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Part One

Where was she?

Patrol was supposed to end ages ago, and he didn't trust Malfoy one iota. Head boy or not, his alliances were dodgy, and the sooner he was away from his girl the better. His girl. Who would have thought that she would have ever been his girl? He sure as hell didn't see it coming, hit him like the Hogwarts Express.

It just happened, one day, she was, don't think she saw it coming either. After the Ginny debacle, he decided no more girls till he'd finished at Hogwarts, these walls created drama. Didn't help that she was in love with someone else, if she hadn't – maybe. Then there was Ron, he didn't like any guy looking at his sister, let alone dating her, so that put a serious dent in their friendship, which was mending itself now.

But this girl would probably put a nail in Ron and his friendship for good. It wasn't his fault though, was he supposed to wait for Ron to decide? No. If he wanted her, he should have said something earlier, before Lavender, he had thought that Ron would make his move after they broke up, but six months later he still hadn't. So when things happened between him and Hermione, he decided that Ron could go get stuffed, he'd had more than enough chances to make a move, but he hadn't, so it was his loss, and Deans' gain.

Fifteen minutes later, she arrived much to his relief, as he was sitting in a chair to the side of the common room she didn't notice him, so he got to observe her, in her natural state. Relaxed, not worrying about hiding things from her friends, and he could tell she was tired. After having a stretch she collapsed into the couch in front of the fire.

As she had her eyes were closed, she didn't notice him approach. Only when he sat down beside her, did she notice.

"Hey," she said weakly.

"Hi," he replied, pulling her close, manoeuvring till they were lying down, "Rough night?"

"It was fine, till we got to the Entrance Hall, and discovered what Peeves had been up to in the Great Hall," curling her nose in disgust, "He'd covered it in Dung Bombs, it was disgusting."

"Ugh, did you go have a bath?" Dean asked, wondering why she smelt good, if she had to deal with a hall full of Dung Bombs.

"You weren't waiting long, by yourself?"

"Well Harry and Ron went to bed 'bout half an hour ago, they wanted to wait up for you, but being the stand-up kinda guy that I am, I told them I would."

"I'm glad it's you, I love those two, but I don't think I could deal with all the questions about what Malfoy did, and what it meant."

"Is that the only reason why you're glad it's me?" He asked, looking down at her head resting on his shoulder.

Lifting her head, and meeting his eyes, "Well…it's not the only reason…"

Leaning down, "Really?"

Matching his smile, "Really."

The first time they kissed it was fairly heated, which shocked them a bit, over time, they had calmed down somewhat, but they were still very passionate. Dean sometimes went a little crazy, after spending all day pretending that Hermione was just a friend, hell most days crawled by, without him being able to touch her at all, so when he finally got her all alone, it was very full-on. Not that Hermione seemed to mind. Dean couldn't count how many times she had pulled him into a darkened corner or closet. They just couldn't seem to get enough of each other.

This time was no exception, but Hermione didn't really seem to into it though. She was responding, but he could tell she was tired. So with a last kiss to her lips he pulled back, and cuddled back down on the couch. He knew it was late, but he decided to just rest his eyes for a moment, and lay with his girl.

Dean shivered. The fire must have gone out, pulling Hermione closer to keep her warm. His eyes popped open, the fires didn't normally go out till early in the morning, just after dawn.

"Shit," he muttered, they had to get up to their beds, before anyone noticed they weren't there. It was okay for Hermione, as Head-girl she had her own room, but the boys would surely notice he wasn't there.

"Hermione," he said, gently shaking her shoulder.

Her eyes opened, then she saw him, and gave him a sleepy smile, "Good morning…morning! Oh bugger!" She finished as she jumped off the couch.

"It's alright," he said, climbing off, "It's still early. If anyone had seen us we would have known."

Giving him a quick kiss, and a hug. "Well, we best get going before someone does."

"I'll see you at breakfast," patting her on the bum as she left, laughing at the mock-glare she gave him as she left.

Still smiling as he made his way into his dorm, settling down under the covers, thinking about her.

Dean awoke what seemed like only a few minutes later, as the boys got ready for the day.

"Hey Deano, didn't hear you come in last night," Seamus said as he noticed he was awake.

"Yeah I fell asleep downstairs."

"Did Hermione get back alright," Harry asked.

Dean couldn't hide the smile that came over his face, as much as he tried, "Yeah, she came back alright."

"What so funny?" Ron asked.


"The reason why you're grinning like a bloody Cheshire cat."

"Oh…uh…Peeves covered the Great Hall in Dung Bombs last night, Hermione and Malfoy had to clean it up."

"Ewww, poor Hermione." That was Neville, coming out of the bathroom.

"Yeah, but lucky Malfoy!" Seamus chuckled, all four boys started laughing, and not noticing Dean lying back down, that was a close one. One day they'd catch on.