Disclaimer: ... Really, what would make you think that I owned KH? I wish I did.

Author's Note: A story told in notes, as in notes you pass around in school when you're supposed to be listening to Mr. Ansem... I mean, your teacher.

For most people, KH2 made them totally love Akuroku. I am one of them, except that what KH2 really did to me was make me love the OT3 even more. R/S/K LOVE. They're all going to get married and kidnap Ed from FMA to be their love child, just you wait.

Sora is the plain font, Riku is bold, and Kairi is italics.


Mr. Ansem is staring at you, Riku.

Shut up.

He wants you.

Leave him alone, Sora. It's not his fault Mr. Ansem wants to keep him afterschool...


You don't mean it.

Yes, I do.

You love us.

No, I don't.


Did you guys do your homework?

... Homework?

Mr. Ansem is insane; how could he expect us to do a five page essay on Shakespeare in one night?

... Five page?

I don't know... I only got two done.

That's a page and a half more than me.

... Shakespeare?

If you didn't fall ASLEEP yesturday you would know about this, Sora.

Well EXCUSE me. Who was the one who made me go to the store at three in the morning to buy him stupid SHAMPOO?

Uh. Uh. Riku?


What do I win?

A once in a lifetime chance of doing my homework!

But Sora-poo, how is that once in a lifetime?

... Stuff it.

Do you need a hug?

Ewwww! Riku germs!

God forbid you get touched by Riku.

He's so girly. His hair is longer than yours, Kai.

Hey, now that you mention it... it is! I never noticed.

Atleast my hair is naturally this shiny. You have to go through bottles and bottles of hair care products to get that look.

Is this true?

... No...

You don't recycle the used bottles, either.


Oh, she is so bad, that Kairi. Thinking of her hair before the world.

Such a shame; I thought she was a nice girl, too.

You never know with people these days.


How mean! Picking on poor, defenseless little me...

Sweetie, we would never do that.

Alas, I wish I could believe you, my darling...

Say it isn't so! You do not trust my words, my love?

It's not that, it's—how do I say it?—the last time I believed such nice words, I was forced to watch a horror movie marathon.

Hey, you said you liked that!

We say a lot of things.

How can I ever trust you again!

Oh dear, Kairi, I think we lost his trust again.

What shall we do?

I fear that I do not know the answer...

You can bake me a cake.


Sure why not?

My place?


We're sticking to actual flavors this time. No more trying to create new ones.


Oh. You know when I said that I didn't love you guys?



I lied.


"Are you passing notes again?"

The three looked up, only to find an agitated Mr. Ansem glaring at them. "Maybe," they answered in unison.

He looked at each student, and smirked when his eyes rested on Riku. "Detention for tommorow sounds nice, doesn't it?"

The silver haired boy whimpered. Sora leaned closer to him and whispered, "Told ya so."

"Bite me."