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Omnia Vincit Amor

(Love Conquers Everything)

By PurpleMumei

Chapter One: Loner

Tomoyo's P.O.V.

All alone…

My mom died last week…

What's the point of living if I have nobody now? How can I ever live without my mom? She's the only relative I know and she's left me alone.

I'm all alone.

Those nasty bitches don't have anything to do but laugh at me.

What's the point of being the top student in this blasted school? I don't even have friends.

I curtained my face with my long raven locks so nobody would see me with teary-eyed face. I leaned on the railings to look down. I can see a geek down the staircase. How did I know he's a geek? Simple, I can see that he have eyeglasses and those gals are there. Heck, I'm a geek too. I think he was being humiliated by those nasty girls. They must be telling him to go back from wherever planet he came from. They also bully me…a lot.

What if I become a bully, too? Nah, I'm too weak to be one. That's why they keep on bullying me.

I should focus on the new book that I just borrowed from the library. It's a about a girl—a loner like me—and a vampire. They fell in love and lived happily ever after. Well, not actually live 'coz they ARE vampires and vampires are undead. Yup, the girl decided to turn herself into one for her love.

What if I make my own story?

I glanced again at the geek below the staircase. I'm at the rooftop, my favorite place. He's not there anymore.

Where am I again? Oh, yeah, I'll make a story just like this one.

I returned to my seat. I placed my laptop on my lap and started.

I'll just add some twist in the plot. And, voila! A new story! Better get started. I've decided to cut my classes for some peaceful time alone. It's not as if I'm the only one who's doing it but they'll be shocked if they knew that I'm skipping classes. Being the model student, I don't have any absence or tardiness in school.

I'll start now. I opened the notepad application. I'll just put it in here and transfer it later.

Hah! I'm almost finished I just need the ending. I stretched my body and allowed myself a yawn. Almost finished but there's something missing. What could it be? I'll think about that later. It's lunch break already. I'm pretty hungry now. Time passes so fast.

'AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!' someone screamed.

"What's that?" I said, alarmed. I instantly stood up and looked down, holding the railings for support. I can see the ruckus downstairs, there's a stampede below, and I wonder what it is. The bitchy cheerleaders are the ones who are screaming like there's no tomorrow. Even the teachers have a look on their faces that says, 'It's the end of the world! Run for your lives!'

"What's with them?" I asked no one in particular. I sighed, "Sheesh, as if somebody will answer me."

End of Tomoyo's P.O.V.

Normal P.O.V.

"Of course, somebody is expected to answer you or you might be called a crazy lady." A deep male voice answered Tomoyo.

Shocked, Tomoyo turned around to see the one who answered her question only to find a young man, probably same as her age, wearing all black. The man have a messy midnight blue hair and piercing sapphire orbs behind his oval thin-rimmed specs, maybe a head taller than her.

'He is so pale, maybe paler than me. He's very handsome too.' she noticed.

"Who are you?" Tomoyo managed to say in a small voice.

"'Who am I?'" he chuckled, baring his pearly white fangs, "I think it's more appropriate to ask for what I am."

Tomoyo noticed his showing fangs and stepped back as far as she could from the creature, "You're a vampire." She hissed, not showing her fear.

"I guess there's no need for me to explain what I am." The man smirked, "You are quite a beauty. It'll be disappointing if I'll just kill you." He advanced towards her and put his head beside her left ear, "You should hide so my subordinates won't see you. I'll be back here for you. Ah, take this little girl with you."

Tomoyo noticed the little girl he's referring. She has a long pinkish hair and sparkly red eyes. Tomoyo was still afraid but she went away from the vampire and knelt in front of the little girl.

"Just hide and whatever you two hear, don't mind it. If somebody catches you, tell them that Eriol already got you two." The vampire said and left them.

"C'mon, Big Sister, we need to hide or they'll kill us." The little girl tugged at her sleeves, "Oh, I'm Ruby Moon, nice to meet you." She smiled widely, baring her little fangs.

"You're a little vamp…" Tomoyo said with wide eyes, "You're not goi—"

"Don't worry, I won't bite you. Master ordered me not to and, besides, I like you." Ruby Moon said, now with a toothy grin.

Tomoyo felt herself smile at the act, "Okay, let us hide ourselves now."

Then they searched for a good hiding spot.

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