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Omnia Vincit Amor

(Love Conquers Everything)

By PurpleMumei

Chapter Six: Enlightenment

Normal P.O.V.

Eriol and Tomoyo settled down on a black leather couch in his private library. They were in there for Tomoyo's enlightenment.

Tomoyo looked around only to see a myriad of thick books in tall shelves. If the situation were somewhat different from now, she would possibly tackle all the books in there. Tomoyo love reading books and the serene ambience heightens her enthusiasm to read.

Eriol cleared his throat so he could get Tomoyo's undivided attention. Surprisingly, it was effective enough to restrain Tomoyo. He looked her in the eye as if searching through her soul. This time, it was Tomoyo's turn to clear her throat. Eriol stopped his train of thoughts about her.

"So, what should you be telling me about?" Tomoyo asked curiously.

"It's about your past, and future." Eriol stated, starting to get serious.

"What about my past, and future?" Tomoyo inquired, "And who is this 'The One' Ruby Moon is talking about?"

"You are 'The One' we've been pursuing for a long time now. The one who shall bring salvation to all of Kuronovia." Eriol said, "Your past life is chained to my past life. You're called Belle Burns, Aphrodite of Bucharest, the princess who live four thousand years ago in Bucharest. Bucharest is where humans and creatures like us live in harmony. Humans don't harm us and leave us be. We're not as brutal and blood-craving as we are now. All was peaceful until one idiotic vampire, Darcy Papillon, fell in love with the princess. Later on, his love for her was reciprocated. The humans, however, were not pleased when they proclaimed their love. They decided to cut their ties with the vampires and other creatures by killing Belle Burns rather than marrying her to a vampire. The vampire was enraged with anger and he declared a war to them. From then on, the humans and fallen never lived in peace."

"And? Where's Kuronovia there?"

"The wise human elders suggested making a new dimension for the fallen because the genocide of humans is too much. It was kept a secret and they told the humans that the fallen creatures, especially the vampires, were exterminated completely. That dimension was called Kuronovia and was divided into many cities, Upir being the capital city. And by having this dimension, the fallen creatures became immortal." Eriol finished.

"I still don't understand. It's as if you just told the history of this place." Tomoyo said, frowning, "Why do I need to rescue Kuronovia?"

"As you have known, your world and our dimension are at war, right?" Eriol said and paused, waiting for Tomoyo's response.

Tomoyo nodded.

"And you are the one behind it all." Another pause. A nod.

"Wait!" Tomoyo said, "How could I be the reason?"

"Your past life as Belle Burns." Eriol replied, "We want to end the war by repeating history but slightly different from it."


"You'll marry the reincarnation of Darcy Papillon." Eriol said nonchalantly, "Which happens to be me."

"Who would I marry?" Tomoyo screamed.

"I know you're certainly not deaf, Miss Tomoyo." Eriol said amiably, changing his attitude rapidly by seeing Tomoyo's flabbergasted expression, "But anyway, I'll repeat it for you. I'm Darcy Papillon's reincarnation and you would marry me in order to save the whole Kuronovia from destruction."

"Why would Kuronovia be destructed all of a sudden when it has survived for less than four thousand years already?" Tomoyo demanded.

"It's because when the elders made this dimension, they also placed a seal that when the reincarnation of Belle Burns turns eighteen it would vanish leading to Kuronovia's discovery by the humans." Eriol smiled, "I'm sure humans don't see vampires or other monsters everyday, do they?"

"What would happen if you successfully marry me?" Tomoyo inquired.

"The seal would remain and so would Kuronovia." Eriol explained.

"So, I'm only a tool?" Tomoyo asked with a hint of sadness on her voice.

"Partly, yes, but I could always kill you if I want before you turn eighteen." Eriol stated, "Just like what I did to her other reincarnations before you if I don't like them."

Tomoyo blushed at this but contained herself, "Then why didn't you kill me?"

"Because I like you." Eriol simply said.

Tomoyo's heart missed a bit and smiled inwardly, "R-Right. I need to go now." She stammered.

"Do I need to escort you back to your room?" Eriol offered.

"As if I have a choice," Tomoyo grumbled silently.

"I heard that." Eriol said with a grin.

End Normal P.O.V.

Tomoyo's P.O.V.

"Because I like you." That vampire prince Eriol said with a straight face.

I felt my heart miss a beat. Stupid heart. But I couldn't deny that he's handsome and hearing him confess to me makes me want to smile. I have to cover this smile.

"R-Right. I need to go now." I heard myself stammer.

"Do I need to escort you back to your room?" He offered.

"As if I have a choice." I whispered to myself.

I saw him looking at me with a grin on his face, "I heard that."

Yeah, right, I forgot again that he's a vampire. He just hid his fangs. I wonder how he could do that.

We left the peaceful library and proceeded to my room. He was two steps ahead of me. It was uncomfortably quiet in the hallway. It's as if you could hear even the slightest movement. We neared the white door to my room.

Eriol suddenly halted when we were only a meter away from the door. I could have bumped into him if were not precautious of the surroundings.

"Why did you stop, Eriol?" I asked.

"I want to tell you that you couldn't leave your room unless accompanied by me. Even Ruby Moon couldn't take you out." Eriol looked back at me, "Understand?"

I pondered a little, considering his command, "Fine."

"That's good." Eriol said and we advanced in my room.

He opened the door for me and I entered before him. He closed the door. I looked at him quizzically.

"What are you still doing here?" I asked.

"I don't like you to dislike me." He told me, "Please feel free and comfortable around here. My room's connected here by the bathroom."

"How could I feel free when you're not letting me wander around without you?" I asked him.

"What I mean is that you—" I cut him off.

"I understand. You could go now. I want some alone time." I uttered tiredly.

"What I'm trying to say before you cut me off is that I don't want to pressure you with our marriage." Eriol said confidently, "It will take place a month before your eighteenth birthday. Don't hesitate to go to my room if you need something."


"Okay," Eriol smiled charmingly, "I'll see you later." And then he left using the bathroom that links our rooms.

I went to my bed and laid on it. It was as comfortable and soft as my bed in my world.

"I wonder why they used a bathroom to connect our rooms instead of a simple door." I said to no one, "It would be a disaster if one of us stumbled upon each other while bathing."

I turned around, "I need to have my personal toiletries in there, too. How embarrassing could that be?"

I looked around, "At least, this room looks like my old room." I concluded when I saw the colors.

I quickly changed my clothes into a more comfortable one before climbing to my bed and fell asleep almost instantly.

End of Tomoyo's P.O.V.

Normal P.O.V.

In another dark room…

"Master Eriol, did Miss Tomoyo took it well?" Ruby Moon asked.

"At first she was quiet and then feisty. She...She is..." Eriol sighed, "She's different."

"Of course, she is after all the one you'll marry soon." Ruby Moon grinned, "I gathered information that she'll turn eighteen in two months. That only means that you only have a month to get her fall in love with you."

"That wouldn't be too hard, would it?"

"With Miss Tomoyo's unique personality? I doubt it." Ruby Moon teased.

"But she couldn't do anything but marry me whether she like it or not!" Eriol cockily said.

"That's right," Ruby Moon said, "You'll kill her if she declined."

"No, I'll just force her into marrying me." Eriol stated coolly.

"I wonder, Master Eriol, why didn't you kill her when you saw her? The others, when you saw them, you instantly killed them." Ruby Moon giggled and saw Eriol's eyes blazing of passion, "Ah, I know, Miss Tomoyo is the most gorgeous of them all and she have this kind of charm that even got Yamazaki attracted with her. She's very special if you ask me."

"That's the reason why I want to marry her." Eriol said, "And I'll do anything to keep her from any other man."

"Or creature." Ruby Moon added.

"Yeah." Eriol responded, "Now, why don't you check up on her while I do this entire paper works."

They eyed the pile on Eriol's desk. Both sighed.

"Don't worry, Master, I'm sure you'll get through all this junk. See you." Ruby Moon sympathetically said before moving out of the room.

"Now, where would I start?" Eriol asked to the room.

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