I must finish this story.

Miaka placed flower on his grave, her eyes tight with long held tears.

"Hey, I know I never treated ya great, but understand, I really loved you," she drew a breathe, placing a palm against the cool marble of his tomb.

"He understands, people always forgive, eventually," she jumped, falling against the Lily of the Valleys she had placed.

"Oh, why are you here," she choked, turning away from her father.

Sasuke walked away from the woods, examining the tombstone.

"My entire family is buried here. All of course, except Itachi, my brother,"

"He's dead?"

"Yes, I killed him with my own hands. It had to be me to stop him, it couldn't be anyone else or-"

"Did I ask for your life story. Aren't you supposed to be reserved! Without an annoying need to speak like the rest of this family!" she stormed off, leaving her crumpled flowers on the fresh dirt. Sasuke ground his teeth into his cheek, flexing his fingers.

The man moved away, walking down the trail he had taken. It was quiet, as he had left it, as it should have stayed. The night he had killed Itachi, had walked into the building, pulled the sheets off the man and the woman who had laid with him before murdering the dirty son of a-. Sasuke stopped at this memory. A woman had been with him, he remembered. Since Itachi's 'passing' the memory of him had been almost been absent from his mind, or more, he kept it from his thoughts.

"A woman," Sasuke muttered. A female who was in bed with his brother. A woman who might of watched Sasuke kill her lover. A woman like Sakura who waited patiently for a cold Uchiha to turn his attention her way. He followed the trail around a bend, finding himself back at the same burial ground where several new graves now lay. Guards, Miaka's friend, her support, it seemed almost-

Sasuke stopped, his mind racing. That night, the woman, Sakura's house fire, Miaka's dead friend, it, it-Sasuke sprinted through the forest , trying to get home as quickly as he could.

"Miaka, home so early, I was thinking we could go out later and buy you a couple new kimonos. Hmm? Sound good? Miaka I-"

"Hello Sakura U-chi-ha,"

Sakura stayed very still against the burning tip of a sword.

"What," she whispered as a pearl of blood slid down her throat.

"Uchiha, it was going to be my name. Someday at least I thought about it, knew he was thinking about it to, though you can never tell with those men, those horrible Uchiha men, but of course you would know about that, wouldn't you Sakura…."

The knife turned Sakura around, face to face with a women, younger then her, better aged too, with hair like white snow swept up on top of her head.

"Who," Sakura choked as another pearl of blood left the knife's tip.

"oh, wouldn't try talking sweet heart, that knife is pretty tight against your throat," she wasn't smiling, or smirking. It was cold, angry, even subdued. "When your lover killed my Itachi I was overwhelmed with grief. But Sasuke disappeared, and besides, I wasn't a ninja, I was a woman of the craft, of luxury and softness, of-"

"You're a whore," Sakura bit back, wincing as the knife drew more blood.

The woman's neck drew upward in anger but she didn't speak.

"Want me to-" a gruff voice said behind Sakura's hair.

"No, I want her to know why she's going to die," the woman whispered, finally betraying a smile. "I loved Uchiha, and when I finally located his killer, I was delighted to find Orochimaru had killed him, and left a grieving lover behind. It seemed so perfect. I was left, and his bitch was left as well, but without the taste of revenge in her mouth. Of course, I didn't keep close tabs on you, as I should have. When I heard you had a child, it didn't strike me as his, otherwise I would of come right away to kill you both. No, it took the actual news of Sasuke's rebirth to draw me out. I was so full of wrath. You had a child, and a lover, the man who had killed my love. So, I hired Gunt here, and came to systematically let my self known. It seems I overestimated Sasuke though, because though I burned your home down, and killed your child's friend it never struck anyone that anything was specifically odd. But after days of analysis, I know exactly how this going to end,"

She was beaming now, taking off her black cloak to reveal a simple red dress with a clumsy fan sewn in the pocket corner. "You're going to die, a case of apparent suicide , and in you note your going to tell you daughter of the horrible stress her hate of her father put her under, and how she never really loved her child in the first place. Never above her lover, never,"

"Lies," Sakura cried, her actions bound by the knife.

"Truth to her, and to Sasuke. And when Miaka and Uchiha destroy the happy little family you've created, I'll leave, only to return when she's killed him from revenge as Sasuke killed Itachi. Now tell me Sakura, does it hurt, to know it's all your-"

Miaka's foot landed squarely on the man's groin, pushing her mother away just as the knife slipped and fell directly below his feet. Miaka's hands twisted around his neck, the crack muted against Sakura's angry explosion of chakra as she pushed the women into the yard. The women squared off, Sakura struggling to move with blood flowing down her throat.

"You bitch!" the woman called to Sakura, trying to collect her hair back into a knot on the top of her head. Suddenly her hair was the least of her worries, as her head rolled to rights, as her body fell to the left. Miaka raced to her mother, ignoring the body she had just decapitated.

"Mom, you ok? Mommy?" Sakura was starring straight ahead, unfazed.

"She wanted to kill me, to get back at Sasuke…"

"SAKURA!" Sasuke yelled, sprinting into the yard before pulling Sakura from Miaka's arms into his arms.

"What happened?" Miaka opened her mouth, closed it, unsure.

"I don't-"

"It's fine, I don't expect you to talk to me if you don't want to. Just let me take your mother to the hospital alright. Go get Neji, Naruto, get someone," Sasuke moved quickly away, quicker then Miaka could see.

"o.k" she mumbled, unsure what had just transpired. Didn't anyone care she had just killed two people, for the first time. Didn't any one want to tell her who those two were, and why they were after her mother. Why did Sasuke not care?

Hours later Sasuke sat next to Sakura's bed, holding her hand in his, starring into nothingness. Miaka sat outside, shocked.

"He hasn't said anything?" Neji asked, sitting next to her.


"and Sakura?"

"She's not hurt, just a little shocked, and her throat was cut bad, so they just repaired it. She's fine,"

"Are you?" Miaka starred at him, her lips trembling.

"You know you're the first person whose asked me that…" she leaned against her chair, starring at her hands.

"maybe, Miaka, no one asked, because they didn't think you wanted them to know," she starred at him, unsure. She opened her mouth just as a nurse opened the door to Sakura's room.

"Alright Uchihas, Sakura is all bandaged up and ready to go home," Miaka stood, waiting patiently as Sasuke helped Sakura up, her smile back as she saw Miaka.

"Darling, ready to go home?"

Miaka starred at them both, nodded, and walked away. Sasuke starred after her, letting Sakura advance a few steps after her child before following after, his mind starting to process what he had to do next.

Sasuke paced the floor, his hands clasped behind his back.

"Here, with them. I can't just, I can't just leave…" he let out a breath, lowering his hands to the wood floor. "I have a responsibility to my…family….But I can't pretend it didn't happen. It is too dangerous to allow them to live like this. I, I know it's not right, but it's time to leave,"

Sakura bent over her new rose bushes, her little behind stuck up in the air.

"If I can just get this weed, it would be so much easier if I had a…Ahh, there we go. Well Mr. Rosebush, I….." Sasuke walked further away from her, letting her voice be the last thing he heard as he moved through his yard. No, not his any more, her, their yard. He traced his hands against the gate with his families sign molded into the iron. Maybe it was best that be the only thing left of the Uchiha family. Miaka was his father, but not her dad. He could leave the Harunos in peace, letting his destructive nature of leaving them be the only reminder of his presence.

"Where do you think your going?" Sasuke lifted his head, glaring at his daughter. "Last week you told me that everyone forgives. She forgives you, so why are you leaving," Miaka said, letting her words catch on the wind and amplify in the empty street.


"You know, mom says that my worst qualities are your best. My stubbornness, my long memory, my ability to never forget I mean. But, me best qualities are some of her worst. My snappy attitude and ever lasting feelings. Don't make your worst quality become mine to. Don't leave her, because when I have to, she'll never forgive me, and I guess, she's never going to forget you anyway,"

Sasuke moved his hand down the iron fan, tracing against the rust with his forefinger. "When I was young my family lived here, and died here. Yesterday, you killed two people I should have dealt with to protect your mother. I wasn't there, and it was my fault, so don't tell me to stay,"

He pushed against the gate and Miaka stepped forward, panic in her eyes. "It wasn't your fault!" she managed. Sasuke's hand slipped and he turned back, his eyes squinting I the afternoon sun. "You loved mom, and she loved you and then you were taken from her, the only person you had left who loved you unconditionally. You didn't even know where you were, let alone where she was, or who I was,"


"Let me finish," she shouted, her head bent to the ground and hands stick straight against her sides, "I hated you because you weren't here. When you came back you treated me like I was some stranger in your perfect new life with my mom!…But…but," the ground had started collecting tiny drops of moisture that curiously landed around Miaka's sandaled feet. "You didn't treat me like your daughter, and I resented that. But, but, I didn't treat you like my dad, or my mother's love," she had looked at him now, her eyes swollen with tears. "And, I'm, really, really sorry!" she choked, her tears overflowing as she wailed, sinking to the ground. Sasuke stepped forward, unsure.

"Miaka, I-"

"Don't leave me! Not again, not ever, stay , stay with me, and, and mom. We can start a new life, a new family. The clan can grow strong again and we can live together with mom and be happy and live together. Together with you and mom and me and our house and just promise you won't leave o.k. Just don't leave me o.k., just please stay alright!"

She rocked on her heels, her eyes searching his for any emotion to betray how he felt. Sasuke stood, eyes glazed, mouth clenched, hands curled into fists.

"Miaka, when I am around this family people die and get hurt. I am a selfish man whose pride overpowers everything and anything else. Yet…yet," he looked at his child, her black hair damp against her face with tears, her long eyelashes flat against her cheek as she closed her eyes to keep his words out. "Yet, because I am selfish, and proud, and careless, I can't leave what I am most proud of," he moved forward, hesitant at first, then bold as he knelt and picked up his teenage daughter as if she was 7 and held her against his chest, smelling her hair as she cried into his chest.

"Don't leave dad," she murmured into his chest.

"I won't leave you, Miaka Uchiha, you or mom. Ever again,"

Sasuke walked back to the house with long strides, watching Miaka's back. She was brushing away tears and ignoring him, stepping quickly back to their house.

"There you two are. Talking I see.." Sakura asked as Miaka stormed past, ignoring her mothers smug smile. "Oh what was she saying?" Sakura bugged Sasuke as he reached her, both watching Miaka as she struggled twice to pull the door before pushing it and falling in.

"None of your business," he murmured, taking her hand before swinging her legs around his waist and kissing her lips.

"Hey, is that any way to handle a pregnant woman?!"