Hero's Fate

Chapter one: Genocide

Note: I don't own the monsters

"Avian!" Burstinatrix screamed. Bubbleman and Wildheart went to their injured comrade. "you okay?" Bubbleman asked. "Yes," Avian said, wincing a little. The Armed Dragon LV 10 that punched Avian hard, roared. "How can we stop this Dragon?" Sparkman asked the leader of them, Bladedge. "I don't know, but maybe, we should fuse together," Bladedge said. Everyone nodded. Clayman punched both of his fists together and went to Burstinatrix. "Polymerization!" everyone said at once. After they glowed and merged together, Wildedge, Tempest, and Rampart Blaster appeared. "Ready?" Wildedge asked. "Yes," the other two said. "Wild Slicer!" "Rampart Barrage," "Hurricane Blast!" the attacks hit the dragon directly but made no effect on it. " Not good," Rampart Blaster said. Tempest nodded. "We need some back up" Tempest said. "FALL BACK!" Wildedge commanded before the Armed Dragon attacked them. The three Elemental Heros dodged the hit and ran away.

"Why are the monsters getting more ruthless and stronger?" Burstinatrix asked. "I don't know," Sparkman said. "Hey you're the brains here Sparky!" Bubbleman spat. "Shut up foam-head," Sparkman spat. Bubbleman growled and clenched his fists. "Enough, we need to contact Necroshade, Neos and the Neo Spacians." Avian shouted. "I agree with you," Bladedge responded. "Fine with me," Clayman said. "Wildheart agree too," Everyone of the E-Heros agreed with Avian's suggestion. Wroughtweiler came up to Sparkman and barked. "Hey boy," he said petting him. Hero Kid appeared and yawned. It was 11:00 pm and He was tired due to his training. "Sorry, just finished training." He said. Burstinatrix smiled. "Sparkman, You better call up Neos and Necroshade and inform them of our problem here." Bladedge said. Sparkman nodded and walked away, with Wrought behind him.

"Neos, you there?" Spark man asked. "Neos here, over," Neos replied, "Ha, ha, funny, We have problems here in our world, can you help us?" Sparkman said. "Ruthless ones,"

"Should I bring my friends?" Neos asked.

"Gawd yeah,"


"see you soon"


Sparkman called up Necroshade and after an hour of negotiating, Necroshade agreed to come if He was allowed to do his job his way.

An hour later the Neo Spacians and Necroshade appeared. "Thanks for coming on such a short notice, now, here is our predicament," Bladedge said to the arrivals.

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Well, I always wanted to do a Fanfic for the Elemental Heros. But I want to tell you that, The E-Heros are gonna meet the Dark Magician Cult (Monsters that use the Powerstones, use spell counters, support Dark Magician in anyway, or are intertwined to Dark Magician in someway, like Chaos Sorcerer is linked to him by the outfit.) and the possibly arguably the First non-stated E-Hero, Zombyra the Dark. I am thinking of throwing in Jaden, Alexis, Zane, Chazz, Bastion, Dr. Crowler, Chumley, and Syrus, and maybe two classic charaters, heh heh. PLEASE, I WANT TO KNOW HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT THIS STORY.