Drabble 06: Happy Birthday Lover

"Love? Do you know what day it is?" Chazz asks at one point of a particular day.

"Hai lover, it's Thursday." Atticus replies before going back to sorting out his cards.

"Hai love, but do you know the date?"

"It's the 29th of may, lover. Why do you ask?"

Chazz lets out a sigh. "Nothing, love. Just forget about it." 'How could he forget?'

"Okay, lover. If you say so."

"Yeah… Say love?"


"I think I'm going to bed."

"Eh? It's only 21.15."

"Hai, but I have a slight headache, so… I guess I'll sleep it off or something…"

"Oh, okay. Want me to bring you an aspirin later, lover?"

"Iie, that's okay, I'll be fine."

"Okay, lover. Good night."

"Good night love…"

After about half an hour, Chazz lets out a sigh. Getting up he walks towards the window and stares outside into nothing really, while only clothed in his boxers.

"Well, it could be worse I guess…." He mutters, trying to sooth his aching heart.

The door opens and Chazz sees Atticus in the reflection of the window.

"I told you I didn't need an aspirin."

"Did you really think I'd forget?" comes Atticus' soft voice.


Smiling at his lover, Atticus kisses the smaller boy before handing him a present.

"Happy Birthday, lover."

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