Buffy the vampire slayer


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a/n I love buffy and spike os here's my fan fic about them:)

Description: buffy finds spike in a abandon church and some things come out.

Cold was all he felt as he laid his self on the one thing the would make him pay for every thing he did wrong. It would make him fell pain, pain the only thing he could fell besides the cold ness.

The sight in front of her was all most unbearable. Her heart fell to her feet as she look upon his smoking body. "Sp-Spike" she chocked out. Nothing "spike"

"Buffy," he said the was no pain in his voice there was no Emotion. No nothing. " im not meant for this world I should of died along time ago."

His topless form hanging on the crucifix burning away pained her more then she realized. she always thought seeing him die would be the happiest day of her life. Now that was happing before her eyes she had to stop him.

"Spike please come off there." she pleaded him. Tears were beginning to well up in her hazel eyes.

"Buffy don't cry for me. I'm not worth it." he said still laying on the cross. " I'll never be loved and I have no feelings left in me all I fell is cold."

"Please spike I love you. You mean every thing to me." she said pleadingly as she neared him and laid a hand on his bear back. His muscles tensed as her hand touched him. "Come off there for me."

"I can't. I hurt you so bad how can you love me?"he asked his voice tore with pain in the question. He wished shed leave. So she wouldn't have to see him like this.

"Spike. I —I don't know why I love you I just do I have no reason for it . But if- if you love me so much get off the cross." She said and stood from her knelt position.

He did as she asked for he did love her more then he would confess. Buffy embraced his burnt body and helped him to a bench and laid him down.

Her tears were flowing freely as he laid there. After a long moment Spike spoke "im cold, Buffy I can't hurt you anymore. I'm cold." his words made little sense to her.

"Spike what you did is in the past. I forgive you." she said laying her head on his pail, burnt skin.

"How can you? I raped you." he said as his wounds slowly began to heal.

" loving you is how." she said and lifted her head to look him in his water blue eyes. She slowly brushed a lose strand of curled blond hair back into place. " I need you Spike. Don't leave me, again."

Her words hit him like a brick. He was wanted! And by her of all people. He started to say the words he longed to hear his self say but was stopped by her lips meeting his. He slowly pulled away from her kiss.

His "breathing" was ragged and slow " now I don't... his sentence was finished by her soft sweet voice. ..."fell so cold." he nodded and he leaned up and kissed her once again but this time it was full of the passion that was built up inside him.

They stayed like that until the morning light flooded in and broke the spell of the night. She looked at him and then whispered the words he longed to hear her say

"I love you forever."

The end

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