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Missouri was awoken by the shrill ringing of the telephone she kept on her bedside table. Not that she had been sleeping soundly.

She'd had an unexplainable feeling of unease and dread descend upon her that morning, and being a psychic she knew that her feelings were well attuned and that something bad was about to happen to her or someone she knew. The question had been just who it would be. So she'd finally went to bed around 10, and had eventually fallen into a restless slumber.

Instantly wide awake, she sat up and turned on the bedside lamp, glancing at the digital alarm clock on the table to check the time. 3 am.

"Well, you've known it was coming, so lets see who it is."she said aloud as she picked the phone up from its cradle and placed it to her ear.

"Hello? And whoever this is, do you know what time it is?"she asked in greeting, just in case it wasn't the call she'd been expecting.

It was one thing to disturb a person in the middle of the night for a good reason, but in any other case it was just rude and unacceptable, and Missouri would allow no such foolishness.

"Missouri?"a male voice asked hesitantly after a small pause.

"That depends on who's calling my house at 3 o'clock in the morning."she replied haughtily, though she had a pretty good idea just by his voice who the caller was.

"It's Sam, Sam Winchester. And I'm really sorry about the time but I've been trying to get in touch with my our dad and he won't answer and I've left messages but he hasn't...I didn't know who else to call Missouri and...I'm sorry."he repeated again, and she could tell he was quite distressed by the tone of his voice, which bordered on hysteria.

"No, no baby. It's okay."she interrupted him. "I told you to never hesitate to call me if you needed anything, and that offer had no hours of business attached, so just hush with the apologizing and tell me what has happened."

"There's something wrong with Dean, and I don't know what to do to help him."he blurted out, his words followed by what sounded like a small sob.

"What kind of something?"Missouri pressed him in a gentle tone."Is he hurt? Can you take him to a hospital?"

"No, it's not that kind of wrong. Well, it is but it isn't."he replied, sniffling as he spoke, "We...we were working on a case. It was supposed to be a easy one. Cut and dry, in and out, but when we got there it turned out to be much harder than we'd ever thought to imagine."

"Listen sugar, where are you at right now?"she interrupted.

"A couple of m-miles away from your house."he stuttered in reply, sounding like a child who'd done something wrong when he added,"I know I shouldn't have come back here without knowing for sure that you'd help, but if just don't know anyone else who could."

"Okay, well, I'll be waiting for you, so you just hang up and concentrate on driving and you can finish telling me the whole story when you get here."she said, not really in the least bit surprised by him saying he was so close by.

"But, you should be prepared for what to expect."Sam argued,"He's...not like he was the last time you saw him. I mean he pretty much looks the same, but he's different. He's not different all the time..."

"Dealing with you Winchester men, old Missouri has come to expect anything and everything at all times. So don't worry about me baby. I'll see you soon."she interrupted him once again, then, with a sigh, replaced the phone on its cradle and got up from the bed.

She quickly dressed and put on some coffee, then went and sat on the couch in the living room with her front door open, waiting with trepidation for the brothers to arrive.

What had they gotten themselves into this time? And would she even be able to help, she wondered as she waited.

And why wouldn't their father return Sam's calls?

At one time she'd thought she knew John Winchester very well, but now...well, now it's a totally different story.

Seeing headlights pull into her drive, she stood up and walked to the door, opening it and going to stand on the front porch to watch as the younger Winchester got out from the drivers side and quickly went around to the other to, she assumed, help his brother from the car.

She wondered if maybe she should go offer to aid them also, but decided against it, sensing it was important for Sam to help his brother alone.

So she just stood, holding the door open as they slowly came up her walkway in the darkness. Dean leaning heavily on his brother, until finally they reached the porch.

"Thank you so much for letting us come here."Sam said, unshed tears standing puddled in his eyes as he stared at her gratefully.

"You are always welcome in my home. Both of you."she said in reply, staring intently at the older brother who's head was bowed down on his chest."So get on inside here before my neighbors start spreading rumors about me and my two white lovers."

At that point Dean finally raised his head and she saw his face illuminated in the dim light given off from the bulb on the porch, and had to forcefully stop herself from gasping.

"Hey Missouri."he said in a raspy voice, giving her a shadow of the cocky smile he'd seemed to always have in place the last time she'd seen him.

Though still undeniably handsome, his once healthy looking face was now pallid, his previously vibrant green eyes, that were surrounded by dark rings, now stared at her with a dull sadness, while various cuts and bruises stood out clearly on his pale features.

He also appeared to have lost a great deal of weight, his clothes hanging loosely from his frame.

"Come on baby, lets get you inside."she said in reply, taking the arm that wasn't around Sam's shoulder, deciding by the look of exhaustion that she saw on the younger brothers face that he would welcome the help.

When they got in the house, they helped Dean lower himself onto the couch, which he automatically laid down on and closed his eyes, the trip up the walk and steps having totally sapped his strength.

"Would either of you like some coffee?"Missouri asked, walking towards the kitchen, adding,"I have a feeling I'm going to need some."

"I'll take some please."Sam answered, sitting down on the arm of the couch his brother was laying on.

"Dean?"she asked, though he appeared to have fallen asleep.

"No thanks."he mumbled,opening his eyes wearily to look at her as he answered, then closing them again.

"Okay, now then,"she said after coming back into the room carrying a cup of coffee in each hand, handing one to Sam and keeping the other for herself, before settling down in a chair beside the couch

"Tell me what happened."

"Well, as I said, we went to work on a case dad sent us on in Minnesota. He'd text messaged the

coordinates to Deans cell as he always had in the past . After that I did some research on the net, pulled up old newspapers and such to see if I could figure out ahead of time what to expect when we got there. After going over about 50 old articles I was able to come up with one common factor in about 6 of them."

"There was a 10 yr old, a little girl named Bethany Rankin, who was reported to have, just out of the blue,unsuccessfully tried to kill her parents and siblings one night. They sent her to a psychiatric hospital for a short stay afterwards for therapy as per suggested by her family physician who had arranged a psychiatric evaluation. After doing so it was decided that she was suffering from some sort of psychosis or some type of chemical imbalance."

"The parents hated to do it to her because up until that point, their daughter had been a well behaved model child. One who had never back talked or anything until a week before she'd attempted to kill them."

"She at first tried to tell them she didn't belong there, and that it wasn't her who'd tried to murder anyone. It was the thing inside her. She's tried to resist its urging to do bad things to others, but in the end it had been too powerful and she had been unable to keep it up for long."

"Uh huh, continue." Missouri prompted, listening intently to his tale.

"I guess she realized after a while that her accusations were only making things worse for her, so she just one day up and started making a miraculous recovery. Being very cooperative and always agreeing when the doctors told her that she was merely having delusions and that if she kept taking her medicine she'd be able to return home soon."

"A month later she was released to return home to her family, appearing to be recovered from what the psychiatrists had labeled as split personalities and delusions brought on by her blossoming into woman hood, or in other words they said it was an imbalance caused by puberty. "

"They were wrong. 2 days after her release her odd behavior started again. She refused to eat, would yell curses at her parents in foreign languages they knew for a fact she'd never been subjected to,and unexplained injuries popped up on her body. Her killings started small at first, only that family pets being the victims. They were about to put her away once more when it became startlingly evident that this was no regular illness plaguing Bethany. She started being able to move objects with her mind, flinging items at them when they came into her room, and she became able to contort her body in manners that would be impossible to mimic. So, being a devout catholic family, they called upon the priest of their church to come and visit to determine if what they thought it could be was true"

"He came alright, and then after spending some time with the girl, observing her actions and such, he told them just what they feared. She was possessed. He went to his superiors and after describing her case was granted permission to do an exorcism. The media had somehow caught wind of Bethany's story, so along with having to deal with her possession the family also had to deal with being hounded by the press and such, wanting to get an interview with the girls parents, or better yet from Bethany herself. To make a long story short though, the priest never got the chance to do the exorcism because he died in a car accident the day before it was to be done. Doctors said he had a heart attack , resulting in him running off the road and hitting a power pole going 85 miles an hour."

"2 weeks later, we got the text from dad, and after doing the research we payed the family a visit. At this point her family was terrified of her because she was prone to inflict terrible pain upon herself and attempt to do the same to them, but they were desperate to get their little girl back. Hearing this, Dean decided to do what he does best and play Mr. Hero and do the exorcism himself.

I went and met with another priest before he did it, and the man told me that it was a very bad idea for someone who was not of the cloth to play around with things such as exorcisms. They could back fire , and endanger you and those around you."

"I tried to tell him. I did,"Sam said tearfully, reaching over and putting a hand on his now sleeping brothers shoulder affectionately." But he's stubborn, and we had actually performed a sort of exorcism ourselves on a pilot once before, so like an idiot I finally agreed to his wishes."

"You mean to tell me that you tried to exorcise a demon from a child without any type of priest there to help?"Missouri asked in disbelief.

She was well learnt on all things that fell into the Supernatural category, even the religious area of it. It was absolutely unheard of to play around with things like exorcisms.

"Oh yeah, that's exactly what I'm telling you."Sam replied solemnly.

"And what happened after he failed at this Sam?"she asked after a thoughtful pause.

He scoffed at her question, then chuckling humorously answered the question.

"Well, you see, that's the thing. He didn't fail. He got the demon out of the girl."

"Oh my."she exclaimed seconds later, putting a hand to her mouth as realization struck home."You mean..."

"That's right."Sam interrupted, and as if reading her mind, finished the sentence she'd been speaking."I mean that he didn't send the demon back to hell as planned. It just decided to move in somewhere else."


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