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After a several week stay in the hospital, the day had finally came for his release, and he was more than happy to be leaving.

Not that all the nurses and doctors weren't really nice during his stay, especially the women.(but there was also one male nurse who seemed to enjoy giving him a sponge bath way too much whom he was especially glad about not seeing again.)

Of course, as the case had been ever since he'd first been brought into the ER , then afterwards when he'd spent several days in intensive care and now finally during his time in the regular hospital ward, Sam and his father were present to take him back to Missouri's house where they and he would be staying, against his own wishes he might add, for another week or so to give him plenty of time to recover before going elsewhere.

His father and Sammy had reached an unspoken truce, but Dean knew it was a temporary thing and now that he was being released, would have to be taken care of sooner or later. From the accusatory glares he caught his little brother shooting at their dad, he knew it would have to be sooner than later.

"Hey Dean!"Sam exclaimed happily, walking in the room and hugging him, which he'd given up on arguing against weeks ago, excepting the fact that chick flicky or not, his little brother was not going to be stopped from showing him how happy and glad he was that he had survived all the injuries that had been inflicted on him.(with very minimal scarring he might add)

He was just happy himself that Sam had finally stopped repeatedly telling him he loved him throughout the day,( though it had earned him some major hook up points with some of the hotties that worked in the hospital. They thought it was so cute and sweet that his little brother cared so much about him, and wasn't afraid to risk looking un-macho by admitting it. Several had even requested that he try and hook them up with Sam.) Hell, he'd even gotten accustomed to returning the sentiment, though he felt their bond was strong enough now that it could go unspoken and still be known by the both of them.

"Hey squirt, you ready to spring me from this joint?"Dean asked after his was released from his embrace.

"Squirt? That's more like what I should call you, considering I'm bigger and taller than your midget ass."Sam retorted good naturedly, with a grin.

"Maybe you are taller, but I'm bigger where it really counts."Dean threw back at him, following his words with his trademark cocky grin.

"Like you'd know."Sam replied, punching him in the arm lightly, being careful not to hurt him, because whether Dean wanted to acknowledge it or not, he was far from being totally recovered. He was so lucky, no, they were so lucky that he's pulled through this, and Sam would no longer take one moment with his brother for granted. Not one he thought somberly, his eyes misting up briefly. He immediately pushed any negative thoughts aside though. This was a happy day, not sad, and clearing his throat, added,"That is unless you're a freak-o perv and peek at me in the shower and stuff when I'm not looking."

"You know it, cause my little brothers just so damn sexy that even I can't help myself from taking a peek at the package."Dean replied jokingly with a wink.

"You're sick, and without a doubt have severe mental issues."Sam replied, making a face of disgust before smiling and in his own joking manner, playing along with Dean said,"You're not so bad either big boy."

"Ahem, is there something you two need to tell me about?"John's voice interrupted from the doorway where he'd just entered, a smile playing on his lips despite his attempt at trying to keep a straight face.

God, how good was it to have both his boys there, safe and sound, and getting along so well. He too would never take for granted either of them again, he only hoped that Sam would one day forgive him for his deceit.

Sam's face turned red at his father having heard their playful, joking banter, but Dean only grinned at his father and threw an arm around his brother's, who had sat down beside him on the bed when he'd first entered, neck, pulling him into a headlock and giving him a noogie.

"Quit it Dean,"Sam whined, carefully wrestling himself away from his brothers clutches."I hate it when you do that."

"I know, that's why I do it little Sammy."Dean replied with a smile.

"It's Sam."his brother mumbled,"And I'm not little."

"You ready to get out of here Son?" John asked his eldest boy.

"Yes sir, I'm more than damn ready. Hey Sam, go fetch that pretty little nurse with the blond hair so she can give me a ride out of here."Dean requested, and when Sam started to protest, gave his brother what he hoped was conveyed as a meaningful look.

"Okay, no problem. Only there's like 30 hot blond nurses, so which one are you talking about?"Sam asked with a frown.

"Any of them except that guy. He freaks me out."Dean replied, and his brother nodded, leaving Dean and John alone for what could actually have been the first time since he'd been hospitalized.

"Close the door dad."Dean ordered his father, all humor gone from his tone, a serious expression now on his face.

John did as he asked, having been expecting what he was sure was about to be said by his eldest boy for some time now.

"Is there something bothering you Dean?"he asked, pulling the rooms only chair over in front of his son and sitting down.

"Yes, there is, and you know it so lets cut the crap."Dean replied angrily, the venom in his voice surprising his father.

Dean had never dared speak to him in such a crude manner before.


"No, for once you're going to listen to me dad."Dean interrupted.

"Okay, go on."John nodded.

"I love you dad. You know that, and I always will despite anything you might do, but listen to me real closely when I say this, I am willing to forgive you for what you did this time, and I think in time that Sam will be too, but if you ever lie to me or him again, that's it, because as much as I do love you, I love him just as much, if not more, and your stupidity could have gotten him hurt, actually it did get him hurt several times, or worse. And as you have reminded me of many times in my life, I made a promise the night mom was killed, one I've never once regretted making, and will do anything to insure that it's kept. Anything."he repeated, staring his father unflinchingly. His green eyed gaze almost seeming to burn into John with its intensity."Are we clear?"

"Yes Dean, we're clear."John replied without hesitation, pulling him into a hug."And I love you, both of you boys, too, and I promise I'll make it up to you."

"Okay, I believe you."Dean said a moment later, his expression softening."But I really think Sam is going to take a little more work if we don't want to end up a split family again."

There was nothing Dean would hate worse, but if it did come down to that, and he was forced to choose which of them to continue his travels with, it would be his brother. He just sincerely hoped it didn't come to that.

"I'll try my hardest son."John said with a knowing look. Now that he'd spent an extended amount of time with them once again, he found that he too didn't want to compromise their new union. They were a family, a team, and he wanted to keep it that way from now on whether they eventually chose to continue in their hunting or not.

"Good, that's all I want."Dean said seriously, then a smile appeared on his face once more when his brother reentered the room.

"Sorry I took so long, but I had a hard time tracking down that blond you requested,"Sam announced as he entered the room, a sly smile on his face as he continued,"But finally I found him." and stood aside to reveal none other than the very nurse he'd specifically requested him not to bring, adding with a snicker,"Luckily Hans here was more than willing to come give you a ride to the car."

"Gee, thanks a lot Sam."Dean said through clenched teeth, a forced grin on his face as the big blond man rolled over and helped him into the wheelchair. Dean could have sworn that the man purposely let his hand linger a bit longer than necessary on his leg as he helped him sit down, and sat stiffly the remainder of the ride down to the car.

"I'm going to kick your ass."Dean hissed at his brother after he was helped by the big man nurse into the car, followed by a very awkward farewell from the man, who he could have sworn was about to cry."I promise you that."

"Aw, I think it was sweet, don't you dad?"Sam asked, addressing their father directly for the first time since the night of the excorcism.

"Yes, it was touching."John replied after a surprised pause.

"Okay then, I'm going to have to kick two asses instead of one I guess."Dean joked with a pleased smile.

"Oh I don't think so Dean. No matter what, I'm still your father, and fathers always do the ass kicking."John stated straight-faced.

Maybe things were going to be alright after all, Dean thought, leaning his head back on the headrest of his seat, closing his eyes.

"I think not."he heard a voice whisper from the back seat directly behind him.

His eyes popped open in alarm, and he turned around quickly to peer into the back, seeing nothing but his brother, who looked at him like he was crazy when he asked him,"Did you hear that Sam?"

"Hear what?"he questioned in reply, a confused look on his face.

"Nothing, never mind."he said, turning back around.

His mind must have been playing tricks on him, because he could have sworn that not only did he hear someone whisper those words, but it was definitely a feminine voice, and there was no women in the car with them.

Oh it wasn't your imagination, the unseen apparition of who had been known as Katherine, who was indeed sitting in the back seat beside his brother thought as she glared with hate-filled eyes at the back of his head, and in due time I will get my revenge.

The End

Well, unless you didn't notice I kinda left it open for a sequel there due to the fact that I think there are many unresolved issues left between the three Winchesters, and though he may not have showed it in the final chapter here, Dean has not forgotten what the demon did to the Dr while in his body.

I just thought it deemed a whole other story of it's own, so until then(if you think it's worth a sequel) thanks for reading!