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Chapter 16: Korikakumon, Blow the Snow, Call the Glaciers!

"Is this really the right way to Akiba Market?" Takuya wondered as the raft headed downstream.

"That's right." Bokomon confirmed.

"They're not chasing after us anymore, eh?" Tomoki asked and sighed when he saw Neemon dozing off.


"Yawn!" Abormon stretched himself. "I just woke up. Always brush your teeth after you wake up."

In the Akiba Market...

"Really, how are you supposed to use a piece of junk like that?" Toucanmon asked his leader, the Toucanmon having exchanged the D-tectors with a camera recorder.

"Oh, shut up." the leader retorted. "It looks like fun, doesn't it? Well, let's see what I can see. Huh?" he blinked. "I can't see anything."

"I told you he was cheating you." Toucanmon reminded. "That old man, he's known for being strange here in Akiba Market."

"Huh?" the leader whined. "Why can't I see anything?"


"We've gone from the Southern Islands all the way to the North..." Takuya shivered as the raft entered an ice field.

"It's cold..." Izumi stuttered. "Huh?" she blinked when Kouji held out his jacket to her.

"Wear this." the Lone Wolf stated.

"Eh?" Izumi blinked. "Really? Grazie!" she beamed when Kouji nodded. "Thank you!" as Junpei twitched at this missed chance.

"Don't do that!" Tomoki shouted, trying to rouse the sleeping Neemon. "If you sleep here, you'll freeze to death!" and snapping Neemon awake.

"Look!" Bokomon voiced. "There's land! There's land!"

"Are we at Akiba Market yet?" Takuya asked after the raft went over a frozen slope.

"It shouldn't be too far away." Bokomon pulled out his book.

"Say, something's come up." Izumi cut in.

"Everyone, hold on tightly to the ship." Kouji told the panicking group as the raft approached a wide gulf.

"What's that?" Tomoki exclaimed when the raft slid over the gulf and headed straight downwards to a snowman.

"A snowman?" the rest chorused and the group ducked when the raft crashed into the snowman.

"Huh?" Kouji felt the unfrozen ground. "Here it's..."

"What's this?" Izumi wondered. "It's warm."

"It's because of that!" Takuya pointed to the giant warmer.

In the market...

"So, somewhere in this Akiba Market are the Toucanmon who stole our Digivices, right?" Izumi reasoned.

"Okay, let's search for them." Takuya suggested.

"Right." the group nodded and split off.

"I didn't see them." Otamamon answered.

"I see." Tomoki noted. "What should I do? I couldn't find the Toucanmon yet. No, I have to find them." he insisted. "Hm?" he then noticed Datamon's store in the alley. "Hello?" he entered the shop. "Excuse me..." he voiced, seeing Datamon playing a game.

"Be quiet." Datamon snapped. "I'm at an important place."

"Datamon." Kallan voiced. "The Digimon that specializes at repairing machines."

"Now I have to beat this all over from the beginning again." Datamon sighed, having lost the 'Digimon Space Invaders' game.

"Hey, hey, can I try?" Tomoki offered.

"What was that?" Datamon finally noticed the boy. "Oh! A human child?"

"I'm good at games." Tomoki replied and took over from Datamon.

"You seem to be doing well." Datamon admitted. "For a human child, you're unexpectedly good at this."

"It's because I'm used to them." Tomoki replied. "Alright, it's the last one. I did it!" he cheered, having defeated the final boss.

"You're a winner." Datamon applauded.

"Seems like when you win, you get to see something." Tomoki peered closer at the screen.

"Oh, sorry." Datamon apologized. "That's what I wanted." and slide out a cartridge from the slot.

"What would you do with that?" Tomoki wondered.

"Well, you'll see." Datamon replied and opened his safe to reveal the stolen D-tectors.

"Ah!" Tomoki gasped. "Those are...! Digivices!"

"This thing is called a Digivice?" Datamon echoed, picking up Takuya's D-tector.

"Those are ours." Tomoki voiced. "Give them back."

"I got them for the lab." Datamon retorted. "These are mine."

"It was the Toucanmon, right?" Tomoki reasoned. "Before coming North, the Toucanmon stole those."

"Look you..." Datamon glared. "You better not be making this up."

"That's not it." Tomoki protested. "It's the truth."

"Then, show me proof." Datamon requested. "Show me a certificate."

"Well, that's..." Tomoki trailed. "I can evolve." he stated.

"Again with the lies." Datamon remarked. "If you don't have any proof, then it couldn't be stolen. You're beginning to be a lying thief."

"The thieves are the Toucanmon!" Tomoki insisted.

"Again with that." Datamon remarked. "Go home!"

"What do I have to do to get them back?" Tomoki relented.

"Well, it's no use unless you have something to exchange for it." Datamon replied.

"Then, I'll exchange this." Tomoki removed his hat.

"No way." Datamon replied.

"Then..." Tomoki took off his shoes. "With these?"

"Let's see..." Datamon ignored him. "What will this do..." and started tinkering with Takuya's D-tector. "It made this noise, huh? Let's try another."

"Ah, that's mine!" Tomoki gasped when Datamon worked on his D-tector.

"Well, what have we here?" Datamon noted.

"Eh?" Tomoki exclaimed when Datamon pried open the cover. "Stop that! Don't break it!"

"Shut up!" Datamon snapped. "It's mine and it's my job. I'll do whatever I want."

"AH!" Tomoki panicked when his D-tector started to shine. "PLEASE STOP IT!"

"Yes?" Datamon took the call.

"I'm in the house in middle of the forest." Abormon stated over the telephone. "I'll let them go quietly in exchange for something."

"What?" Datamon was confused. "Hello?"

"The Toucanmon sold you the Spirits, right?" Abormon inquired.

"Spirit?" Datamon echoed. "What's that?"

"I'll take them." Abormon replied over the phone in the beach house. "I'll be there in an hour. When it's time for bed, make sure you lock your windows and doors." he turned to the audience.

"What the hell was he talking about?" Datamon wondered after Abormon hung the phone and returned to his work, ignoring Tomoki's horrified wails.

"No way..." Tomoki muttered.

"What does this look like?" Datamon wondered. "I don't understand. I should compare this to the others."

"Eh?" Tomoki blinked. "STOP IT!" he wailed when Datamon proceeded to open up Takuya's D-tector. "Please! Mine is fine but please don't break the others!"

"Why is that" Datamon asked.

"I'm still just a kid." Tomoki replied. "But the everybody else is not. Takuya-onii-chan and Kouji, Junpei too... In order to save the Digital World, they need the Digivice to make them strong."

"Now that you mention it." Datamon mused. "I didn't thank you for helping me get the item earlier. I'll give you one hour." he turned to his wall clock. "Before that time, you must find something that we can exchange with."

"One hour?" Tomoki echoed.

"Don't be late, even for one second." Datamon set the ultimatum.

"I got it." Tomoki replied. "Thank you."

"Oh..." Datamon turned back to the two D-tectors. "I see... So this goes like this if I'm not mistaken."


"Takuya-onii-chan!" Tomoki hollered, running out. "Kouji! Junpei! Izumi! Bokomon! Neemon! Where is everyone? It's no use! There's no time! I should do it myself."

"Huh?" Neemon blinked on top of a tree, spotting Tomoki who was heading out. "Tomoki? Where's he going?"

Commercial Break.

The Pink are Blue Rangers are checking on Goldar's corpse. Goldar has a bullet hole in his forehead, and blood all around him. A gun's resting in his left hand, seemingly the cause of his death.

Pink: I think they're right, Billy. This was suicide.

Blue: No, look... The angle the bullet entered, and the way he's lying on the ground... They don't match.

Pink: But then, who could've done it?

Skull's watching them from a nearby building, laughing evilly.

Skull: They'll never get me, stupid cops...

VO: Power Rangers CSI. Coming soon.

End Commercial Break.

"You cheats!" Trailmon skidded to a stop along the railway and spat the Toucanmon out.

"What are you talking about?" Toucanmon demanded. "We told you, didn't we?"

"If you don't have a ticket, you don't get a ride." Trailmon retorted and puffed off.

"Cold!" the Toucanmon shivered.

In the market...

"Did you find the Toucanmon?" Takuya asked, having met up with Kouji at a junction.

"It's impossible." Kouji replied. "Maybe they traded them for other things already."

"Excuse me." Takuya voiced as he and Kouji pushed through the crowd, their attention having been diverted by a Piximon flying past. "Please let us through."

"No more!" Junpei muttered, having stuffed himself with curry rice.

"What do you think you're doing?" Kouji demanded.

"I heard that some Toucanmon were having their lunch, but..." Junpei replied. "After that..."

"Huh?" Takuya and Kouji looked at the sign on the wall.

"If you eat 30 plates of curry rice within an hour, you'll get a special prize." Kouji read.

"Maybe the Toucanmon couldn't pay, so they paid with our Digivices." Junpei reasoned. "So that may be what the special prize is. That's what Izumi said."

"Izumi did?" Takuya echoed and the boys looked over to Izumi's table.

"I can still eat more!" Izumi waved the empty plate. "Bring me more!"

"Where can she fit all that in that body?" Takuya was befuddled.

"Some people aren't what they seem..." Kouji noted.


"I don't have anything to exchange but..." Tomoki headed out.

"I had a hard time too." Toucanmon voiced and the three met, before screaming in recognition.

"WAIT!" Tomoki took off after the fleeing Toucanmon.

"WE'RE NOT WAITING!" the Toucanmon fled.

In the market...

"BIG BIG BIG BIG PROBLEMS!" a panicked Bokomon raised the alarm.

"What's wrong?" Takuya asked.

"Tomoki ran out of the town." Neemon replied.

"Eh?" Takuya and Kouji gasped.

In Datamon's store...

"I think this should do." Datamon noted. "Transfer the data." he slot in the cartridge an transferred the data into Tomoki's D-tector. "This should be fun."


"WAIT!" Tomoki was still chasing after the Toucanmon. "Wait, you!"

"No way!" Toucanmon sang when they stepped into the weakened ice and fell in. "Cold! Cold!"

"This is the thing that you got from trading in our Digivices, right?" Tomoki picked up the activated camcorder. "I'm taking this."

"Help me!" Toucanmon shouted, struggling to stay afloat. "I can't swim! Please! HELP!"

"Those bad Toucanmon..." Tomoki remarked. "Serves them right."

"Help!" Toucanmon flailed. "Help me! Help! I can't swim! Please help me!"

Setting the camcorder on the ground, Tomoki then headed back, "Here! Take this!" he reached out his hand to pull Toucanmon to shore. "Huh?" he blinked when Toucanmon grabbed the camcorder and took off. "You're horrible."

"You are really an idiot!" Toucanmon taunted.

"You're doing that... after I saved you?" Tomoki was aghast.

"Don't blame me!" Toucanmon mocked and headed back to Datamon's store.

"The Digivices..." Tomoki started in shock.

In Datamon's store...

"This should be fine." Datamon finished the download. "Fifteen minutes left."


"Tomoki!" Takuya hurried over to the dejected boy. "What's wrong, Tomoki?" he blinked when Tomoki threw himself into his arms an wept.

Tomoki said nothing and wailed.

In Datamon's store...

"Always wash your hands after using the toilet." Abormon turned to the audience after breaking down Datamon's wall.

"What are you doing?" Datamon demanded.

"I came to trade back what they traded yesterday." Abormon dropped the captured Toucanmon before Datamon. "Come on, let's trade."

"Let me check the trade item first." Datamon requested and peered into the camcorder.

"How is it?" Abormon prodded.

"I can't accept your offer." Datamon replied, seeing Tomoki rescuing the Toucanmon on video.

"What?" Abormon demanded.

"I already had a visitor before you." Datamon replied.

"Don't play me for a fool." Abormon threatened. "When I get mad... Abormon, slide evolution! Petaldramon!"

"Huh?" Takuya gasped, the group hearing the sudden explosion.

"Digital Bomb!" Datamon defended his store.

"Leaf Cyclone!" Petaldramon released his attack, sending Datamon into the wooden counter.

"Petaldramon!" Kouji gasped and he and Takuya grabbed a weapon each as Tomoki, Bokomon and Neemon went to Datamon's side.

"Datamon, are you alright?" Tomoki asked.

"Oh, it's you?" Datamon noted.

"I couldn't find anything." Tomoki admitted. "Something to trade..."

"You know, honesty is always the best policy." Datamon remarked.

"No..." Tomoki blinked.

"Here you go." Datamon returned Tomoki his D-tector.

"Huh?" Tomoki was confused.

"In the beginning, I thought you had lied to me." Datamon commented. "But I was wrong."

"Yea." Tomoki nodded.

"Take it." Datamon insisted.

"Thank you." Tomoki reclaimed his D-tector. "Huh?" he shook the device.

"No, it's not broken." Datamon chuckled. "But I added a present for you in it."

"A present?" Tomoki echoed.

"You were the one who got the item from the game, right?" Datamon reminded

"Beast Spirit?" Tomoki recognized his Beast Spirit. "That time... that was it!"

"I was under Miko-sama's orders to safeguard this item until its rightful owner comes to claim it." Datamon smiled.

"Spirit Evolution!" Tomoki wasted no time in calling forth his new evolution once Petaldramon beat Takuya and Kouji to the ground. "Korikakumon!"

"The Legendary Warrior, Korikakumon of Ice!" Bokomon recognized the new Beast Hybrid who had grabbed Petaldramon's tail to prevent from doing anymore damage to Takuya and Kouji.

"So, it's true." Datamon noted. "That humans can evolve into Digimon."

"What are you doing?" Bokomon gasped after Korikakumon knelt down to pray once beating Petaldramon to the ground. "It's too early to pray!"

"Look out, Korikakumon!" Datamon warned when Petaldramon tackled the Ice Hybrid to the ground.

"Ah, we're done for!" Bokomon whined.

"Avalanche Axes!" Korikakumon threw Petaldramon off him and summoned his hammers.

"Did Tomoki look like that?" Kouji was staring agape at the whooping Beast Hybrid.

"He's really outstanding... err..." Takuya trailed. "He's also a clown."

"He can't control Korikakumon, the Beast Spirit of Ice." Bokomon supplied.

"Thorn Jab!" Petaldramon buried his tail into the ground, sending the spikes sprouting around Korikakumon.

"Please go help Korikakumon." Datamon tossed Takuya and Kouji's D-tectors to them.

With an unison nod, the two transformed, "Spirit Evolution!"



"Burning Salamander!" Agnimon wasted no time in calling forth his attack.

"Licht Sieger!" Wolfmon pulled out his laser sabers, both attacks freeing Korikakumon.

"Frozen Arrowheads!" Korikakumon released his attack, after tackling Petaldramon away from the market and into the ice field. Then, he knelt down and prayed after sending Petaldramon sliding off.

"Eh?" Izumi was astonished. "Tomoki finally did it!"

"Amazing." Junpei noted.

"You look really different though." Takuya added.

"Really?" Tomoki blushed.

"It's Ophanimon!" Takuya looked at his beeping D-tector.

"Seraphimon is now back to a Digitama form." Izumi informed.

"I know." Ophanimon replied.

"What should we do now?" Kouji inquired.

"It's up to you." Ophanimon replied. "It shall be more dangerous than before. Do you want to continue? Or go back?"

"Of course we'll continue." Takuya answered for the group.

"You can go back now if you want." Ophanimon reminded.

"Seraphimon became a Digitama because of us." Izumi replied.

"Where do we go now?" Kouji asked.

"Go to the Venus Rose." Ophanimon instructed.

"Ophanimon?" Kouji pressed when the screen fizzled out. "Ophanimon!"

"What's the Venus Rose?" Neemon thought to ask.

"It's that!" Bokomon pointed to the dark area before them.

"It's floating in the sky. Without a plan, we can't make it." Tomoki blinked.

"No!" Bokomon corrected. "Let's go to the place under it."

"But, it's kind of far..." Takuya pointed out. "Do we have to walk there?" and the group sighed.

"Look!" Izumi brightened and showed them the train tickets she won.

"What's that?" Neemon asked.

"We have these train tickets." Izumi announced. "I got these tickets by finishing 30 bowls of curry rice within an hour."

"Alright." Takuya declared. "Then let's all go to the Venus Rose!"

"Okay!" the group cheered and boarded Trailmon.


Tomoki: Spirit Evolution! Korikakumon! (Strikes Sailor Moon pose) In the name of AncientMegatheriummon, I will punish you!

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