"Great Forest Spirit, do you know when Link will return to the forest?" Saria asked, certainly not for the first time, and most likely not for the last, fortunately for all Children of the Forest, the Great Deku Tree was as patient as only trees could be. If it could be said that he had vision, he looked down on Saria with great love, he could sense that she was sad, unbefitting her race. The rest of the children were all spread about the clearing surrounding his massive roots, playing games, planting seeds, or simply taking a nap, every thought and movement filled with joy. Their fairy partners roamed the meadow, gossiping and helping their Kokiri children, their ethereal light trailing behind them.

"No Saria, I still do not know." His voice boomed throughout the forest, reverberating off every tree in his grove, or possibly coming from each of them. The forest spirit was full of ancient magic and power, born as a witness to the history of the races of Hyrule, and knew more of the world that any being who lived in it. His existence was a secret to all except his children, the Kokiri and the Fairies, an immortal race of forest spirits.

"Why did he have to leave again? He barely stays in the forest at all anymore."

"My dear Saria, you know that he cannot. He has a great duty to fulfill. He is a child of Hyrule; you are a child of the forest. When we took him in, I told you that this would happen. He could not stay here forever, nor would he want to, here in the forest the Kokiri stay forever young, but Link will grow old. He knows that even now, that some of the children fear him, and though he loves you, and all the Kokiri, he belongs to Hyrule." The Great Deku tree noticed that a few more of the children had become interested in their conversation, and were mingling about his roots.

"But what will happen to him? What if he never returns? He leaves for months or years at a time, I am afraid that he might never come back. Why can't you just make him like us, make him a Kokiri, let him stay here forever!" Tears shone in her eyes and her fairy partner tried futilely to console her.

"I am sorry my child, even if it were in my power to do so, I would not. Link's destiny lies far beyond the forest. Please, calm down Saria, sit, all of you sit, and I will tell you a story, and perhaps, then you will see…" The Kokiri and the fairies sat in a great semi-circle around what they had long since decided was his face. A strong wind rustled his branches, creating the illusion that he too was settling himself down. "In ancient times, shortly following the creation of the world by the Goddesses, the first race of the world was born here before this land was called Hyrule. They were known as the Sheikah, and they would grow into a great and powerful race. They settled in the shadow of the mountains far to the north of here, and lived in peace for many years.

"One night a Sheikah youth, Mudora, a shepherd out in his field, heard a strange noise, which sounded like a woman singing. Curious he followed the voice across his field, beyond the villages of the Sheikah to a small lake. By the light of the moon he could see there were two women, one robed in green another in blue kneeling at the end of the pool with their backs to him. Beneath them was third woman, dressed in red robes that did not appear to be moving. They sang in a language he did not know, but he knew their song was mournful. Concerned the Sheikah youth approached them, when the woman in blue robes turned to face him. He stopped in shock for she was more beautiful than any woman he had ever seen. She smiled saying 'Welcome Mudora of the Sheikah, please, come and sit with us.'

"Mudora walked around the women to face them, and kneeled next to their companion. He imagined that they must be sisters for the woman in green and red were equal in beauty to the woman in blue, except each had eyes matching their robes. They all had long golden hair, and smooth pale skin that glowed in the night. The green woman held the red woman's head in her lap and stroked her hair gently while she sang. The woman in blue looked deep into the youth's eye, and smiled again before taking her fallen sisters hand and joining in song.

"The women continued to sing song after song, while Mudora listened in silence. It was music unlike any he had ever heard, more beautiful and rich than any the Sheikah sang. Though it may have been his imagination, he believed that he began to understand the songs, they told the story of the world, of every man and beast, every tree and mountain. After a long time had passed Mudora became tired and fell asleep. He dreamed of a land far beyond the mountains where there lived a race of peaceful nomadic people. In his dream the people searched for their homeland. Wherever they went they were attacked and driven away, never staying in any land too long for fear of attack. Mudora could see that their children were dying from starvation; their fathers were killed in battle, their mothers captured and sold into slavery. In their time of desperation, a great warrior arose to protect them. He was a giant among his people, his strength unmatched. They named him Ganondorf, a name which the world soon began to fear.

"Mudora saw that under his protection, the people felt save for the first time, and their population grew to great numbers. He trained a great army to protect the people as they continued their search for their own home. They journeyed from land to land, in search of the place they had never seen. During their travels Ganondorf became enamored with a young woman, Alish, the daughter of their leader. She did not love him however, and instead chose to marry Ganondorf's cousin, Rian Irule, who succeeded her father as leader of the people.

"Ganondorf was enraged that she had refused him, and attacked Rian, believing that he could take command of the people and force Alish to marry him. His attack failed however, and he was exiled, along with many of his soldiers who remained loyal to him. They roamed the lands, raiding towns and stealing whatever they could. During their travels they crossed group of gypsies and magicians who promised to lead Ganondorf to the greatest treasure in the world, one that would grant his every wish if he would spare their people.

"Ganondorf, whose lust for Alish and jealously of Rian had twisted and corrupted him, accepted immediately, believing that he would finally have the tool that would allow him to defeat Rian and all his people. The gypsies told Ganondorf of the sacred Golden Triforce, a treasure of immeasurable magical power, left behind by the Goddesses during the Creation. Within each piece of the triforce was the essence of one of the Goddesses, Din's power, Nayru's wisdom, and Farore's courage. If one touched the triforce, they would be granted one wish, anything they desired. The gypsies told Ganondorf that because of power of the triforce it was hidden away in a secret land, but that through their magic they could take him there. They created a portal to the other land, a world that mirrored their own, but whose magic was far deeper.

"When Mudora saw Ganondorf, whose eyes now gleamed with maniacal glee at his good fortune, pass into the world and take hold of the Triforce he awoke suddenly. Before him the sisters still kneeled, though they no longer sang. The red sister was gone, however, in her place lay a magnificent sword. It was made of a metal that Mudora had never seen with a blue handle, grip and pommel. Where the blade and pommel met, a Golden Triforce emblem lay. On the blade, written what he could only assume was the Goddesses own language was an inscription. Mudora quickly kneeled again, this time he bowed his head to the ground 'Please my Ladies, it would honor me greatly if you told me your names,' he said. 'My name is Nayru, this is my sister, Farore, do you know who we are Mudora of the Sheikah?' the blue woman replied. 'Yes my Lady, you are certainly two of the Goddesses who the gypsies in my dream spoke of, it is my honor to be at your service.'

'Thank you Mudora, for it is your service that we require. Tell us, what did you see in your dream?'

"'My lady, I saw a great people who roamed the earth. They were a good and kind people, but hated by the world. I saw a great warrior who protected them, but whose heart was not pure. In jealousy he turned to darkness, and left the people in search of riches and power. He has crossed over into another world, where he has taken hold of power needed to destroy those people, which brings me great sadness.'

"Nayru and Farore smiled at him one more and Nayru said, 'You are correct Mudora, he has indeed passed on to the Sacred Realm, home of our greatest creation, the Triforce. You need not despair however; his wish to destroy those people has not been granted. The Triforce will not grant the wish of anyone who comes with malice, greed, or evil in their heart, this is the one requirement that we have set, so as to protect our children. His lust of power and destruction has caused the Triforce to break apart, but Ganondorf has laid claim to our sister's Power, the only thing which he respects. The gifts of the Triforce are our creation, but they are not ours to take away. We have created you all to be free peoples, and therefore we will not take what Ganondorf has claimed.'

"'We shall not forsake you though, therefore we have brought the remaining pieces of the Triforce, my Wisdom and the Farore's Courage, here, where they shall remain under the protection of your people until they are needed. In time, we shall send a messenger to guide the people of Irule here. They are a blessed and cursed people now, forever marked by the evil of Ganondorf and his men, and it shall fall to them to protect the world from his malevolence. For now, Ganondorf and his companions are trapped in the Sacred Realm, though he shall not remain there forever. His evil has twisted that world and his soldiers, who are now beasts and monsters of terrible shape and power. Soon he will find a way to return these creatures to this world, where they will hunt for the remaining pieces of the Triforce, and kill whatever stands in their way.

"Mudora was horrified at everything that the Goddess's had said, his body cold and shaking, he pleaded 'Please my Goddesses, what can we do to protect them then? We are not great warriors, we are a simple people.'

"Farore spoke for the first time, her voice was strong and beautiful, and Mudora felt his fears melt away. 'Do not fear Mudora, you are not alone. We shall not see the beauty of our sister's gift perverted by Ganondorf forever. The Sheikah are destined to be a great people, rich in wisdom and courage, and you shall lead them to this fate. We will impart a small measure of the gifts of the triforce upon you, to guide your people through the difficult times ahead. You must gather the Sheikah here, where you shall construct a great castle and city to house my sister's Wisdom. Here the people of Irule will settle, and the gifts of the triforce will forever bless their descendants. They shall have dominion over all the land and races, from the mountains in the north to the great lake in the south, from the western desert to the eastern shore. The Sheikah will help protect them from Ganondorf's evil, and teach them the secrets of the Triforce. You shall take my Courage far to the east, to the shores of the vast ocean. There the Sheikah must build a great fortress tower whose top will soar above the earth. Once completed, we shall prepare great trials and place them within. Only one who's Courage is worthy of my love shall prevail these trials. For their sacrifice, we shall bless the Sheikah with life longer than any peoples. Sickness and affliction will not fall upon you as long as you remain faithful to the covenant you make with us.'

"The Goddesses then stood, each taking one of Mudora's hands in their own. Nayru spoke first, saying 'When Irule's people come, you must tell Irule all of what we have discussed, for from his descendants will come a Princess who shall be inherit my Wisdom. She shall be the light of her people, a beacon of hope against Ganondorf's evil. Her beauty will be unmatched throughout history, her strength of her love immeasurable. Her mother shall sacrifice herself to bring her into the world, and I will mark her as my own.' Nayru lifted his hand and kissed it. Then Farore spoke, saying 'When Irule's people come, you shall marry your first daughter to their strongest warrior. Their descendant will form a great order of Knights, who will protect the bloodline of the Royal Family and from them will come a champion who will inherit my courage. His mother shall sacrifice herself to bring him into the world, and I will mark him as my own.' Farore too lifted his hand and kissed it, and then together with her sister, picked up the sword at their feet, saying, 'We have forged this sword to combat the power of our sister's Triforce. Though he may be a great warrior, the champion of Courage shall find no other weapon shall harm Ganondorf as long as Din's blessing lay upon him. It shall master all other swords, and my champion alone shall hold it, no lesser man will it allow.'

"Mudora placed his hands over his heart, bowing his head he said, 'I pledge that in life and death, we shall forever serve you and Irule's heirs, may no Sheikah break my vow, lest sickness and death fall upon us all.'

"'Pray that your people remember your promise Mudora, for we shall not forget it. Go now with our love and protection; bring life and hope, wisdom and courage to this land. They each kissed his forehead once, leaving behind a golden triforce above a hawk in flight emblazoned on his forehead. When Mudora raised his head they were both gone. Where they had stood two golden triangle pyramids now hung in the air, and the entire pond was illuminated with their light. Faintly he could hear the remnants of their beautiful song coming from the Triforces. Beneath them now lay the sword, and a sapling of a tree.

"Mudora left that place immediately, and returned with his people in one day's time. When he had returned to the Sheikah villages he had found that all of the people had seen what transpired in a dream. They fulfilled the promise that Mudora had made, and construction of a great castle and city began immediately. Tall towers and bridges vaulted into the sky and spanned the lake's tributary river. The city would have no equal in the entire world. At the castle center was a great hall, with a pedestal beside a massive throne, on the pedestal the triforce of Wisdom was placed. Mudora himself had to move it, for no other Sheikah could touch them. During construction of the castle, Mudora took the sapling of the tree and placed it deep within the forest far to the southeast. When the castle was completed, he took half of the Sheikah to the coast, where they constructed a great white tower, its top hidden among the clouds. At the top of the tower, he placed the triforce of Courage, and the sword of the Goddesses.

"Years later, when the people of Irule came over the mountains, led by a great hawk, Mudora pledged the allegiance of the Sheikah to Rian. He then crowned Rian and Alish King and Queen of Hyrule, and gave them dominion over all the people. Mudora followed all the instructions the Goddesses had given him, pledging the hand of his daughter to Rian's finest general. Shortly after their arrival, the Queen gave birth to the first Princess on Hyrule. As a gift, Mudora presented the King and Queen with a great book, written in their own language. It told the story of the Sheikah, of Mudora's encounter with the Goddesses at the lake, the prophesy of Ganondorf's return, and all of Mudora's own advice and study for the Hylians, as the Sheikah called them. After careful study, the King placed the book back in the care of the Sheikah, charging them with protecting it above all else.

"Soon after the Hylians arrival, foul beasts and creatures began to roam the land. Mudora had prepared the Sheikah, who after completing the building of Hyrule City, had begun to train in all forms of war. Most of the Sheikah disappeared from the city, instead roaming the country seeking out and destroying the beasts and their offspring. The remaining Sheikah returned to their old home in the mountain, where they placed the Book of Mudora deep within a great mountain fortress, and guarded it day and night. Mudora himself stayed at the castle, and offered advice to the King, guiding him in all things. As the Goddesses had promised, his daughter's son became the first Knight of Hyrule, an order of Hyrule's greatest warriors whose sole purpose was to protect the Royal Family and the Triforce.

"In this way did the land of Hyrule come to be."

When he had finished speaking Saria asked, "Great Deku Tree, were you the sapling that the Goddess's left behind?"

The Great Deku Tree laughed heartily, his booming filled the forest, and caused the birds to take flight, "Indeed child, I was. That was well over a thousand years ago, and as you can see, I am now a great deal bigger than a sapling. I was born to bear witness to Hyrule's history, and this I have done. I have seen its great kings defend against attacks of vast armies of foul beasts sent by Ganondorf, I have seen the construction of great cities and fortresses. I alone in all the world have survived, but soon even my time will come to an end I fear, a great evil now walks the earth, such as I have never felt in all my years….."