Memories of the Future

by Lucathia

Disclaimer: Mekakushi no Kuni belongs to Tsukuba Sakura.

Summary: Continuation of the manga with a focus on Namiki Masahiro. Namiki's graduated. Now what? Eventual Namiki/Kaichou. for 30kisses challenge.

Prologue: perfect blue

In a land of blindfolded people, would there be anyone who understands what it means to be able to "see?"

Walking down the busy street with eyes covered by blindfolds, she could hear the gossiping of housewives in the marketplace, the laughter of the children playing tag, and the shrieks of the passing cars. She could feel the warm breeze tickle her skin. The days were getting warmer as spring approached.

In a land of blindfolded people, why would there be a need to see?

Not being able to see was the norm. The concept of sight was an absurd one.

Her blindfold, however, was defective.

Sometimes, it slipped.

And what she saw was the future.

The school year was almost over. It had crept upon them unnoticed, for the past year had been filled with discoveries and new understandings.

It had been by far the best year of her life.

Kanade Otsuka, who was soon to become a third year in high school, was watching one Arou Naitou run his hand across his forehead, wiping away the sweat from the glaring sun. He glanced across his vast fields of vegetables with a satisfied smile. She felt an urge to run her hands through his sun-kissed hair.

Kanade never got tired of watching her boyfriend, watching him cultivate and coax into existence a field of blooming life. What had once been a wasted plot of land governed by overgrown weeds had transformed into a beautiful field, thanks to Arou's determination to fulfill the dreams of the past that he had seen. On this sunny and bright afternoon, Kanade couldn't think of anything else she would rather do.

"You don't have to wait for me," remarked Arou, who was resting his chin on his hands over the plow.

She quickly placed her hands up in the air in a flurry to contradict his words. "Oh, no. I'm fine. I like watching you."

She blushed slightly, a certain warmth traveling through her, a warmth that wasn't caused by the sun.

Arou blushed in return. His dark hair only served to accent his blush more.

Kanade glanced up.

Their eyes met, a smile tugging at their lips before they burst out laughing together. It was amazing how comfortable she felt around Arou. At first it had been because they were companions with a shared secret. All it took was the slightest touch, and Arou would see the past while she saw people's futures.

Her blindfold was defective. His was long gone. For her, it was random. For him, all touches became visions. At one point, they had both shied away from human touch, but in reality, they yearned for it. Kanade was no longer afraid of human touch, and the same went for Arou.

Kanade never got tired of admitting her feelings for Arou in front of him.

"All right, you two lovebirds. I bet you didn't even know I was here." A third figure loomed behind the couple, a small frown marring his face, the sun beating down on his sandy hair that went along with his light complexion.

Kanade turned around abruptly. "Namiki-san!"

Third year Namiki Masahiro shared their secret. Like her, he saw the future. But unlike both of them, he chose to remove his blindfold. He could use his power to see at will.

"Here to steal Kanade away again?" murmured Arou, weaving his fingers with Kanade's. "Too late," he said amiably.

Namiki put his hands up in peace. "Hey, I'm a good guy. I just wanted to see Kanade's smiling face before I went home today." He smiled as he clapped his hand over Kanade's shoulder, and suddenly the chirping of the birds around her disappeared.

"Namiki-kun, may I ask you again why you've decided upon this particular college? You have the top scores at our school. You can practically go to any college you wish to attend."

Kanade looked around. She was standing in the middle of a classroom that she didn't recognize. It was probably Namiki-san's classroom. She was hit with a sudden realization that it had always been Namiki visiting her and Arou in their two classrooms and never the other way around.

"I don't know why you're making it sound as if the college I've chosen is horrible. After all, it's the sister school to this high school, is it not?" asked the future Namiki.

Hearing the familiar voice, she was about to turn around...

"Kanade?" came a soft voice.

She blinked, shaking her head slightly. "Wha-?"

"You saw something?" asked Namiki, his face dangerously close to hers as he searched her eyes. In return, she could see how blue his eyes were. She could even see the faint tinges of purple on the sides. What a peculiar color Namiki-san's eyes were...

Before Kanade even answer, Arou pushed the older boy away from his girlfriend, making sure that they were standing a respectable distance from each other.

Namiki was ticked at Arou. The slight furrow of his eyebrows, the gritting of his teeth, and his hastily folded arms gave him away.

"Hm, so was it my future?" asked Namiki, continuing as if Arou hadn't done anything spiteful.

"Oh, don't worry, it's not bad," beamed Kanade. Namiki gauged her words before shrugging and warning her not to do anything to place herself in danger. Too many times, Kanade had placed herself in danger just to change the course of the future for the better. Many times, she did it for people she didn't even know.

Namiki hadn't understood in the beginning, but staying around Kanade and Arou for such a long time had completely changed his views.

He gave them a nod, holding Arou's eyes slightly longer to tell the other boy to look after Kanade. He then headed towards home.

As the older boy left her view, Kanade smiled.

Namiki-san didn't wear his heart on his sleeves, but his actions often spoke louder than anything.

She was pretty sure that Namiki-san was going to choose the sister college to their high school because he wanted to stay close to them. After all, he did mention that his graduation wasn't going to stop him from appearing at lunch to eat Arou's specially prepared feasts.

Kanade giggled at that image.

to be continued

Next chapter: violence, pillage/plunder; extortion (not the type of violence you're thinking of, I'm sure ;)

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