A/N: Time warp ahead to the second week of February (yes, I know that the middle of June is a bit late for a Valentine's Day fic, it just struck me as working here), I realized I was never specific what month it was so I'll clarify that the story began shortly after winter break and their "evil" Biology experiment was the first big assignment from Barkin. And Shego's "high school" tone in her email... I see it as her trying to grasp a little bit of youth where she can; she had to grow up fast to keep an eye on her brothers (Hego from "Stop Team Go!" did mention that she was the one that held things together). And yes, Bonnie is a bit conceited (some things never change completely), she's the best there is as far as she's concerned (Ron isn't helping this issue any at all either)... I could go into the psychology of this, but even with someone there showing her up on a semi-regular occasion (see: Kim Possible) she still regards herself as the best there is to offer (except when pity fest rolls around see: end of ch. 2).

I should note that this chapter is a strong 'T' rating (heavy kissing and strong language), and for those that have read the supplement I wrote for this story (Questions, Questions, and Kisses) and wondered what Ron was rambling about when he said "...we haven't done that, er, I mean anything near that. Well, except that once you walked in…" this is that time he was talking about. And I dip a bit more into the Mr. Rockwaller character towards the end, hope you enjoy it.

Bonnie's POV

The Fates would have to stretch themselves to make life any better for me, were the thoughts running through my head as I got ready for another day at Middleton high. And I honestly believed that, with the way the last month had gone I couldn't ask for much to make it better.

The sound of a Blaster immediately followed by an explosion coming from behind me caught my attention. It was odd, I wasn't expecting any E-mails today, but the sound effects that I finally convinced Wade to put on my computer did bring a smile to me. I wasn't in a hurry, so I finished getting around before opening my mail... My mood immediately changed, wiping my smile away, it was from 'emeraldfire (at) Vilnet (dot) com'.


This Friday around 1700-ish I'm kidnapping your boy toy (I want supper around 1830-1900). Deal with it. I guess you're welcome to come too, if you promise to behave yourself.

So, now that the pleasantries are done... How are you? Got yourself a piece of Ron meat yet? You're lucky he's got the friends he does, or I'd make him a permanent resident of my kitchen, but I'd rather not have to deal with Princess breaking my door down every day. But I guess that's another discussion for another time.

Don't forget to Write,


P.S. I know how much you hate being called 'Kitten' so I tried to find another name that fits you... let's just say that Kitten is the only one you want me to repeat in public.

I could almost hear the growl in my own voice as I thought out loud, "Great, now I get the pleasure of telling Ron that he's a hot commodity, this is so going to make him big-headed."

I hurried over and knocked on Kim's door, then ducked as that same door flew open and something came at my head with a trail of smoke and a voice yelling behind it, "Tweebs!" Then seeing who it was at the door the owner of that voice said, "Good reaction time, come on in."

The older Possible woman stepped into the room, "Now boys, what have I told you about rockets in the house. And it's not polite to hit guests with them either. Sorry, Bonnie they've been quiet lately, I should have seen that as a sign that they were up to something." The way she talked about it, this was more of a common occurrence than not.

"Ron's already started eating 'first' breakfast without you and said something about you joining in for 'second' breakfast, so you might want to hurry if you want any bacon." I nodded my acknowledgment to Kim as I made my way towards the kitchen, where the smell of her mother's cooking was sure to be.

"G'morning Bon-Bon." It still amazes me, and slightly disgusts me, that he is able to speak that clearly with that much food in his mouth.

I felt a tug at the bottom of my capri's, "Uh-huh, munin' Bonay." It's hard not to like the little guy after a while, he grows on you.

I picked him up as I sat down, "Done eating already Rufus?" He then pointed to the plate sitting across from me that I had originally thought was the plate Mrs. Possible was serving the bacon on, "Aww, you were waiting on me? Aren't you just the most thoughtful little rodent?" I had started scratching his head, watching him beam as much as a naked mole rat could at the attention. Conversation was fairly normal, considering the company, Mrs. Possible discussed a new non-invasive brain treatment she was working on, Ron and Kim filled me in on their last mission a couple days ago, and Rufus tried to bring cheese up whenever he could. All in all it was a fairly non-eventful morning, until I remembered how my morning started, "Oh, Ronnie. I almost forgot to tell you, Ashley sent me an e-mail this morning."

I tried to just slip it into conversation, and hope that he took it in stride. Oh how wrong I was, "WHAT? No. When? Not tonight right? Are you sure it was her? I mean it could be another Ashley, and..." Kim stopped his rant by grabbing his plate, "Hey, where do you think you're going with that?" At first I thought his rant was a little over done, even for him, but I didn't pursue that line of thought as I watched the two 'old friends' fight over his plate.

"Well, you were going off on a rant, and instead of letting your food go to waste, I was going to share the rest of it with Rufus." Rufus seemed to like her idea, but Ron quickly reclaimed his plate and began eating again.

I took his momentary silence as an opportunity, "Ron, think of it on the positive side, you get to use her kitchen again, and she said I could come as long as I 'behave myself'."

"So when does the Wicked Witch of the West want to have your boyfriend as her own personal - OW!" I immediately forgot our conversation, anything that causes Kim Possible to say 'Ow' and look under the table can't be a good thing. I was out of my seat and a couples steps away before I turned to face them. Unfortunately, there weren't any serious worries, "Rufus, what are you doing under there, and why did you just poke my leg with a fork?"

As fast as his little limbs would carry him and the plastic utensil to the table top he started explaining. I was too busy hoping that they didn't make any comments about me jumping like a little girl to pay attention to what he was trying to 'say', but Ron's response gave me a good idea, "He's got a point KP, at least he didn't have a knife." I about recoiled from the glare he received for that, "Sorry, sorry, and you heard him, it's not like he meant to poke you with it."

Rufus's head was nodding like a bobble-head doll, "It's okay Rufus, just be more careful. I think you about gave Bonnie there a heart attack." Well, so much for hoping they didn't notice.

"You three need to get going, or you're going to be late for school." We all nodded our acknowledgment and thanks to Mrs. Possible as we left to load up my car.

As soon as we stepped in the door we were assaulted by the color pink, I thought I was going to hurl, pink is sooo two years ago. "Aww man, this tanks."

Both Kim and I turned to him and asked, "What?" Unfortunately she was faster on the jinx.

"Valentine's Day is coming." Again, we both responded the same way by raising a questioning eyebrow, "V-Day, you know, the day that I watch everybody buying and getting chocolate and flowers and cards and..." He stopped himself in the middle of this rant without anyone interrupting this time and turned towards me, "Never mind, V-Day is the bon-digity this year."

A voice from behind us piped up, "I tend to agree with Ron on this one, Valentine's is going to be a good day this year."

Kim's mood seemed to brighten like someone flipped a light switch, "I know I'm not going to complain." I turned just in time to see her bent over to receive a good morning hug. A mechanical arm was starting to snake it's way behind her to goose her, but quickly retreated when she commented, "If you want your chair to stay in one piece, you won't do that."

Releasing each other from the hug he shrugged innocently, "What? You're threatening a poor crippled kid like me?" I swear, he has the same goofy demeanor about being crippled as Ron does about being a klutz.

I knew that this conversation was going somewhere I really didn't want to watch, so I grabbed Ron's arm and walked towards my locker, "You've been quiet this morning Ron, what's up with that?"

For a second I saw him contemplate playing dumb, but he knew he'd been caught, "I don't know, it's just weird seeing Kim with someone and not feeling at least some jealousy."

It's times like this I felt... special, I didn't know how else to explain it, "Well, you do have a beautiful girlfriend that loves you. And I'm betting she'd be more than a little put off if you were jealous of another girl." I put a finger on his lips before he started apologizing, "Don't worry, I was kinda worried how you'd react once they aired the fact they were together. I've heard how protective you can get on missions, if she gets in trouble, and a girl can't help but wonder. Even if I am the single greatest thing that has ever happened to you, it's good to know that another girl isn't getting a rise of jealousy out of you." I tip-toed and kissed his cheek. I wanted to give him a proper kiss but wasn't really in the mood to listen to the resident prison warden yell at us.

Needless to say, I was a bit shocked when I heard that voice yelling down the halls, and I know I saw Ron shrink a little, "POSSIBLE! RENTON!" That gave both of us pause, we were used to hearing our names being the ones echoed down the halls, "Detention, you should know better than that Ms. Possible, the PDA policies haven't changed. And Mr. Renton, I don't think that chair is designed for two, and I know the second seat isn't in your lap."

"Were we ever that bad Bon-Bon?" I couldn't not laugh, "I mean, yeah we kissed and hugged and stuff, but I don't think you've ever sat on my lap here at school and played tonsil hockey."

"No, we just snuck off to the band room and the photography lab's dark room to get a good game going." His smile split his face from ear to ear when he started recalling our little adventures, "Now that your brain has some good thoughts to keep it occupied, go get to class, I'd really rather you didn't join Kim and Felix this afternoon."

Ron's POV

I wasn't paying attention in English this morning, I guess that's not unexpected, but I had a mental checklist I was, well... checking. The next item required me to rouse my smallest friend, "Hey Rufus, buddy." His head slowly poked out of my pocket, he'd obviously been taking yet another nap, "I just thought I'd say thanks, and tell you that you earned yourself a half wheel of smoked cheddar." A grin spread across his face before the Sandman sunk his claws into my little buddy again.

I had been worried that my acting this morning was going to get me caught, and then Kim about blew it by making Bonnie think about when. I probably should tell Kim, but she'd have a fit that I'm getting a favor from a villain. This is going to be harder than I thought, I just hope I can keep Bon-Bon distracted enough not to notice what's going on. "Mr. Stoppable, would you mind telling the class what is Orwell was trying to say when Big Brother was convincing the main character that two plus two does, in fact, equal five?"

Of course she's going to call on you, you weren't paying attention again. I resorted to guessing, and hoping on dumb luck, "Well, er... besides they don't know how to do math?" The unimpressed expression on her face and the giggles from most of the class told me that wasn't the right answer, "Well, I guess it depends on how you look at things, you can convince yourself of anything given enough time and incentive." I crossed my fingers under the desk, hoping that was enough to satisfy her.

"Very good." She then turned back to the board and started discussing the finer details that I had skimmed over, and was ignoring yet again. I wasn't about to pretend that I knew what I just said, and went back to figuring a way out of the mess I made for myself.

After class I decided that my best option was to play the avoidance game, I've gotten good at that over the years, and I knew her schedule only had to cross mine one more time today... Biology. I hurried, but tried not to make it look like I was hurrying when I went to my locker so Kim wouldn't ask any questions either, "What's the sitch?" I was beginning to think my prayers had been answered, and Wade was going to provide me a way to avoid school for the rest of the day. I turned to face Kim's locker, and immediately realized the screen was still blank, and she was looking at me with those expectant piercing eyes, "Are you going to tell me what's going on, or do you want me to clue Bonnie in and have her ask?"

"NO!" A stern look from down the hall caused me to cringe and lower my voice, "No, please don't. This is supposed to be a surprise, and if you tell her, she'll figure it out, that is if she hasn't already, 'cause we all know that I'm not that good at keeping a secret, and you weren't supposed to find out, because you're going to be mad about it. And I'm trying to avoid her so I don't have to keep myself from slipping and telling her that I kinda talked Shego into letting me borrow her kitchen on Valentine's to surprise Bon-Bon. And you weren't supposed to know that either, ah man, this tanks." My lungs started burning at that point, and prevented me from rambling any more, making me realize that I hadn't taken a breath since I started begging.

Kim was surprisingly silent for a bit, actually made me worried that she was going to really blow up on me big this time. Grabbing her book for class she took a deep breath, "I don't even know where to start on this, but if you don't want to avoid Bonnie for the next week, you better get your act together. We're going to talk later, after practice you and me are going to BN, alone." There was a tone of finality in her voice that told me I didn't have much of an option, and the more I thought about it, the more I figured that if I got it off my chest and told someone, the easier it would be for me to slide through the days without slipping up.

"Thanks KP."

As we parted ways I swear I heard her mumble, "Don't thank me yet."

I managed to avoid my girlfriend for the rest of the day, seeing her enough to make it look like I wasn't avoiding her, but never having enough time to stop and talk. Then the greatest and worst class of the day became my destination. I knew, from many years of diving into class seconds after the bell, the exact second on the hall clock that caused the bell to ring. With a bit of pride on my face, I stepped into the classroom with 3 seconds to spare. "Nice of you to join us Stoppable. Take your seat before I decide to give you extra homework." I didn't complain, it may have taken 4 years for it to sink in, but I knew it wouldn't do me any good if I did.

As was usual, Mr. B dove right into the lesson, but some one else had other plans, "Where have you been all day? I've been looking for you, some people in this building need Ronshine to keep them from getting... cranky." Her hand landed on the inside of my elbow and slid slowly down to intertwine itself with my fingers, it wasn't till that moment that I realized how sensitive the skin on the underside of my arm was.

My distraction caused me to loose grip of my pencil, which promptly deposited itself under the desk. Mumbling a little, but not letting go of Bonnie's hand, I leaned down to grab it, "STOPPABLE!"

Thud, bump!

"OW!" I managed to get off my knees and maneuver my head above the desk this time without giving myself another lump, "Yeah Mr. B?"

"I don't know what you think you are doing on the floor in my classroom, but I expected better from you. DETENTION!" I was completely unsure what was going on, and was halfway to my seat before he half turned back, "And, Ms. Rockwaller, be a lady and sit properly. Extra homework for trying to distract your classmate."

Every eye was on us, and I didn't have a clue what was going on. I turned and saw Bonnie was as bright red as I've ever seen her, and noticed her free hand tugging at the bottom of her skirt as her heels slid together with a slight click. Collecting herself she turned to me, "You have no idea what just happened do you?" I just shook my head and she giggled, "Even when I try to let you 'be a guy' you end up being a true gentleman." I just stared at her like she was made of cheese, she just sighed, "Or, you are as clueless as everybody thinks. But, that's okay, I still love you."

It took me a couple moments for my aching head to catch up with the conversation, but when it did I wasn't sure it had caught up to the right one, "Wait, you weren't just... were you? I mean of course you weren't." She must have thought I was going crazy, so I tried to clarify, "I mean, you weren't... um what I'm trying to ask is, were you just trying to... distract me?" When those pearly whites started to gleam I knew I'd hit the nail on the head. I started cursing myself for not noticing, then for knowing that if I would have I couldn't have held my tongue.

I about lost control of it anyways when she leaned over and completed any details that were fuzzy in my mental picture, "Don't worry, I've shown you more in my hot tub wearing a suit." My mind was cleared of all thoughts except what I'd just missed, and the wonderful young woman sitting next to me.

I'm not sure how I survived that class, heck even the rest of the day, without having heart failure, but I managed to get through and on to practice. I knew something was up when the entire cheer squad came out at the same time, well, except the two most important ladies in my life. When Tara made eye contact with me she just gave me a shrug and went back to her stretches. When they did emerge, they both appeared unharmed, but there was a tension that even I could feel.

I lightened when Bonnie smiled at me and Kim started practice with her typical 'go to' attitude. I even managed to sneak in a kiss during a drink break; as she pulled away though she almost made my blood pump stop, "I have something we need to talk about," Fortunately she knew me well enough to cut off my self-deprecating rant, "And before you get any ideas, that doesn't mean the same as when the girl says 'we need to talk' on those TV teen dramas you watch to stay current either."

I've come to the conclusion that my life revolves around clocks ticking the seconds till my doom, and I'm always slow to catch on till it's almost too late. I mean there's not a villain worth his weight that doesn't have a good countdown monitor on his doomsday device, the clocks in the hall at school are always counting down the seconds till I'm late to class, and then today I saw the clock over the gym doors... Sitting there with it's little wire frame protecting it from everyone, and laughing at me. I know my brain doesn't work on the same wavelength as most people, and sometimes my mind works apart from my own free will; this time it decided to run through all the scenarios of Kim beating me to a pulp for going to a villain for help, then Bonnie attacking her for attacking me, or the ones that involved me slipping up and Bonnie getting angry for hiding something and beating me to a pulp, only to apologize and feel horrible afterwards once she found out what I wasn't telling her, which would make me feel horrible for making her feel like that. I may be a master relaxer, but the old thinker sometimes gets itself going and I can't stop it.

Fortunately, reality wasn't nearly as bad as my imagination had mapped out. Bonnie had to run a couple errands for her dad, so that gave me ample time to talk with KP at Bueno Nacho. Okay, so maybe talk wouldn't be quite accurate, I listened while Kim talked, "Ron, I'm going to put this as politely as I can: What in the name of all things holy and good in this world are you thinking, going to a world renowned villainess for help with your relationship?" I couldn't bring myself to remind her that she took that same persons advice in the not so distant past, I knew that wouldn't be good for my health, "I mean, you could have went to anybody else, your folks, my folks, the TWEEBS for crying out loud." She noticed that she was hovering a bit off her seat and sat back down collecting herself before continuing, "You know you could have come to me and asked for my help. I may not be particularly fond of Bonnie, but you are still my best friend and partner, we're supposed to help each other out." She let out a drawn out sigh as she stirred her drink with the straw, "What kind of promises did you have to make to get Shego to help you out? She doesn't seem to be the helping type unless there's something in it for her."

Seeing no reason to hide anything anymore I gave the short version, "I'm just going to have to train with her a couple times when she decides she actually wants to call in a meal. She promised that there wouldn't be any serious injuries and she wouldn't use it to wear me out if she knew Dr. D was planning something. Something about wanting to make sure I wasn't going to pull a fast one on her during a mission again"

"And you believed her?" Doubt saturated every word, but when I nodded in response her features lightened, "Well, you can usually tell about people. I don't trust her, but I have to trust that you know what you're getting into. I put a lot of faith in you having my back, so I just want you to know that I have yours if you need me to."

The rest of our little intervention was a lot less stressful, and we were both laughing by the time we stepped outside, "KP, I just wanted to say thanks, you know... for everything."

No sooner had I wrapped her in a hug when a voice came from behind me, "Get your hands off my man." I spun to start explaining that this wasn't what she thought it was, only to see her ear to ear grin, "Way to easy, but fun nonetheless."

"Bonnie, I think you gave him a heart attack. If I hadn't seen you walking up before hand, I'm sure you would have got me too." I didn't correct her, but I noticed she jumped as well, "Now Ron, before she starts getting strange ideas that I'm going to steal you away, go kiss and make up; I'm going to go find Felix."

Bonnie's POV

Maybe it was the smell of chocolate and flowers in the air that clouded my mind most of this week, or maybe it was the blaring pink that soaked into every aspect of everything that just caused my brain to focus on blocking out the offensive use of the color; but sometime Friday the 14th, I came to the realization that not only was today Valentine's Day, but today was also the day that Shego had planned for her meal. The funny looks I got as I cursed in the halls at that moment were understandable, considering I was walking alone, and had been in a relatively good mood most of the day, mostly due to the extra dose of Ronshine I got this morning. It's a good thing no one could read my mind, because I was calling that woman a list of things that would make most sailors blush. Unfortunately, Ron had been just as oblivious as I was, or he just hadn't connected two and two together yet. And since it was last hour, I figured I'd just wait till practice to see what he had to say about my little revelation.

For some reason I'm still surprised by some of Ron's friends, even though I should be used to it by now. But when I heard a voice call my name on the way to the lockers, I was a bit unsettled at the speed and accuracy of what was said, "GF, I hear you had a bit of a tantrum, well, not so much a tantrum, but a miniature explosion of expletives. What's the dealio? My boy Ron didn't do something stupid did he? Cause if he did, I'll go straighten him out for you."

"No worries Monique, I just realized that today's Valentine's Day." In my defense, that made sense in the context that was in my head, however her confused expression reminded me that she's good at getting information, but she can't read minds, at least I don't think she can, "And I forgot that today also happens to be the day that 'Ashley' wants to kidnap Ron. I can't believe I missed this, that old hussy is just trying to ruin my good time with some personal Ronshine. If I didn't know better, I'd say she planned this with my dad just to keep us occupied today and out of trouble."

"Let me guess, you've been floating on a cloud this week, thinking about how great this V-day was going to be, having a good honest BF that doesn't want to give you some kosher sausage for a gift." Her words were rather blunt and crass, but she was about as accurate as could be expected, "Don't worry, I'm sure Ron will come up with something. He may be dense most of the time, but he's not stupid and I'll bet he knows what today means to you and has something planned to make it up to you somehow... and if he doesn't, he'll wing it."

"What more could I expect from Ron? He's rather good at 'winging it', I mean he did wake me up with breakfast in bed today, apparently he'd planned that out with Dad though. I wondered why he stepped in to tuck me in last night, he was just making sure I was wearing something decent probably." The thoughts of this morning's festivities brought a definitive grin to my face.

"Well, just remember, it's not his fault this time. I like the guy to death, but anytime someone close to him says anything remotely down to him, he takes it hard. He'll shed it like a water if it ain't someone he cares about, but when you or Kim say something even remotely implying he made a mistake, he may smile, but trust me when I say the boy feels like he got sucker punched." I knew she was right, and she knew I knew what she was saying; I didn't miss the undertone of, 'if you knock him for this, you'll be answering to me'. As she turned away I heard her lip off, "Just hope he doesn't get a taste for older women, as much time as he's spending over there, you never know."

She was gone before I had a chance to remind her that this would only be the second time he'd been there, and that I'd been with him the first time as well. The thoughts of how troublesome that woman could be given the wrong set of circumstances occupied my mind while I got ready, then a large hand finding the small of my back brought me back to reality, "Hey, how is my Bondigity Bon-Bon doing?"

Rolling my eyes at his alliteration, I piped, "Well, your bondigity girlfriend is wondering if you had thought about tonight?"

For the briefest of moments I thought I felt him tense, but when I turned my head to face him his adorable vacant smile was ever present, "Well, I do believe that I get to have a V-Day with one of the mostest prettiest women I know." Then picking up that I wasn't completely forthcoming with what I knew he asked, "What, did I miss something? You're not gonna break up with me on Valentines, are you?"

His arm started to remove itself from my waist, but I kept a good hold on him and wouldn't let him move away, "No, I may not be the smartest person in the world, but I'd have to be certifiably insane to break up with you. I was just wondering what you were going to tell Shego when we didn't show up."

The blood in his face drained instantly, "Wait, that was tonight? You're just trying to get me again, right? This can't be right, even Shego isn't stupid enough not to know what February 14th is. I mean, even I remembered; granted that could be because of the large pink and red hearts that are taped to every wall and locker in the school. But still..." he spun and looked me straight in the eyes, "Are you sure it was today? Maybe she meant next Friday, right?" I could see him grasping for straws, but I knew what I knew.

"Yeah, I'm sure. I just wasn't paying attention and now you're going to have to break your date with Shego and she can kiss my tanned..."

I didn't get a chance to finish that statement as Kim walked into the gym, "Alright, that was a good practice." When the dozen of us standing around looked at her like she was crazy she continued, "Please, I know you all have plans, and I know you'll all be way distracted. I don't want anyone to get hurt, so be prepared for a little longer practice come Monday." No sooner had the words left her mouth and the gym was clear of everyone except for the three of us. The resident redhead made for us, "What's the sitch? Ron looks panicky, and Bonnie, you look a bit... unhappy. Don't tell me he forgot today was Valentine's."

"No, he didn't forget. But we both forgot that tonight is the night Shego wanted her meal, and Ron's trying to figure out what to tell her when he doesn't show up."

Color was returning to his face, "Umm, I'm not so sure that it would be good for my health to just blow off Shego," it didn't take long for my temper to kick in, but fortunately for all parties involved Ron continued, "But there's no way I'm blowing off Bon-Bon and what's supposed to be the most romantic day of the year for Shego." His eyes furrowed, and his free hand went to his face, "KP... my brain hurts. Make it stop."

"I knew she was going to cause problems with this whole cooking sitch. Do you want me to put a stop to it?" Even I could tell the offer was hollow, and as much as I hated to admit it, she was probably right in assuming it would be better to bite the bullet and just deal with this inconvenience.

Ron apparently agreed with those sentiments, "No, KP, don't waste your breath. I'll just go and get it over with, I'll try to make it up to Bon-Bon tomorrow... well, if she doesn't dump me." Turning his head towards me he asked, "You're not going to dump me because of this right?" I could hear the fear mixed with a little begging in his voice; my heart about broke at the sight of him falling apart.

Wrapping both arms around him just below the ribcage, and burying my head in the middle of his chest I reassured him, "I'm not gonna dump you because you happen to be at the mercy of a deadly woman's wrath, and don't have much of an option. As long as you promise to let me come." He tensed for a split second but I didn't give him a chance to reply, "No. I'm spending Valentine's Day with my boyfriend. If Shego doesn't like it she can go sit on a tack for all I care."

With that settled we made our way home to get ready for this evening. I thought about dressing to the nines, but decided on something a little more casual and something that would make Shego jealous, and hopefully keep Ron's eyes on me instead of her. I knew in my head that I didn't have anything to worry about, but somewhere Monique's words were making an impact. Tight hip hugger jeans and a comfortably snug button down white blouse were just what the doctor ordered, every curve that I knew worked in my favor was emphasized by what I had laid out. Ron's words of liking the simple things from a couple weeks ago were going to haunt him today, I was sure of it. It wasn't much longer when I heard a knock at the door, shortly followed by what sounded like my dad letting him in.

I wasn't in a hurry, and it was my prerogative to make him wait a little bit anyways, so I finished getting ready and meandered towards the living room to catch the tail end of a conversation I was sure I wasn't meant to hear, "Mr. Rockwaller, you know you scare me worse than 20 foot tall robots controlled by mad scientists, so believe me when I say that I would never do anything to hurt Bonnie."

"Just remember what I said, keep an eye on her." I was sure I'd never heard that waver in his voice before, but I knew it well from other sources... he was nervous.

I figured I'd save Ron and made my presence known, "You ready to go, we need to get going or she's going to come hunting for you."

Both men stood and turned to where they could see me. I thought Ron was going to pass out from the way his eyes traced every inch of me, and I know I saw my dad's jaw clench a little, "You look nice dear." He wasn't lying, but he didn't like it either, "Your mom and I will be back later, we're going to eat at Alfred's." The grin on Ron's face told that story all to well, I knew the Valentine's wait list was 2 months long.

I was a bit taken back when Ron walked up to me and kissed my cheek, no one had ever made an effort to get close to me with my dad standing there, "You look absolutely..." And in a matter of seconds the mood was changed, his face scrunched in concentration, "Aww man, there's a school word that makes sooo much sense right here."

Ron's body staggered under the weight of a large hand finding his back, "Stunning? Don't over complicate things kid. Now you two get going and try to have fun, just behave yourselves." I wasn't sure I liked how chummy my old man was being with Ron, but decided it was something I could ponder later.

After the relatively short and almost silent flight to Upperton, we touched down at the same place we did last time. When no one came out the back door, I began to stir, "She better not have got us here, only to cancel without contacting one of us. I'm so going to give her a piece of my mind the next time I see her. Not only did she ruin Valentine's Day, she ruined it then stood us up." I was taking another breath to keep going on my little Shego-hate rant when I felt a hand on my arm.

"Let's go see if she's just busy with something else." The ramp lowered and from our vantage point I could see the back door was ajar a bit, "See, let's just go in and get this over with." I wasn't sure, but I swear I heard a bit of excitement in his voice. The fears Monique had unintentionally planted started to take root, no... he can't honestly be excited about seeing Shego... it doesn't make sense after everthing that's happened already... it just can't be what Monique said... right?

With a bit of reservation I took the lead and strode with a purpose towards the door, I was going to make sure she knew exactly where we stood with each other. I didn't care if she could fry me without so much as an afterthought, she was really starting to chafe my hide. Ron was taken back by my sudden drive, and had to hustle to catch me as I got to the doorway. The sight in front of me set my blood on fire, I took back all comments about giving her a piece of my mind, she was getting my size 6 and a half shoe up her mold green ass so far she was going to be tasting leather for weeks to come; there was a small table set up in the kitchen with two place settings, and candles sitting there waiting to be lit. For all intents and purposes it was one of the most romantic "candle light dinner" settings I could imagine.

"Oh, you got here early." The surprise was evident in her voice as she rounded the corner in black jeans and a green long sleeved shirt. The towel around her head gave me a pretty good idea she'd been in the shower when we showed up.

Before I got a chance go get a head of steam up to start kicking her across the house Ron said something that confused me beyond any state of confusion I could recall at the time, "Yeah, we kinda got rushed out the door by her dad. And, I guess I should say thanks, you know for everything." Alright, I can understand getting rushed explaining why we're early, but why in the hell is he thanking her?

"Yeah, yeah. Just don't let this get out, or I'll fry you like french fries." Her voice seemed to reignite the anger I'd been building since we showed up, and apparently it was quite evident on my face. Finally taking note of my presence she off handedly remarked, "Calm down Kitten, I'm getting ready to leave as we speak." Well, for the second time in as many minutes, I was completely lost as to what was being said. The laughter from across the room caught my attention again, "You didn't tell her? Oh, Stoppable, I gotta stick around and see this, I just can't believe you haven't told her yet. This is going to be funny."

Spinning herself into one of the stools at the breakfast bar she placed her chin on a hand and stared at Ron expectantly, figuring she was waiting on him to say something, I faced him as well. He was scratching his neck again, "Well, you see... it's kind of a funny story... well, not too funny, but a little funny... you know, if you think that this kind of thing is funny, I guess it could be called funny... and..." Shego's throat clearing across the kitchen stopped his rambling, "Yeah, no rambling, sorry. Well, Bonnie, the truth is..." I closed my eyes and waited for the worst, "I kind of made a deal with Shego to use her kitchen today. So I could have a romantic dinner with you and all that."

My eyes snapped open and I'm sure I looked like they were going to pop out of my head, "He's not kidding, he had to do some serious begging, and bargaining. But you were supposed to show up in about..." there was a beeping coming from her pocket, flipping out a little PDA sized device she continued, "2 minutes from right now. I was going to light up these," There was a flash of green that sprouted from her little finger as the candles on the table sprang to life, "and leave, while you two showed up to have a nice romantic candle light dinner without any fears of being interrupted or spied on for once."

The pregnant silence that followed allowed my brain to absorb and process all the information that I just received, "Shego, can you get going so I can make this up to Bon-Bon. She's been stewing over this all day, and I think I'm going to have to grovel for making her worry." All the pieces from the past week just fell into place as she nodded and disappeared with barely a sound, "Bonnie?" I'm not sure, but I think my system was in shock, "Come on Bon-Bon, say something, I'm sorry I didn't tell you. I wanted it to be a surprise and... mrph." I swallowed whatever else he was going to say, I didn't care about words right then anyways, he'd just given me one of the best Valentine's Days ever without even knowing it.

About 20 minutes later I finally let go of him long enough to make dinner; while I'm sure the food was amazing, I couldn't tell you the next morning what he'd made. I was too lost in everything to care. I do recall him asking if I wanted desert, and replying by sitting on his lap and staking yet another claim to his lips with whispers of having all I wanted. I thought I knew I loved him before then, but it was then that I knew that I loved him more than I ever had or ever could love anyone else.

Time had became an unimportant concept to me until I heard a familiar voice come from the doorway to the rest of the house, "Okay, time's up. And I really don't want to have to clean up anything besides your dishes Stoppable, so get your little girlfriend and get out of here before I make you do it."

I vaguely remember Ron entering the coordinates for my house, and even vaguer is the memory of him landing in the back yard. What I do remember is his lips on mine, and both of our lips taking turns exploring each other's throats, necks, collarbones, ears... any exposed flesh was free game. I do remember pushing him to sit on the couch as I straddled his lap and stuck my tongue down his throat as he returned the favor. I knew his hands had stayed ever so diligently clear of any place that might be considered aggressive, and that they had a tenancy to gravitate towards my hips as I was rocking against him. I have no doubt in my mind that it was my hands that undid each button on my shirt, one at a time; just as I have no doubt in my mind that the feel of his calloused hands crawling up and down my back under my now loose fitting shirt felt REALLY good.

Ron's POV

Not much had been said since we left Shego's place; then again, I'm not so sure I could have made too many complete thoughts into words with my current state of mind. I knew we were taking a big step tonight, but I also knew somehow that this wasn't going to be the night. I wasn't worried, I knew there'd be plenty of time for that in the future. Somehow, I just knew right then that there'd be a lot of future for the two of us. But for right now, I was going to enjoy this moment, each kiss, each nibble, each taste... I'd never touched alcohol, but if I had to guess the feeling I had was similar to that of a lush. My mind was only able to focus on what was right there, and 'right there' consisted of Bonnie and Bonnie's lips and tongue.

I tried in vain to keep her still on several occasions by holding her hips, but it seemed to only encourage her. I tried to control myself, but I knew she had to know the effect she was having on me right then. Focusing as much attention on keeping myself from loosing control completely I missed the point in time when her shirt had come unbuttoned. I was almost sure that it wasn't me that had done it, but that thought quickly got pushed aside for lack of care; the feel of her back flexing and writhing under my touch was way more interesting than any thoughts of how my hands got there in the first place.

Try as I might, there was no stopping time. As much as I wanted to stay here forever kissing the woman I loved, neither of us were able to keep up the energy anymore. The kisses became slower, the touches became softer, and eventually our hearts came back down from their breakneck speeds. With a content sigh, her head laid down in the crook of my neck as my arms folded around her pulling her closer. We sat there in near silence, the only sounds to speak of were our breathing and the tick of the large grandfather clock in the hall.

I'm guessing the emotional exertion took more of a toll on us than we thought, because the next thing I remember was a rather large voice coming from the front door, "Bonnie, we're back." Immediately followed by Bonnie popping awake and realizing exactly how we both looked at that moment causing her to panic. I'd like to say that I was calm and took things in stride, but if I said that I'd be lying. If it wasn't for the fact that when Bon-Bon panicked, she froze, I would have probably been halfway home in a dead sprint, as things were I felt the blood drain from my face and saw a rather angry man making his way across the room as the world went dark again.

The sounds of sobbing brought me back to the land of the living. I found myself propped up at one end of the couch, and saw Bonnie curled up crying at the other end with her head hidden in a pillow. Doing a quick scan of the rest of the room my eyes stopped on the last person I wanted to see right then. Deciding not to test my luck I quickly turned my gaze to the floor, don't look him in the eye... don't let him think you are challenging him... if you don't act like a threat, he'll walk away... they only detect movement... Grasping at straws to make myself feel safer than I really was didn't seem to do much to help; especially once that usually strong voice spoke in very quiet tones, "Why don't we go take a walk." I knew that taking a walk with him right now was the last thing I wanted to do, but I found my feet following him towards the kitchen against my will. Walking past Bonnie, I felt her grab my hand briefly and squeeze before letting me go.

He briefly stopped at the fridge and grabbed a brown bottle before stepping out into the crisp night air. I was torn between listening to his 'suggestion', and going back to comfort Bonnie; he didn't leave much of an option though when he held the door open and gestured for me to step outside with him. I did my best to keep out of arms reach, but knew that if he wanted me dead I wouldn't have woke up. After what seemed like an eternity, but was only about half a bottle and 2 sighs worth of time he broke our silence, "Kid," his brow furrowed before he started again, "Ronald, you have no idea how much I want to wring the last breath from your scrawny little neck." I couldn't have spoke if I wanted to, it took a lot of effort to swallow the fear that seemed to tangibly build up in my throat, "but if I did that I'd loose my little girl too." Another long draw off his bottle he spoke again, "I don't even know where to begin, I'm not blind, so I know things didn't get as far as they could have... but damn it, that's my little girl sitting in there crying." The control he'd maintained so far was starting to waver, but instead of the anger I was expecting there was a lot of fear radiating from his words, "She's more afraid that I'm going to hurt you or forbid her from seeing you than she would be if I sent you home and told her I was going to punish her. Damn it, she wasn't supposed to grow up." Draining the last drops out of the bottle, and giving it a look of disdain for holding so little, he sat it on the patio table, "So, are you going to say anything?" Not knowing what he wanted to hear, I went with an apology. This brought a laugh to him, not a long one, just a brief chuckle, "Are you really sorry? Or are you just sorry you got caught? Hell, do you know what you're even sorry for?"

Not knowing an honest answer for any of those questions I spoke without thinking, "I love her, sir." It was the truth, I had no doubts about it, but as soon as I said it, I wasn't sure this was the right time or place to be telling him.

I've seen enough people get punched in the stomach to know what their facial expressions look like, but I'd never seen words have the same effect, "Not exactly what I was expecting to hear." Grabbing the empty bottle, only to give it a glare when remembering it's lack of contents and setting it back down, he continued, "And from what I can tell, she loves you too. But that doesn't change the fact of what you were doing on my couch, with my daughter..." His voice was beginning to crack again, and he stopped to take a deep breath, "Damn it, damn it all."

Figuring it would be best to try and make some peace with him I offered, "I won't come around any more."

He huffed before replying, "Like Hell if you think you're not coming around here any more, that little gir..." again he got that look like he'd got punched in the stomach before starting again, "that young woman in the living room crying her eyes out would kill me if you stopped coming around here. She's got a bit of her old man's fire in her belly, and I doubt I'd make it one round if that happened." Again he cast an accusing glare at the empty bottle, "She used to love me you know?" I had no clue what he was talking about, but it didn't matter as he kept going, "She used to want to grow up and 'marry her daddy', I still remember explaining that little girls can't marry their daddy's. You know what she told me?" Again, I was without an answer, "She told me she was going to find someone who was just like daddy to marry."

He went silent again, and I was still confused, "Mr. Rockwaller? I don't get it."

For the first time since I woke up I saw him honestly smile, turning a bit as if sizing me up I caught a glint of light reflecting off his cheek, "You don't do you? She loves you, a lot. But she's still my little girl that needs a ride to ballet practices, and begs me to take a day off work to come to a recital, and won't let me wash the car or read the paper on a Saturday without playing tea party first; she's the little girl that only loved her daddy, the same one that thought all boys were icky." He seemed to relax a bit before finishing, "And now she's grown up on me, and she's in love with a young man that, as much as I hate to admit it, isn't all that horrible." To say my brain felt like it was on a Tilt-o-Whirl would be to put it mildly, "Ronald, do me a favor... love her back. Get in there, make everything all back to right in her world and love her." I wasn't sure what was going on, but I knew I needed to get to Bonnie. I had just put my hand on the door handle when he spoke again, "Ronald!" I glanced back to see an unusual grin across his face, "If you ever want to walk again, you won't let me see you touching my daughter again." It was a threat clear and simple, even I got that, but I guessed on my way back through the house that it wasn't as simple as that either. We'd crossed a line, tore down his image of Bonnie being a little girl, and it hurt him; but he wanted her to be happy. All in all it was giving me a headache, but I knew that Bon-Bon needed me to be there.

As I stepped into the living room, she bolted from her spot on the couch and latched her arms around me, "You're alive, thank God. I love you, please don't go." In an eternity that lasted not long enough her breathing was normal, and she wasn't shuddering with tears, "How did you convince him not to kill you?"

I'm not known for my tact, and the playful slap to my chest after I said, "The Ron-Man's got mad skills in convincing people not to kill him." let me know that I wasn't getting much better. Hearing her laughter, brief as it was brought a smile to my face, "I didn't convince him of anything, he just loves you." This seemed to pacify her for now.

"Well, why don't we not tempt fate twice in one night." She stood on her tip-toes and kissed my cheek, "Good night."

"Yeah, it was a good night. Happy Valentine's Day Bon-Bon."