Hermione arrived at the shop just in time. She knocked on the door.

" Who is it? " came a small timid voice.

" Hermione Granger Sir. Please I have urgent news."

He opened the door slightly.

" Good heavens girl it is you. What are you doing out so late? These streets are not safe anymore."

" May I come in Sir? The news I bring is private."

" Yes of course." He opened the door fully and she walked in and sat down on a stool by a bookshelf.

" You heard about Shayne I expect."

" I did Sir I..."

" He ran from the Aurors you know... the last night. Foolish lad... he could be dead in a ditch for all I know. He was an Auror you see... so he apparently dodged their spells. But he was injured no doubt."

" That's why I have come Sir " said Hermione. " To bring news about Shayne. He arrived at the Burrow the last night... he was very sick and Mr and Mr Weasley cared for him. He's stable now."

" You mean he's alive? " cried his Uncle.

" Yes Sir. If you would like to come back and see him now."

" Why yes of course... let's go immediatly. Oh thank you. I was so worried. So frightened that he was dead."

" Oh he's very much alive Sir and he would love to see you."


" WHAT " cried Shayne as Mrs Weasley told him his Uncle was coming.

" I arranged for your uncle to come " said Mrs Weasley surprised at his outburst.

" No " cried Shayne. " He must not see me like this. I betrayed his trust. I ran from the law. I have let him down."

" I think he will understand " said Mrs Weasley.

Shayne sighed. " This is terrible. How can I face him?"

" Pride is nothing compared to safety and life young man. You are lucky to be alive... and thats what you should be thinking about. Whether or not you have issues with your uncle is not your main concern today. You have half the Aurors in the country looking for you. That is the real problem here."

" I know Mrs Weasley and I'm gratefull ... really I am."

" Your Mother would have not wanted you to fall out with your uncle. So dont ... keep your family close Shayne."

" You knew my Mother?"

" Sure I did. She was a lovely woman. Warm , kind , generous. It was a scandal what happened to her and I knew it didn't seem right the fact that her body was found and not your Fathers."

Shayne clenched his fists. " If I could go back there again. I probably would kill him a second time over. Nothing will ever excuse what he did to her. Nothing."

" Murder is not called for Shayne dear. No matter what the cause."

" Nor is betrayal Mrs Weasley. Which is what he believed in. He got hooked on that nutters insane beliefs and he destroyed our lives because of it."

Mrs Weasley sighed. " No one ever expects it to happen to them dear."

" Sorry?"

" I mean. We all hear of these stories where families lives have been turned upside down by some accident or murder. We all say , oh thats a shame but it would never happen to us and then when it does..." Mrs Weasley's face turned pale.

" Your Brothers were murdered by Voldemort weren't they Mrs Weasley?"

She nodded.

" The Prewetts " said Shayne. " Yes I remember seeing pictures of them at the ministry. I've heard loads Mrs Weasley about how brave they were... that they fought to the end. You should be proud of them Mrs Weasley. They didn't die in vain."

" Excuse me " she cried and she turned away tears falling from her eyes. Pulling out a tissue she dabbed them quickly and turned around again.

" I'm sorry " said Shayne. " I didn't mean to upset you. I just..."

" No... it;s not that " sniffed Mrs Weasley. " It's just that Arthur and I dont discuss it very much. It's very painfull you see. It was at the height of Voldemort. There was a time in which the good side appeared to be winning and then... the Potters were murdered and the Longbottoms were tortured and then my ... my brothers... everything was back to the way it had been. People frightened... people living in fear. Even when Voldemort was suposidly gone... there was still this cloud of fear around us. It never trualy left you see and now he's back ... reborn as they call it and again we are thrown into this horrid world filled with death and pain everywhere you go. There are very few wizards alive today who have not lost someone to that monster Shayne. Very few."

" My Uncle has been living in fear ever since my Mother was killed Mrs Weasley."

She nodded. " Downstairs on the wall. I have a clock which tells me where everyone is at all times. For the past two years now. It's been pointing to mortal peril for each and every one of us. I dread that someday I will look at that clock and it will say dead. Even now I fear to look at it incase it ever does because at this stage one does not know."

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