was making made him look funny and he was shifting form foot to foot and crossing his legs. Hinata was looking intently at Gaara. Toshi realized that they were 'silent talking', something he had yet to master. He shrugged and turned back to the sand animals.

Toshi felt Gaara nod and change the kangaroo into a wolf, which attacked the cow. He squealed in delight when the cow's head fell off.

Both Naruto and Hinata looked slightly put off by this happiness in death, but they both hurried to leave.

When they exited Toshi looked up at his Uncle. "Why don't Mommy and Daddy want to play with me anymore Uncle?"

"They are both very busy people." Gaara said calmly. But both he and Toshi jumped when there was a loud crash upstairs.

"What are they doing?" Toshi asked. Gaara looked rather uncomfortable at this question. He hesitated for a moment. "Well?" Toshi persisted.

"They're... doing their taxes." He finally said.

"What are taxes?" Toshi asked. Gaara was delayed from answering by a stream of heavy thudding sounds that came from up stairs. Some dust detached from the ceiling and floated down onto the two in the livingroom.

"Taxes are something that nearly everyone does in their lifetime." Gaara said eventually. The thuds continued and were accompanied by a loud roar. Toshi jumped in fright.

"Taxes sound scary." The boy said. "Are taxes hard?"

"The first time is a bit hard, but as you get older and become more experienced, it gets easier and takes less time. Your parents are professionals." Gaara said. Toshi nodded.

"Are you good at taxes, Uncle?" The blonde asked. Gaara's cheeks colored ever so slightly.

"Of course, I'm also a professional." He said. The thuds started up again.

"Will you teach me how to do taxes?" Toshi asked hopefully.

"No!" The man exclaimed. He definitely seemed uncomfortable now. Toshi looked disappointed, but forgot all about it when a loud scream filled the house. Then there was silence.

"Are Mommy and Daddy okay up there?" He asked his uncle.

"Oh, yes, they probably feel wonderful." Gaara muttered.

Toshi was silent for a long while. "Hey, Uncle Gaara?" He asked.


"Where do babies come from?"


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