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Part Five

Dean lifted his head just enough to remove his shirt, then got right back to kissing Hermione. These were his favourite type of kisses. While the heated, passionate ones were wonderful, just being able to take his time, and relax was heavenly. Everyone had gone to Hogsmeade, so they had plenty of time. No rushing, just enjoying being close to each other. But Hermione seemed to be a bit impatient, and she quickly showed him just how much so.

Pushing his hips with hers, she quickly rolled them over, so she was on top. Smiling down at him, she pulled her own top over her head, and threw it behind her.

Dean smiled, as she leant down and kissed him, maybe she didn't want to go slow. Well he wouldn't complain about that. Moving his hands up her back he found the clasp to her bra, undoing it, she moved her arms out of the straps, and threw that as well. Definitely didn't want to go slow. And he thought he was the desperate one of the pair. But he sure as hell wasn't going to complain.

As her hand moved down his chest and into his boxers, he nearly passed out in shock. They weren't virgins, by any stretch, but she hadn't done this yet. She wasn't ready at first, and Dean just decided to let it wait until she was ready. He opened his eyes and saw her looking at him apprehensively as her hand moved. Dean gave her what he hoped was a reassuring smile, but his mind wasn't really working at the moment. So he pulled her down, and quickly kissed her, releasing her lips, his head fell back on the pillow as he groaned. Her hand stopped moving at that. He looked into her eyes, and she looked so nervous, scared he assumed that she hadn't done it right.

"That was incredible," Dean managed breathlessly.


"Yeah," he pulled her closer and put his arms around her, "I've been doing that for years and it has never felt that good."

He felt her sigh happily against his chest, as he rubbed his hands over her back.

"Sorry Dean, just getting some money then we'll leave you."


Hermione rolled of him, pulling his covers up to her chin. She looked like she'd seen a ghost. Dean didn't know what to do. This was their worst nightmare, and the look on Harrys' face was one of complete shock.

Deans' eyes followed Harry as he turned, and it was only then that he noticed the others standing in the door. Seamus seemed amused, Ginny's mouth was hanging open, but Ron looked angry. Really angry. Like he wanted to kill him.

"Hi," Hermione said next to him.

Dean looked at Seamus and raised an eyebrow. He nodded back.

"Let's let them get dressed hey. We'll see you downstairs in a bit." He said, moving Ron out the door, and following him, Harry and Ginny right behind them.

Hermione jumped off the bed as soon as the door shut, "Oh god! Oh god!" she moaned as she scrambled around trying to find the rest of her clothes. He got up and did his jeans back up, and put his top on. He walked over to her, and pulled her into a hug.

"Relax," he whispered. "They will be alright. Don't worry."

"He looked mad, really mad."

"Yeah, well I don't think he was ever going to take it well." He helped her put her top on, and smoothed her hair, "Lets go, get it over with."

She nodded, he took her hand, and they went downstairs.

It was a strange sight in the Common room. Harry was sitting with Ginny on the couch. Ron was on a chair next to them, he looked up when they entered, saw their entwined hands, and his scowl got bigger. But Seamus looked like he found this very funny, like he wanted to laugh, but wouldn't till later, when he could tease Dean.

"How long?" Ron's angry tone pulled his gaze away from Seamus.

"A while…" Hermione said, obviously not wanting to say just how long.

"How long Hermione?" While Dean wasn't shocked at Ron's reaction, the bitterness in Ginnys voice shocked him.

"November." Dean answered.

"What! That's…that's six bloody months!" Harry exclaimed. "Why the hell didn't you tell us?"

"I wonder why?" Seamus mocked.


"Please, you all are acting like spoilt children," Seamus said. "So they didn't tell you, boo hoo. I mean the way you three are acting, it's no bloody wonder they didn't tell you."

"We are not spoilt children!" Ginny said indignantly. "I just think we deserve to know why they lied to us."

"They didn't they to you, they withheld…"

"Same thing." Ginny scoffed.

"Shit, Ginny grow up!" Seamus stood up, Dean was now very thankful that his best mate was such a hothead. "Well, Harry you I don't understand, surely you want Hermione to be happy, no matter who it's with. Ginny, well you dumped Dean, so really what do you care who he's with. And Ron," he said turning to him. "You had a chance, you didn't take it, so for Merlins' sake get over it." Shaking his head, "Bloody hell, she's your best friend, all of yours, she's always stood by you, always and to sit here and behave like this is just ridiculous. God."

Ginny opened her mouth to say something back, but nothing came out, she grabbed Harry's hand and pulled him out of the portrait. Ron looked between them all, and quickly stormed after them.

"Well, that went well." Hermione said dryly.

"Yeah," Dean muttered.

Seamus came over behind them, stepping between them, putting his arms around them, moved them over to the couch. "So…I want details, and lots of them."

Later on that afternoon, they had gone down to the Great Hall to have dinner. As horrible as it had been, Dean was glad they knew, because, now he could hold her hand, and sit with her, just touch her and they could all bugger off.

The news that they were a couple seemed to spread down the table, with a very shocked Neville coming over to confirm. The others came in not long after they did, but Ron and Ginny took one look at them together and sat down the other end of the table. Harry sat down with them.

Dean swore when he saw this.

"It's alright, they just need some time." Hermione said, putting her hand over his.

"Yeah, but Harry shouldn't take sides like that. It makes it seem like he agrees with them. Making it okay for them to treat us like this."

"Just forget it," she said, leaning over and giving him a kiss, that quickly made him forget all about them.

"Eeeew," they pulled apart, and looked behind them to see a smiling Seamus. "I changed my mind, - absolutely no details." Sitting down once again between them. "I got you two a present." He said smugly.

"What?" They both said warily.

"Well, you know how I was seeing Parvati last term?" They both nodded, "Well there is a way to get past the stairs – without flying around the tower." He finished with a meaningful look at Dean, "Yes I noticed. Anyhoo, there's a charm, it lasts about 30 seconds, so you can run up them quickly, and you have to do it when you leave as well." He whispered, handing Dean a slip of parchment.

Hermione lent over a gave him a kiss on the cheek, "Thank you." Jumping up she grabbed Deans' hand and proceeded to power walk out of the Great Hall. Pulling Dean behind her. "Come on slow-poke, we have lots to do."

Dean laughed, and caught up. They had lots to do indeed.