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"R-roy.." Ed was astonished. "You..." His words faded as he and the colonel embraced.

Ed hugged him back, his face burning with embarasment, yet, somehow it felt right.

Ed clung on to his relief from the pain, his escape. He hoped he would never let go, he hoped this bliss of protection would last on forever. Sadly, he was wrong.

Suddenly an enfuriated Envy came crashing through the door "Damn you Fullmetal, I'll kill you!" And he lunged toward Edward ready to kill him.

Just as Ed was bracing himself to fight back, Mustang stood in front of him and took the blow, and another, and another. The colonel fought back as Ed just stood there shocked not quite fully taking in what had happened.

Suddenly he snapped back. Roy was Ed's someone. No damned doubt about it. He swiftly drew a transmutation circle, he knew what he was doing. He would destroy the homunculis then and there.

As soon as Ed had finished and was preparing to activate it he heard a disparing thud. Roy had fallen. Ed lunged at Envy swiftly punched him in the face and dragged Roy out of the way.

Envy regained himself, but just in time for Ed to kill him.


Ed sat in the hospital. Waiting. Watching Roy's chest move up and down, knowing that at any moment... it may stop. Roy was in a coma and it was all Ed's fault.

"First I lose Al..." Ed closed his eyes trying to keep himself from crying in front of the nurse cleaning up Roy's room. "Now I'm about to lose my other reason to live. It's all my fault... that he's in pain."

Ed remembered how when Roy had rescued him how weak he was, yet he found enough strength to defeat Envy, the one who killed Alphonse. And the only reason he even had that strength, was because of the man dying in front of him.

Edward's injuries had been cured by now, but he still had a pain. In his heart.

"I was such an idiot. Not even fighting my own battle. Just sitting there stupidly was all I could do..." his voice began to raise out of a whisper "I'm sorry colonel. It's all my fault, and I realized to late...that you're my reason."

The nurse looked at Ed only to find him with a pocket knife held to his wrist. "Mi-mister Elric!" she exclaimed. But there was nothing she could do. It was too late.

Ed had slashed his wrist down to his arm in a long vertical bloody line. The blood came oozing and gushing out. And there he was again. Lying on the flooring, drowning in his own blood. His own tears. His own shame.


Ed woke up to see a very scary, and pissed off, colonel. "M-mustang?" he asked dazily.

"Jackass!" Roy punched the lying down Edward in the gut. "You try and kill yourself again like that and you will SERIOUSLY regret it."

Ed gathered his thoughts, and his breath, as he watched Roy wander around the room agitated.

"And another thing," Roy looked back at him "a hospital isn't exactly the most intelligent place to commit suicide," he paused "fullmetal."

Ed smiled, something he hadn't done in quite awhile. Roy gave him some feeling he just couldn't put his finger on.

"You know something odd..." Roy continued still figeting "...almost the moment you passed out, I woke up from my coma."

Ed was still trying to describe the feeling, he almost had it on the tip of his tongue...

Suddenly Roy got close to his face. "Deep in thought eh? Don't hurt yourself boy." Edward stuck his tongue out at him. "Well fullmetal you've pretty much worn me out."

Ed suddenly realized how weak he was, how his eyelids were drooping. The colonel walked over to his hospital bed, conviniently located next to Edwards, and said "Go to sleep, and don't worry, your someone isn't going to die just yet."

Ed wanted to go to sleep. He knew he desperately needed it. But something... something was holding him back. He was still trying to sort out his damn feelings.

He sat up and looked over at Roy sleeping. For what seemed like hours he just sat there watching the colonel slowly breathe.

Then, out of nowhere, he realized what that feeling was, something he never could have grasped the concept of before. Perhaps it was the bliss of first love.

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