: sighs : Well, this fic means a lot to me. A friend of mine who was diagnosed with cancer awhile back died a few days ago. My father also died of cancer. I'm not in the medical profession or anything, my sister is so most of the information in this fic I get from her. I'm more knowledgeable with the psychological aspects of everything since Psychology is my major.

Warnings: I apologize for any errors in grammar, spelling or anything. Just, while typing in some parts I started crying. Also, this fic is UN-BETA-ED! And will remain that way. This fic means too much for me to have someone correct it when they don't even understand what's going on.

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Title: This Nightmare

Part One of ?

Pairings: None. Oishi+Eiji+Fuji friendship.

Warnings: Crying, minor cussing.

I just thought that I'd let you know
That although I'm far
I'm close to you within
And all the time spent by your side
Is taken deep in me
Held for me to keep

-Hoobastank "Let you Know"

"I'll be okay mom…I just want to be alone for a bit." I gave my mom and dad a small smile and turned away from their red eyes and worried faces. "I'll call you!" I called over my shoulder.

I walked down the sidewalk away from the building I had just spent hours in, away from my family, away from…

Oh God.

The streets weren't busy as they normally are, of course its Friday. Everyone is at school and the adults are working.

I looked down at my watch, 3:22 pm. If I were at school right now, I'd be suiting up in my Regular's uniform getting ready of practice. Joking with Oishi, Fuji and the other guys…

Right now, I should be with my family. My mom and dad, in their arms, having them comfort me and tell me everything is going to be okay.

But, I spent the past 6 hours with them, having them hold me and tell me everything would be okay…and they turned out to be wrong. Nothing is okay.

I'm sick.

I found myself in front of my school Seishun Gakuen or as many also know it by as Seigaku. Walking up the short flight of steps, I made my way to the tennis court area. I could hear other students from other clubs laughing or cheering having fun, no worries.

After turning the corner of a building, I could finally hear the sounds coming from the Tennis courts. The sound of shoes scuffing the courts, the hitting of a ball with the racket, the sound of the ball as it bounces, the sound the net makes when a ball its it….

Like music to my ears.

As I came closer, I could see Ryuzaki-sensai standing there her arms crossed as usual, her granddaughter beside her along with her friend Tomo-chan.

Taking a deep breath, I stuffed my hands deep into the pants of my cargo pants and made my way over to them.

Tomo-chan was the first to notice me. "Kikumaru-senpai!" She exclaimed, catching everyone's attention. I couldn't help but to blush when whatever activities were going on stopped and all eyes were on me.

"Eiji!" Ryuzaki-sensai, "Get back to work!" She quickly called to players and then turned to me, uncrossing her arms. "How are you feeling? We received notice from the office you were going to be out today."

What could I say? I felt somewhat okay, but at the same time I felt like- just blank empty.

"I…ano, I just had to get some test ran." I informed her, pointing to the crook in my arm that was wrapped in a bright pink bandage. I met her eyes; she looked worried, like my mom had when the doctor came in, before he told us…

"Gomen," I bowed to her, keeping my head down and my eyes tightly shut. "I- I hate missing practice…especially when Nationals are coming…"

I felt her put her hand on my shoulder pushing me up to stand straight. But I kept my head lowered. I couldn't look up…if I did, I'd start to cry.

God, why did I come here?

"May…I borrow Fuji and Oishi for a moment?" I had to tell them now; I couldn't let them here from anyone else. I know my parents would be contacting the school to let them know of my illness and then information would leak out.

I felt my Tennis Coach's hands leave my shoulder, and I heard her clap loudly, grabbing the attention of the club members on the court.

"Oishi! Fuji! Take a break from your warm ups! Echizen, Tezuka you two team up for warm ups!" She clapped again, "Continue!"

I heard the scuffling and panting of my two best friends as they ran over. "Eiji!" They both exclaimed.

"How are you feeling?" Oishi asked, I could feel his eyes on me and I felt him place his hands on my shoulders, pushing me a little- wanting me to look at him. I couldn't though.

I knew if I did. I'd run.

"I believe- it would be best, if you two changed and ended practice early today."

"Demo, Ryuzaki-sensei-"

"It's a order Oishi. I believe this is more important."

She turned away then, her arms crossed as she watched the team warm up.

I followed Oishi and Fuji into the dressing room, and sat on the bench as I waited for them to get changed. "Eiji…" Taking a deep breath, I looked up to meet Fuji's earth blue eyes. "Daijoubu?"

"Aa. We," I looked from him to Oishi and then down at my lap. "need to talk about something."

"Okay…" There was a silence; I know they were waiting for me to say something. Not here. I can't. Not here.

"Lets go." I stood and we left the building and school grounds. We walked in silence, most the way. They asked me questions but I just shook my head responding with "Not yet."

When we finally reached our destination, I let out a sigh of relief to find out that the green container hadn't been moved yet.

It was weird, coming here with anyone besides Oishi, but Fuji…I looked at him out the corner of my eye. He's been my friend for since our second year, most our classes were together. If Oishi wasn't around…I had Fuji.

"Nya! C'mon!" I ran towards the container and jumped up, catching hold of the top edge to pull myself up. Once there, I notice no one had joined me. I looked over and down at my friends, who were looking at me, stunned.

"Come on!" I repeated, giving them a big smile. They placed their bags down and soon joined me. Fuji to my left, Oishi to me right. I stood, my hands on my hips taking a deep breath- enjoying the view of the hills and city.

I shut my eyes as a gentle breeze came; wiping my hair making it tickle my nose. I opened my eyes and looked down at them again. Fuji's face was serious, his normal smile gone his eyes open looking at me. Oishi's eyebrows were knitted together and his face filled with concern.

"I…" Not again, my eyes started to burn. The tears were coming back. "as you guys know…" I slowly sat down, crossing my legs staring down at my hands. "I went to the doctor today, just for my physical. My mom was concerned cause I've been really sluggish lately and…Sensei, suggested it too cause I've had some aches in my joints and stuff…"

"Like those muscle spasms?" That question from Fuji shocked me, no one knew about those or I thought. But it's Fuji, Seigaku's tensai.

"Yeah." I bit my lip. "Oishi, Fuji…you guys have always been there for m-me, and-and, you guys are my bes-best friends…" Damn it, I was crying, I could feel the tears as the trailed down my cheeks.

Two pairs of arms wrapped around me, I could smell both their scents as they held me close. Oishi liked to wear an American-brand body spray known as Axe while Fuji was something he ordered from France that made him smell like Candy Apples, in my opinion.

"What's going on Eiji, please, you're scaring us."

"They…ran test. A lot of them…and they found something. The-they found a lot of immature blood cells or something." I took a deep breath, preparing myself for what I was about to tell them.

If I say it, that means it's true. I have to face the fact.


"I have cancer." I said, my voice barely above a whisper. But when I heard gasps and their grips on me tightened, I knew they heard me. "Leukemia…."

Tsuzuku… To Be Continued…


Wow, I got this part done. I wanted it to be much longer, but I felt the next part I should have the others find out or something about his family (brothers and sisters finding out)

By the way…it was only his mother and father mentioned in this chapter because I don't know the ages of his other siblings however, I've placed them all scattered between then ages of 16-23 so in this chapter they are at school or work.

Also, if you know of Eiji's brothers and sisters ages and names, please let me know…or else I will create their identities….I'm an FBI agent now.

Wow, I got this part done. I wanted it to be much longer, but I felt the next part I should have the others find out or something about his family (brothers and sisters finding out)