Chapter 21: Confrontation

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Demise growled when his plan to have Gagagigo possessed failed. He decided that this was the last straw and rose up and summoned Dark Lucius out of a blue flame. "Now, my servant, let's go see how our pawns will be willing to take on their rivals." He said before he and Lucius stepped into a portal that Demise opened.

"OKAY BUBBLEHEAD, HOW DID YOU LEAD US TO DARK CITY?!" Burstinatrix shouted at Bubbleman in pure rage, choking him. Avian and Sparkman pulled Burstinatrix away from Bubbleman, who was coughing.

Wynn and Eria laughed at what just happened. Gagagigo broke a small smile, but didn't laugh.

"I was following the map as it showed!" Bubbleman said opening a map.

"Okay… how long did he have that?" Bastion asked, pointing to the map.

Necroshade and Clayman groaned and Wildheart grabbed Bubbleman by the shoulder. "Let I see!" Wildheart said as he glanced at the map. "Bubbleman idiot!"

"Why am I an Idiot?" Bubbleman asked.

" Map upside down." Wildheart said pointing to the compass rose on it.

Bubbleman turned the map to its correct position and started walking. He then bumped into something warm, soft, and squishy, but when he looked at what it was, he blushed deeply, because what he felt was Hiita's breasts. Hiita flushed and smacked Bubbleman across the cheek and he landed on Burstinatrix's own breasts and he acidently squeezed one. Burstinatrix flushed as well and punched hime square in the face hard enough to send him flying. Bubbleman landed and looked up, seeing the two flushed girls

"Oh God, help me…!" Bubbleman said weakly before an outraged Burstinatrix and Hiita lunged at him, beating him into oblivion. Burstinatrix and Hiita each hurled a large fireball at him when he was down on the ground. The fireballs made contact with him and both exploded in unison.

"SERVES YOU RIGHT YOU BEAST!" Burstinatrix shouted, storming away.

"PERVERTED BASTARD!" Hiita screamed as she went to Mana.

Airman checked out Bubbleman once he was no longer on fire.

"He's medium Rare!" Airman joked. "Burnt around the edges though!"

Everyone but Hiita, Burstinatrix and Alexis laughed at the joke.

"Once a pervert, always a perv!" Amanda said.

"DAMN YOU E-HEROES!" a cold, raspy voice shouted.

"Not him…" Avian groaned as he turned to see the Destiny Hero Doom Lord looking at him face to face now.

"You always wreck things. No wonder why you are all hated so much." Doom Lord said, pointing to the group.

"That is correct, and I'm helping the Destiny Heroes out by assisting them in any way I can." Demise said, appearing out of a portal with the other D-Heroes.

"TO THINK YOU WOULD GO THIS LOW!!" Bladedge shouted pointing back to his rivals.


Defender nodded in agreement. All the D-Heroes and E-Heroes traded insults to each other.

"They have issues for certain." Bastion said, sighing.

"This has to stop now!" Zane said to the Heroes in a loud yet calm voice.

The heroes stopped shouting and stayed silent for a moment before Hero Kid said,

"Let's settle this in a duel!"

"Fine with us, if Dreadmaster agrees." Dasher said looking at the Leader of the D-Heroes. Dreadmaster nodded in agreement and Dasher turned to the E-Heroes and was about to say something but Demise interrupted him. "How about having Dark Lucius and I taking on Yugi, Joey, Alexis, and Jaden on a 2 on 4 tag duel?" he proposed.

"WHAT ABOUT ME?" Gagagigo shouted, slamming his tail to the ground hard.

"Alright, a 3 on 5 match then." Demise said. Dark Lucius appeared from a portal and was smirking in enjoyment while another portal opened behind Gagagigo and Axora appeared, laughing. Gagagigo leaped into the air in surprise. "You are an insolent fool alright!" Axora said, having a bizarre duel disk on his arm. Lucius's left arm was engulfed in a black aura and the aura morphed into a jet black duel disk. . Demise however had a blue will-o-wisp appear and had it turn into a duel disk that matched his coloring. The D-Heroes had duel disks appear out of no where and activated them. The E-Heroes did the same thing. Syrus and Bastion gave Yugi and Joey their duel disks so that they could do

"Here we go!" Demise said stepping towards Jaden.

"Let's make things a little more interesting. First off, starting from Alexis's turn on, we can attack on our first turn We can use any cards on our partners' fields for card effects, tributes or for fusions. and we can have 3 field spell cards out at a time. Also for every attack that causes damage, you get injured by what the attack is. Like for instance, getting hit with a flame will burn you and getting slashed with a sword will leave a wound. And Demise, Axora and I will have 8000 Life points each while you all have 2000." Dark Lucius said. "And now, for the final twist, if we win, I get to have your women as my slaves for eternity!"

"YOU MONSTER!!!" the girls said in unison.

"Okay, so get your games on!" Jaden said, drawing his cards.


LP: 8000 x3/2000 x5

"I'll start," Joey said as he drew his card.

"Axe Raider, Come on out in attack mode!"

"I place a card face down and end my turn"

"My turn!" Alexis said. "I summon Cyber Gymnast in defense and I will also place a card face down and end my turn."

"MY DRAW!" Axora said, drawing his card. "I summon the monster called Kryuel in Defence and activate the Field Spell card Yami!" Axora said as the ground around the duelists turned into a black abyss. "I will place two cards face-down and end turn."

"I will start my turn by summoning my Granadora in Attack Position (1900/700)" Gagagigo said, smirking. "And when it's summoned in any way, I gain 1000 Life Points."

8000 x3/ 2000x4/3000

"I will now play the Ritual Spell Card known as Turtle Oath! Now, I tribute my Granadora and a Space Mambo that's in my hand in order to summon my Crab Turtle in Attack mode!" Granadora shattered into shards and a beam of light erupted out of the ground and Crab Turtle appeared and snapped its pincers. "Now, I will attack Kryuel with my monster. So now go and attack with Guillotine Clamp!"

The Crab Turtle reached its pincer to Kryuel but in an instant, the Crab Turtle crashed into the ground like the gravity was intensified greatly.

"I activate my Gravity Bind trap card to protect my monster." Axora said, laughing.

"Now any Level 4 or higher monsters can't attack."

"I end my turn then." Gagagigo said, growling a little.

"my turn!" Yugi said as he drew his card. "I will summon Big Sheild Gardna in defense and activate Swords of Revealing Light before I end my turn!"

"I will start by activating the spell card, Lightning Vortex, and I Discard my Sinister Serpent to use my spell card's effect. Now, all your monsters are destroyed! And I will activate my Mystical Space Typhoon to get rid of these swords." Demise said as Bolts of Lightning descended onto the monsters, destroying them and the swords.

"DAMN IT!" Joey said, taking a step back.

"Now, I activate the field spell card Mystic Plasma Zone. Now all Dark monsters gain 500 ATK but lose 400 Def. Now, I sacrifice Kryuel to summon my Dark Ruler Ha Des!" Demise said

Kyruel erupted into flames but when the flames settled down, Ha Des appeared in Kryuel's place. "Now, I place a card face down and end my turn." Demise said.

"I will activate Polymerization so I can fuse Avian and Burstinatrix to form Elemental Hero Flame Wingman!" Jaden said after he drew.

"I don't think so, I'm chaining that with the trap card Non-Fusion Area, now all of us can't perform fusion summons of any kind!" Demise said as his face down activated.

"SAY WHAT?!" Jaden said in shock.

"That's going to be bad for us." Alexis said.

"Anyway, I will just summon Avian in Defense and end turn by throwing down a face-down." Jaden said.

Demise laughed and looked at Lucius. "Your turn my warrior." He said to him.

"As you wish, sir." Lucius said as he drew his card. "I summon the monster called Archfeind's Soldier in Attack mode and I activate Mystical Space Typhoon to destroy the Gravity Bind!" The Archfiend appeared while a hurricane was blowing, seeming to return gravity to its original state.

"Attack Avian my soldier!" Lucius commanded and the Archfeind hacked at Avian, cutting him in two.

"I will activate the spell card Pot of Greed and I get to draw two cards" Lucius said, drawing his cards. "And I equip my archfiend with two black pendants. Oh and in this duel, all effect damage applies to everyone if it's 500 points or less. Anyway, I end turn now!"

Joey drew a card and ended his turn right away, and Alexis did the same thing.

"Now, I will have my Mad Dog of Darkness come forth and have him attack Alexis directly." Axora said as the Dog bit Alexis on the shoulder, making her scream in pain. Blood oozed out of the bite wound and Alexis winced due to the pain. "He wasn't joking about that." She said before she crashed into the ground, her body laying still.

LP: 8000 x3/ 2000 x3/3000/0

"ALEXIS!" Yugi and Jaden cried.

"She has lost her life points and will be under my control when we win!" Lucius said, smirking.

"I'll end by activating Hinotama, to inflict 500 points of damage to all of you and place a card face down!" Axora said. Four fireballs fell from the sky and exploded right in front of Jaden and his remaining teammates.

LP: 8000 x3/ 1500 x3/ 2500

"I will start by summoning myself in Attack!" Gagagigo said as he summoned his card self.

"I activate the trap card Trap Hole! Whenever a monster with an ATK of 1000 or more is normal or flip-summoned, it's destroyed right on the spot!" Axora said, laughing.

"DAMN IT!" Gagagigo said to himself. "I end my turn then."

"I place two cards face down and end my turn," Yugi said as he placed the cards down.

"Now I activate my Double Attack and I discard my Serpent that I recovered from the graveyard so Ha Des can attack twice this turn." Demise said as he pointed to Gagagigo and Joey. "ATTACK THEM BOTH!" Ha Des roared and attacked. "Shame that you had two face-down cards and you're not going to activate then." Demise mocked Yugi. "You're wrong, I activate the trap cards called Spell Binding Circle and Magic Cylinder, so I redirect the damage to you instead of Joey and stop your second attack!" Yugi said before he looked at Joey and Gagagigo.

"Nice save Yug!" Joey said, smiling at his best friend.

"Dammit!" Demise said as Ha Des was struggling to be free of the seal that is binding him. "I sacrifice Ha Des for my Great Maju Garzett(0/0) in attack mode!"


Ha Des vanished from the Spell binding Circle Trap and taking his place was Great Maju Garzette.

"That big palooka is intimidating, but He has only zero attack!" Joey said, laughing.

Garzette glowed a little and his attack started to increase.

"You and your big mouth!" Gagagigo said to Joey, whacking the back of his head with his tail.

"Great Maju Garzette has the ability of taking on the original ATK of the tributed monster and doubling it for his own, and let's see here, Ha Des was 2450 so that means that my Garzette has 4900 ATK!" Demise explained and he started laughing when he was finished. "I end my turn."

LP 5550/8000 x2/1500 x3/ 2500

"Alright then." Jaden said as he drew his card. "I throw down a face down, activate Skyscraper and summon The Elemental Heros Bubbleman and Burstinatrix in Defense and that's all for now."

"I summon the monster called Ryu Kokki by sacrificing my Archfiend Soldier and I also activate my own Double Attack and I discard my Marie the Fallen One to the graveyard, and now, Ryu Kokki, Destroy the Elemental Zeros Avian and Bubbleman with Headstrong Clasher!" Lucius declared. The now 2900/1600 Zombie Monster attacked the monsters and destroyed them both. "I end my turn!" Lucius said with a smug look.

"I will now summon Little-Winguard in attack and equip him with the Lightning Blade!" Joey said as he summoned the monster and the Lightning Blade appeared, replacing Little-Winguard's original sword after a bolt of lightning struck it.

"I will now end turn by switching my Winguard into defense by his effect!"

Why didn't he attack? Demise thought, wondering what he was planning.

"My turn!" Axora said, drawing. "I summon the Sea Serpent Warrior of Darkness in Attack Mode and now, I will have him wait for now, since I'm ending my turn."

"I will summon the Marauding Captain and I will now use his effect to summon my Rare Metal Dragon that's in my hand since the start of this duel." Gagagigo said, smirking.

"ohh, and did I mention that the Lightning Blade increases my Winguard's ATK by 800, but it also reduces the ATK of any WATER monsters that are out by 500!" Joey said with a smug look himself.

"One's bad enough, but what if there were two out at once?" Gagagigo asked Joey.

"AWW YEAH! Double the trouble, buddy!" Joey said, smirking.

"Very well, I now play my own Lightning Blade and have it attached to my Captain, and Now, Rare Metal Dragon, ATTACK THAT SEA SERPANT WITH METAL BLAST!"

Gagagigo said as another Lightning Blade appeared before the 2900 ATK Rare Metal Dragon attacked the now heavily weakened 800 ATK Sea Serpent Warrior of Darkness, destroying him with ease.

LP 5550/8000/5900/1500 x3/ 2500

"Sweet moves there Gigo!" Jaden said to Gagagigo, smiling.

" Now, I end turn!" Gagagigo said looking at Yugi.

Yugi drew his card and nodded. "I summon the Skilled Dark Magician in Attack mode and activate my Magical Dimension Trap card, now I sacrifice my monster and your Great Maju Garzette so I can summon the Dark Magician in Attack mode, and thanks to your Plasma Zone and Yami field spells, he gains 700 ATK!" he said as the Dark Magician appeared. "And that's not all, because I play the Book of Secret Arts to have my Magician gain 300 more points, and now, Dark Magician attack The Invader of Darkness Directly with Dark Magic Attack!" the Dark Magician nodded and released an orb of green energy from his staff to Axora, making a direct hit.

"AGGGHHHHH IT HURTSS!!!" Axora shouted, as he landed on his knees.

LP: 5550/8000/2400/1500 x3/2500

"I'll end with that!" Yugi said.

"Damn, all I can do is to end my turn." Demise said as he clenched his right fist.

"WE DID IT!" Sparkman said as he and the gang did a celebratory group hug with Bubbleman in the dead center since they defeated the D-Heroes.

"Hope Jaden and the others are holding on their own there…" Wynn said in a worried tone, looking at a dome of black energy surrounding the area Jaden and the others were at.

"Don't you worry, they will make it!" Eria said.

Wynn nodded and smiled, "What WAS I thinking?!" she said, laughing a little as she and Eria hugged each other with Hiita and Aussa joining in.

LP: 5550 x2/2400/1500 x3/2500

"HOT Damn, Ever since Jaden played that Monster Reborn, we are giving them trouble with that Ha Des" Joey said, smiling.

Demise swore on the top of his lungs as he was the victim of Ha Des and Burstinatrix's direct attacks.

I have only one chance left. Demise thought as Lucius drew his card.

"I set a card face down and end my turn!" Demise snarled.

"I activate Giant Trunade!" Joey said after he drew his card. A tornado appeared and sucked all cards and returned them to their owner's hands. "Now, I re-equip the Lightning Blade to Little Winguard and have him switch into attack mode before Joey told him to strike Axora directly. Axora was slashed deep into his chest and he vanished into a portal after he went out cold.

LP: 5550/4750/1500 x3/2500.

All that Gagagigo and Yugi did were to reactivate their spell cards but Gagagigo threw an extra one face down.

"I will play Brain Control by paying 800 LP, and now I'll take back Ha Des!" Demise said.

LP: 5550/1500/3550/1500 x2/2500

"Now attack Burstinatrix!" Ha Des tried to slash at Burstinatrix but both monsters were still standing and Demise's battle phase ended immediately.

"DAMN IT, I HATE THAT NEGATE ATTACK!" Demise said, growling like crazy.

"Now, I will place two cards face down and end my turn."

"I will have Little-Winguard attack you Directly Lucius!" Joey said

"I activate my face down trap, Sakuretsu Armor!" Demise said as Dark Lucius was equipped with the spiked armor and he roared, destroying the Winguard.

"Thank you master." Lucius said, looking at Demise and bowed a little.

"Don't turn away from the enemy!" Demise scolded.

"All I'll do is set this monster in defense and end my turn" Joey said.

"Joey, can I sacrifice your face-down monster?" Gagagigo asked as he drew his card.

"Go ahead." Joey said nodding.

"Okay, I will start by activating the spell card, Graceful Charity and I'll discard two cards and summon my Disciple of the Forbidden Spell in Attack mode, and thanks to his effect and the other two Disciples in the graveyard, I can now destroy any Dark or Earth monsters you have on your field, even if it is a lot stronger than him. Now, go attack Lucius directly with Forbidden Sword Strike!" Gagagigo said as his disciple

"I activate Scapegoat!" Demise said as four Lamb Tokens appeared and one of them was slashed. It started to glow and vanished.

"Okay I end turn." Gagagigo said, growling.

"It's my draw!" Yugi said as he drew his card.

"I now play the spell card Monster Reborn so I can resurrect the Elemental Hero Avian in Defense, and now, I place one card face down and it's your turn." Avian reappeared onto the field and shifted into Defense.

"I will activate the trap card Minor Goblin Offical! I can activate it when you all have at least 3000 Life Points, now during each of your standby phases, you will take 500 points of damage." Demise said, smirking. "I now will summon my Solar Flare Dragon who has a interesting ability, during the end phase, you all take 500 points of Damage and if there's another pyro type monster out, this monster cant be attacked! And now, I activate my Nightmare Steel Cage Spell card, and with this out, for two turns we all can't attack in anyway, and with that I end turn, now Solar Flare Dragon, Solar Storm."

The dragon launched four fireballs and all made their mark on Jaden and co.

LP: 5550/1500/3050/1000 x2/2000

Jaden drew his card. "I play Polymerization to fuse Avian and Burstinatrix to form the Elemental Hero Flame Wingman!" he said as the E-Hero fusion monster appeared.

"I end my turn." Jaden said as the gang

"My draw!" Lucius said, smirking. "I activate Dark Room of Nightmare, now whenever you take effect damage. Here, let me show you by ending my turn!" Solar Flare Dragon launched another barrage of fireballs and then some shadows appeared and attacked them with tendrils.

LP: 5550/1500/2250/200 x2/1200

"Nice knowing you guys" Joey said as he drew his card and fell out cold after the Minor Goblin Official's effect.

"My turn," Gagagigo said as he drew his card. He screamed in pain as the shadows and trap card did 800 damage to him.

LP: 5550/1500/1450/200/1200

"Now, I activate Heavy Storm followed by two Tremendous Fire spell cards!" Gagagigo said as a flaming tornado appeared and destroyed the spell and trap cards and burned both Lucius and Gagagigo.

"You are gone now Lucius but it came with a price, 1000 points of damage also was inflicted to myself as the result, but it was worth it." Gagagigo winced in pain as he smirked.

LP: 5550/450/200/1200

Dark Lucius kneeled down and looked at Demise. "You're a failure," Demise said coldly as Lucius was sucked into a portal. "Now be gone!"

"Now I will now play Fusion Weapon and equip it to Jaden's Flame Wingman" Gagagigo said as he smirked. Flame Wingman's left hand transformed into the trident like blaster. "Fusion Weapon can only be equipped to a fusion monster that's a Level 6 or lower, and that monster's ATK and DEF are increased by 1500 points." Demise jerked in shock.

"Now before I end, I activate 2 Goblin's Secret Remedy spell cards and increase Yugi and Jaden's Life Points by 600 and that's all!" Gagagigo said. Jaden and Yugi saw that Gagagigo was smirking.

LP: 5550/450/800/1800

"Yugi, Jaden, finish this bastard off for me." He said before the Solar Flare Dragon finished off his remaining life pointes.

"NO, GAGAGIGO!" Yugi said as Gagagigo screamed in pain and landed face down, unconscious.

LP: 5550/800/1800

"You will pay for hurting our friends!" Yugi declared, pointing at Demise.

"Try me," Demise mocked, cracking his neck without using his hands.

"My draw!" Yugi said as he drew his card. "Now, I play Monster Reborn to resurrect Gagagigo in Attack Mode." The Gagagigo monster appeared and growled.

"Now, I will have him attack Solar Flare Dragon with Tail Lasher Strike!"

Gagagigo slapped the dragon with his tail and destroyed it in an explosion.

Gagagigo's tail lashed at Demise as well, making a cracking sound on impact. Demise winced and grabbed his side, the area where the impact was.

LP: 5200/800/1800

"Now, Dark Magician, your turn, Dark Magic Attack!" Yugi said. Dark Magician nodded and did a direct attack. Demise roared in pain as he took a major blow.

LP: 2700/800/1800

"and that is all for me," Yugi said.

"D..Damn you bastards!" Demise said as he staggered to his feet, his right hand holding the area he was injured at still. "I will summon a monster face down and end my turn."

He said.

Wingman's ATK: 4100

"I'll activate H- Heated Heart on my Flame Wingman, now, for this turn, he gets 500 ATK points and if a monster is in defense when Flame Wingman is destroyed, you take damage equal the difference to my Hero's ATK and your monster's DEF." Jaden explained. "And thanks to Gagagigo, you will take some heavy damage from this guy himself, so now, Elemental Hero Flame Wingman, Attack the face-down monster with Inferno Rage!" Flame Wingman raised his dragon arm and released a fireball at the face down monster that was revealed to be Giant Soldier of Stone. The giant exploded after being hit with the flame for a few seconds before the remnants of the fire ball hit Demise.

LP: 600/800/1800

"I am still standing!" Demise said, laughing as he was kneeling.

"Not for long, because Flame Wingman has a superpower, for whenever he destroys a monster in battle, you take damage equal to the destroyed monster's ATK!" Jaden said as Flame Wingman appeared in front of Demise, his dragon arm charging up a shot.

"And that's game!" Jaden said as Flame Wingman released his shot onto Demise, inflicting 1300 points of damage to him.

Demise screamed and lowered his head.

Final LP Count:0/0/0/0/0/0/800/1800

"You may have defeated me, but my comrades will avenge my destruction!" Demise said lifting his head. His face was covered with cracks now. "Your 'friends' will awaken, but I will tell you this, You have threatened our cause AND the Dominion's safety!" a large chunk of Demise's left eye area fell off, revealing a hollow inside. Little by little Demise's body broke off before the remaining portions of his body crumbled into dust.

"What does he mean that we have threatened the Dominion's Safety?" Yugi asked Jaden, who shrugged. Alexis woke up and sat upright, followed by Joey and Gagagigo.

" What happened?" Alexis asked.

"Why does my head hurt?" Gagagigo asked as well.

"I'm hungry," Joey said, blinking with a blank face.

"YOU DID IT!" Wynn and Eria said as they both ran to Yugi and Jaden.

"That was one intense duel," Akari said.

"Better than Bubble-Butt's dueling." Hero kid said before he and Bubbleman got into a brawl.

What did Demise mean by what he said? Yugi thought to himself. He sighed and smiled.

"We better get going." He said to everyone.

"HOLD IT!" Dasher said, sprinting to Yugi.

"What is it?" Jaden asked.

"We are not going to let you go through our city anymore, so leave while we feel generous enough not to kick your sorry asses." Dasher said, crossing his arms.

Bladedge nodded and walked away. " Come along guys." He said, gesturing them to follow him. Bubbleman nodded and walked up to Akari and tripped, landing on her breasts. Akari blushed deeply, shrieked, and hurled Bubbleman into the air. Bubbleman landed on Burstinatrix's lap after crashing into her, and he was burnt alive.

"NOT AGAIN!!!!" He wailed as he was airborne again, but was on fire still.

"Idiot," Burstinatrix said, sighing.

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