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Title: Bad Idea?
Rating: G
Right after TLG
Note: John's POV; seriously short little drabble to try and get past writer's gap.

There are just some things that are a bad idea: Riding your skateboard through the halls of Atlantis where Colonel Caldwell can see you. Playing your guitar where Rodney can hear you. Not practicing your katas and trying to charm your way out of practice with Teyla. Giving Carson any reason to worry over your health. Teasing Ronon about his secret soft spot for puppies. All of them bad ideas. Fun maybe, but still, bad ideas.

Further on the list is letting an alien entity possess you because you're a hopeless romantic; bad idea. Kissing your boss while possessed; bad idea. Fantasizing about kissing your boss, you guessed it, bad idea. Actually kissing your gorgeous boss while standing on the balcony with her because you just can't not do it anymore? Umm, ask me later when I have to let her go...