Just for Now

Summary: This is just a story about Ron and Draco in a relationship and what everyone else thinks. RonDraco slash. Don't like, don't read.


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High above Hogwart's School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, above the Weasley family's Burrow and the Malfoy Manor, above Fred and George's booming joke shop business and the relieved and not-so-popular Ministry, above all of the wizarding and muggle worlds there were two graceful figures residing in the heavens.

These figures, spirits, spent most of their time in reminiscence. How they had fought in the war, on opposites sides unfortunately, how they would deliberately avoid meeting each other on the bloody battlefields with curse after curse flying this way and that. How famous Harry Potter was able to hunt down all the Horcruxes with help from the Order and finished Lord Voldemort, barely. He nearly died in the process as well. But he lived.

Severus died. He joined Sirius Black behind the veil in the Department of Mysteries when Lord Voldemort decided that the man was no longer of use to him. He was not overly teary about this.

Percy died. The whole Weasley family was there fighting for their lives, besides the Ministry-obsessed, law-abiding Percy, when suddenly the very man that had avoided them for so long jumped out screaming like a lunatic and shot dozens of curses at the Death Eaters. He had wanted to do that all his life, it was only fitting to do it before his death. Lord Voldemort personally took care of that.

Narcissus Black died. Her will stated that her grave be read that way, not Narcissus Malfoy. Her resources and honesty earned her a position as spy for the Order, but one night Lucius caught her sneaking out. An unknown Death Eater who did not take off his mask was assigned to take care of her death as it suited him. Lucius Malfoy was required to watch, as well as Bellatrix Lestrange and Nymphrodora Tonks. They all cringed, though not all of them admitted to doing so.

And there were others who died, though the figures remembered them by face, by mannerisms and anything else besides names. The names were all blurs, but they could remember that puny little Hufflepuff that had been three years below them in Hogwarts that had fought with the Dark side but died from a curse from his own wand. There was also a Slytherin that had been assigned Death Eater when she couldn't really decide which side she was on and committed suicide. There were also a couple of giants and mermaids here and there, even Dobby jumped in when he saw Harry Potter in danger. He died from a killing curse that had been meant for Harry. The Death Eater who had shot it was dead in an instant.

The figures would usually try not to think about the dark times of war, and instead thought about the spark of light in between their younger years of rivalry and the war between light and dark. When they had the courage to be kind to each other (or as kind as they every could possibly be) and to not hate each other, while it was an official rule that they must always, always hate each other.

The figures would joke. The blonde, paler one would smirk and laugh while the taller, red-haired figure bashfully turned red, scowled, and smiled at the same time. It seemed that name-calling had turned into a habit long ago, and even insults such as "bloody, ferrety whore" were said with a sweet sort of caring behind them and a sweet kiss to seal it.

The figures were full of passion. Their bodies had died but their minds and spirits were alive and kicking, or thrusting. XD The figures felt as if the great burden of family, friends, and war were all gone and enjoyed it immensely. They could kiss, hug, grope, do whatever they wanted that would make them sweaty and breathless and did not feel any pressure, any stress, any sort of nervousness. It felt wonderful.

They had always had the scary thought that the word we could only exist just for now. They always thought they would have to end it after the war, after whichever side won. The blonde figure said, half-jokingly, that if the Death Eaters won he would protect the ginger-haired figure by taking him as his slave. The ginger-haired figure bit back by exclaiming that if the light side won he would…and then the ginger-haired figure paused to think and the blonde figure burst out laughing.

But the word we did not only last just for now. The word we could last for all eternity, and that was just fine for them. They lived in the heavens, their spirits would survive forever, and perhaps be reincarnated a few cycles in the future, in which they promised to find each other. They briefly wondered if one, or both, of them would be turned into the opposite gender, which would be extremely interesting for the two and a time for experiment.

Both of them tried to hide their joy from this thought half-heartedly. They were basking in their own happiness, because since they died…

Just for Now is no more.


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