Forgetting Ginny Weasley.

Ginny smiled as she clung to the rails of the stairs in the burrow. Her tiny eyes gleamed as she watched Harry and Ron playing Wizard Chess. Her delicate blue night dress skimming the carpet. She had never seen Harry this much before. Her last encounter with him ages ago back at the Hogwarts train. Now here he was again , twelve years old and sitting in her house. How she would love to speak with him if she could , or even smile at him. But every time she tried to , she panicked and shunned him away. He would never like her now.

" Ginny are you okay? Ginny whats wrong?"

She opened her eyes and smiled as Harry sat down beside her.

" Is everything alright?" Harry looked at her concerned. " You,v been dropping off all day Ginny."

Ginny laughed and sat up straight. " I'v been dreaming Harry , well remembering actually."

Harry looked up startled. " Remembering what exactly?"

Ginny looked away and blushed. " I remember the first day I saw you at the train station and then at school the following year. I felt so stupid because I really liked you and I thought you would never like me , plain Ginny Weasley."

" I liked the plain Ginny Weasley."

Ginny smiled. " Thats not I mean , its just that I never thought that could happen. It was like winning the lottery."

" Yeah well " said Harry. " I never liked that Michael and Dean was alright , but ...Hey Ginny , Was Ron okay with the two of us , you know being together and everything? I never really asked him straight out."

Ginny scowled. " If I was dating a crow ,it still would be none of Rons business. But in answering your question , yeah Ron was cool with it. He always has been , I think he wanted it to be that way actually. Disapointing isn't it , Ron was right for once."

" Ah lay of him for once Ginny. He's a good brother deep down...way deep down. He only wants the best for you and hey if I remember correctly , he was devastated down in the Chamber of Secrets. He was certain you were dead , so was I. He's just protective of you , any brother would be."

Ginny nodded and lay against Harry's shoulder. " I wish you'd give me another chance Harry. I wish I could prove to you that I am strong , that I can face Voldermort by your side."

Harry sighed and stood up. He cupped her head in his hands. " You havent done anything wrong Ginny.You have nothing to prove to me .But if I am to go back to school this year. I cant put you in anymore danger than I already have."

" I liked the danger Harry."

Harry turned around sharply. " You dont know what real danger is Ginny. Its not running around playing the hero and having strangers congragulate you all the time. You faced danger last summer in the ministry and got out of it pretty damn unharmed. It wont be the same this time , nor will it be as easy. Dumbledore is dead , Snape and Malfoy are on the loose and I am ...I ...alone on a mission , of which I cant tell you if I,ll survive or not. So dont tell me you liked the danger , because I dont Ginny. I dont."

"I'm sorry Harry." Tears welled up her eyes and she fled from the room.

Harry kicked the chair and flung himself down. A hand touched his shoulder.

" Get off me." Harry looked around and saw Hermione's startled face. " He appologised and forced a smile at his best friend.

She smiled back and hugged him. He didnt refuse the hug. Ron walked in and sat down as Harry broke apart from Hermione.

" Rough evening mate " said Ron.

Harry sighed and went to speak but stopped. Hermione however decided the truth must be told.

" Ron you have to speak to Ginny."

" Speak " cried Ron. " Have you seen that girl. If I go near her , she'll take my head of with one wave of her wand. Raving lunatic sometimes."

" She's your sister Ronald."

" You're a girl Hermione. Why dont you speak to her? Harry and I cant possibly talk to Ginny. She has all these female issues , I dont understand any of them."

Harry bit his lip and covered his face with his hands. Ron sighed and walked over.

" Hey Harry. I'm not mad at you or anything. I understand why you did what you did. In fact I'm rather pleased , that you would care that much about Ginny. She looks up to you mate. Give her time and she'll come around. Listen Ginny has always been stubborn , she doesnt get the fact that Voldermort." Ron shuddered at the name. " that Voldermort harms people you like or care about and guess what , she probably will never get it. So dont kill yourself over it , anyway you could still be together after this is all over."

Harry turned away. " Yeah like this mess will ever be over Ron. It might be over some day , for me when Voldermort finds me again and silences me for good. He was right , Dumbledore wouldn't be there to save me all the time and now the time has come and look I am alone."

Hermione snorted. " Oh for heavens sake Harry. You are not alone. You still have Lupin , Rons Parents , the Order of the Phoenix and many more witches and wizards who would come to your aid, and you have us Harry. Ron and I would never let you down , at least not before using everything we,v got to offer."

Ron nodded. " She's right Harry."

Harry smiled and faced his two best friends and then looked out the window at Ginny who was sitting alone.

Hermione noticed this. " Harry giving up something or someone you love is a very hard thing to do. But it is the consequence of the action that you will have to regret for the rest of your life if you make the wrong choice. You made the right choice Harry. Nobody could have asked for more."

Harry nodded and turned away his gaze. " She'll understand someday Hermione. Someday when she is with another wizard who loves her as much as I do. She will see that I only did this to protect her from me. I bring trouble with me Hermione, and I off load it onto the people I care about , you and Ron. She has no idea how lucky she is right now. My life wasnt made for living , it was decided a long time ago , that I would be the one to destroy Voldermort or , well you know the other side. The point is , Ginny would live a life of hell if she were to stay with me, and I cant do that to her. She'll probably grow up to hate me , but thats better than having her whole life taken from her as mine was."