The past

This is just a poem I had in my head for sometime now and I wanted to write it down, It's based on the game Shadow the hedgehog.

Authors note: I do not own any SEGA charters in this Story and I probably never will sigh --

Shadows Pov:

As I look around I see blood everywhere I cannot help it but just tostare.

I take another glance and I see someone there.

I walk a little closer to see them with my care.

But as I walked towards them they punched me in the face.

I bleed heavily with blood running down my cheek.

I look up at my attacker and stare at them in the face.

It seems to be Black doom for I was betraying him in that case.

He gives me a smirk and then punches me in the jaw.

I skid across the road and and try to lift myself up.

He picks my weak body up by the throat and slowly suffcates me with a "ha"

I try to gasp for air but it seem that there is nonw there.

I grab him by his cloak and I kick him in his throat.

He screams out in misery, but all I do is feel pity.

This poor retched creature lying on the floor.

Blood smeared everywhere.

Across from the moor.

He looks at me with Despair but I really don't care.

He reaches out he's hand as if edging me to take it.

I seem to not give a damn while he dies in the moonlight.

I pick up mygun, and then brush some dirt off.

I walk away with head up .

I take one last glance at the past and then I get home at last.

How did you like this was it good? Bad? So-so? Well please tell me review I actually think it was pretty good myself for a first poem but it's your decision.