Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen... and Angelica. (That's so funny I forgot to laugh.) I'm just kidding, Angie. (Well, I'm not when saying you are on very thin ice, mister.) Whatever. Well, as you guys could real on the story's title, this is my fourth one with Chuckie's superhero ID, The ColoRed Chuck. But, before we continue, Angelica, can you?

(Of course I can. DISCLAIMER. Ramiro, like everyone posting stories in this site, doesn't own the Rugrats/AGU characters portrayed on the following fic. The same can be said about all the characters from different series who will appear on cameos or little roles, and the original character "El Chapulin Colorado", fused with Chuckie to create his superheroic ID, copyrighted by Mexican Network Televisa and Roberto Gomez Bolaños "Chespirito".)

Thanks, Angelica. As she just said, in this story I'll have lots of guest stars from other cartoons, mainly from Nickelodeon. At the end of the fic, of course, we'll have another disclaimer for their use. Besides them, I'll have one or two OC filling a few roles.

(My turn again. This story is set about a year after "Return of The Colored Chuck", so Finster will be married with... ME! Yes!) Cool down, girl. (Okay, I can continue. Anyway, this means we'll be on our twenties, as well as most of the characters, including the ones from other series.)

One last detail. The word "Chanfle", created by Chespirito, will be used a few times in this story. As explained in other fics of mine, this word serves to express anger, surprise, or a bad word, depending on the sentence it's used.

(Okay, people, enough talking. Is time for me and my favorite geek to shine on stage... in other words, let's the games begin!)

A new hero in town.

A Rugrats/AGU fic by Acosta Perez Jose Ramiro.

Faster than a speeding turtle!

Stronger than a mouse!

More noble than a lettuce!

His shield is a heart!

He is... The ColoRed Chuck!

The Local Hero.

Location, Third National Bank, in the Californian population of Everwood City, one hundred miles away from Los Angeles. In this place, many people manage several business everyday, save and retire the honest earned money product of their job, and, right now, a known phrase is heard inside the manager's office.

"Follow me, Good Guys!"

"As you can see, this toy can say almost three dozen ColoRed Chuck's related phrases, and is fully articulated. It's a sure hit." Angelica Pickles-Finster, in a blue business suit, showed the newest product of Pickles Toys, the little company created by her uncle Stu, and currently co-owned with his main toy designer, his son, Dylan "Dil" Pickles. The bank manager, Edith Monroe, a slightly overweighed red-haired glassed woman, about Angie's age, wearing a green business suit, checked closely said toy, who looked a lot like the real thing in every detail.

"This is a very well built action figure, Mrs Pickles-Finster. It even seems that the real ColoRed Chuck posed for it." Edith commented.

"Actually, that's not far away from truth. You see, Merge Corp, my mother's company, alongside Pickles Toys, contacted the hero to ask for permission to make this toy. Of course, a good part of the profits will be donated to charity, according to The ColoRed Chuck's conditions. Since he'll not receive any money directly, we'll also give a little percentage to the Union of Heroes, Paladins and Similar, because they sustain their organization thanks to this kind of deals and some donations. That's why I asked for this meeting, so your bank can handle the needed transactions." Angelica explained. Of course, she didn't mention that Dil helped create The ColoRed Chuck's ID and gadgets, and that he was her husband, Charles Crandall "Chuckie" Finster, since eight months ago.

"Okay, we have a deal. Our bank will be more than glad to participate." Edith said, smiling. Then, she pressed again the button on the figure's back to activate the voice's chip.

"Suspected that from the beginning." The figure said, using one of the many phrases Chuck taped with Dil's help. It even had several of his bad-said proverbs, and a few recommendations for kids, like "Eat Fruits and Vegetables", and "Don't play with a knife while riding a bike", among others.

Angelica and Edith worked on the business' details, and, less than an hour later, they were done. The moment Angelica shook hands with Edith, both women heard yelling coming from outside the office. They quickly ran to the door, and opened it slightly, gasping at the scene.

"Everybody down, and keep your mouths closed or things will get ugly! Those are the orders of Bumble Man! Buzz!" A middle aged man, wearing a ridiculous mask-less bee disguise (similar to the ones used by sportive team's mascots), including wings, antennae, and a big sting, directed to the bank's clients and staff. He wouldn't be so scary except for the fact he was holding two strange guns; one was black, dripping little amounts of a white liquid that solidified the moment it hit the floor, and the other was yellow, with a sharp point that seemed to be part of a dart. Edith and Angelica noticed that two of the bank's guards were covered by the liquid-made-paste, unable to move, and another one was on a fetal position, obviously in pain, with two darts on his back.

"My darts are filled with bee's poison, extremely painful, and lethal in high dose, so you'll better obey me, buzz! And, if any of you have the brilliant idea to call the cops, or summon you-know-who, I'll shot the whole charge against that person, buzz. Now, you, the people at the counter, give me all the money, or else, buzz." The Bumble Man said in an authoritarian tone, making the staff to start dropping all the money in the plastic bags the criminal already had tossed to them. Despite his silly-looking outfit, he was a well-known criminal, so nobody wanted to risk making him anger.

"He hadn't seen us. It's our chance." Edith whispered to Angelica. The red-haired took a deep breath to cool down, and say the famous phrase.

"Oh, and now, who will MMMPPPH!" Edith was cut by Angie, who covered her mouth while motioning her to be quiet.

"We can't just summon him. If we do, the jerk with the gun will shoot someone, remember?" Angelica explained while retiring her hand. Edith understood, and kept silence. Luckily, Angie knew more about this criminal than the average citizen, thanks to her husband, so she had an idea.

"Call the police. I know how to summon him without making this wacko to shot anyone." Angelica said to the manager. She dashed to her desk, and pressed the silent alarm's button. Meanwhile, Angie took a deep breath, and walked out from the office, with her hands down.

"Hey, who are you, buzz? Where did you came from, buzz?" Bumble Man asked Angie when spotting her, aiming at the woman with his wax's gun. Angelica gulped.

"Uh... I only came to apply for a job answering the phones, Mister Buzz." Angelica said in her best sweet and dumb tone. The criminal growled.

"My name isn't "Buzz", buzz! That's just an speech impediment, buzz! My name is Bumble Man!" The villain said in an angry tone.

"Your parents were hippies?" Angelica asked, keeping her facade.

"NO! I named myself, buzz!" Bumble man said, exasperated.

"Wow! You can do that? I always wanted to name myself Princess Angelina Contessa Louisa Francesca Banana Fana Bo Bestca, The Third." Angelica said with a silly smile. The criminal lowered his guns and clenched his fists and teeth.

"Okay, let's finish with this nonsense, buzz! My real name is not your business, and my villain name is Bumble Man!" The villain said, trying to keep his cool. Angelica scratched her chin.

"You're a villain? I thought you were a clown!" Angelica giggled. The criminal got a shocked expression.

"A CLOWN! I'm no clown, silly woman, buzz! I'm a dangerous villain, and I just said everyone to obey me and stay down without calling the cops or summoning you-know-who!" Bumble man roared, furious. Angelica backed up a little.

"You-Know-Who is another friend of yours?" Angelica asked.

"AARGH! I mean this city's hero! I don't want anyone to summon him, buzz!" Bumble Man snapped at her.

"And how can anyone summon him?" Angelica asked, grinning slightly.

"Everybody knows that, buzz! You must be in a danger situation, or needing help, and say out loud... Oh, and now, who will save us?... or protect us, or help us, or something like that. Buzz." Bumble man said in frustration. The moment he realized his mistake, a familiar voice was heard from behind him.

"I!" The villain turned to see a guy dressed in a red mask-less outfit, complete with a hood with antennae, yellow shorts, yellow and red sneakers, and a heart-shaped yellow symbol on the middle of his chest, with a red "CH" inside it. He was using purple glasses, but, at a distance, they seemed to be some sort of mask, and was holding a red and yellow mallet with both hands.

"THE COLORED CHUCK!" Bumble man growled, and aimed his darts' gun against the hero. Angelica knew she had to give Chuckie enough space to fight, so she jumped out of the way.

The Bumble Man started shooting his darts against Chuck. Luckily, even if he still had some accidents once in a while, Chuckie now was more agile and had lots more practice with his mallet than back when he saved Angelica the first time they met, so he could use it as a shield to block the darts and advance against the villain. When he noticed the darts were useless, decided to use the wax, but now Chuckie was close enough to use his Skweaky Lumper in an offensive way.


On a single movement, Chuck made Bumble Man to drop both guns. The criminal reacted by grabbing the mallet, so he and Chuck started struggling for the weapon's control.

"Hey, Bumble Man, time without seeing you; you still have that speech impediment?" Chuck asked the villain when they were face to face.

"Yes, buzz. You still have the silly costume and can't say correctly a proverb?" The villain snapped back. Chuck smirked.

"Yes... but at least I don't need to use a weapon to fight all the time." Chuck said while releasing his grip on the mallet. This was so sudden it caught the villain by surprise, and, before he could use the mallet, Chuck punched him on the chin, making Bumble man to fall on his back and drop the weapon. Chuckie, compared to most superheroes, wasn't very strong, but that didn't mean he couldn't give a good hit or two when needed, and, against this particular villain, he knew he had the edge in hand-to-hand fighting.

"And who are you to say my disguise is silly, uh?" The ColoRed Chuck said while advancing to finish the fight, but Bumble man rolled to show his rear to the hero, forcing him to keep his distance because of the large sting. The criminal rubbed his chin, and smirked at him.

"At least my outfit is fully functional, buzz!" Bumble Man said, and, a moment later, activated a special device on his wrist that made the wings to start moving. After a few seconds, he was flying a few feet over the floor.

"You'll never catch me, ColoRed Chuck!" The villain laughed evilly while flying through the room and heading to the exit. Chuck noticed then the wax's gun at his feet, and smiled; this was a gun he surely would be able to use.

The hero grabbed the gun and jumped over a nearby desk to shoot the wax at the flying criminal. Despite having a terrible aim, which made him to waste most of the wax, a little of the substance could hit The Bumble Man's wings, making him to fall to the ground. Chuck dashed next to him and pointed the criminal with the gun, smiling.

"This will keep you here until the police arrive. And, for the record, your escape phrase was already old when I was on diapers." The ColoRed Chuck pulled the trigger, but nothing came out.

"Chanfle! This is another reason I hate guns." Chuck said in frustration. The criminal took advantage of the situation, and stood up aiming his sting against Chuck, attacking him with it as if the sting was a sword.

"Hey, you have very good waist's movements!" Chuck said while avoiding a swing that almost cut his face.

"Well, you hadn't heard about the bees' dance? And besides, it seems those years of working in a carnival, as an Elvis' impersonator, are finally paying on, buzz." Bumble Man said with an evil grin while trying to hit his enemy.

Chuck got trapped against a wall with the sting right in front of him. The hero gulped in fear, but then noticed a wall's socket just a few feet at his left. Chuck got an idea, and, the moment the villain attacked, the hero grabbed the sting with both hands. The sting was sharp, but only at its point, so Chuck could keep a grip on it without being cut.

"Hey, release me! I'm not touching your rear, so stay away from mine! buzz!" Bumble Man said while trying to break free from Chuck's grip. The hero made an extra effort, and aimed the sting against the socket.

"A home-made bug zapper, coming up!" Chuck exclaimed, and then stuck the sting inside the socket, releasing it a moment later to avoid what was coming next.


"YIIIIAAAARRRGGHHBBBUZZZZ!" The villain yelled in pain, and, after a few seconds, was thrown through the room because of the electric shock. He stayed motionless, but still breathing, on the bank's floor, with his disguise half burnt and some sparks jumping from his wings.

"Didn't count with my cleverness!" Chuck said in his usual heroic tone, while everyone at the bank cheered at him (expect the officers, of course, since they were still incapacitated by the criminal's weapons). Chuck and Angie gave each other a fast glance, smiling fondly. Luckily, since it was common knowledge that he had saved Angelica's life a couple of times, nobody questioned they could be friendly with each other whenever they met in public, protecting his secret ID.

A few minutes later, two well known police officers, Phil and Lil DeVille, alongside another dozen cops and a few paramedics, appeared at the bank. Bumble Man was handcuffed while his disguise's sting was removed, both to avoid accidents and to make him fit well inside the patrol that would transport him. His wings were still covered by the wax, so there was no risk of him trying to escape by flying. Chuck, alongside the DeVilles and some of the paramedics, attended the people at the bank and got rid of the wax trapping the guards while the one who was darted was transported to the closest hospital. Angelica decided to talk with Chuck but, since there were a lot of people around, she had to be careful, especially because Edith seemed to be a great fan of The ColoRed Chuck and insisted on being close to him.

"Oh, ColoRed Chuck, since you are here, I think you'll be glad to hear that Miss Monroe and I had already finished that business concerning your new toy." Angelica said in an all-business tone. Chuck nodded.

"Hey, that's great. I hope enough people buy them; the people at the orphanage can give a good use to that money." Chuck commented. Edith, smiling, moved in front of the hero.

"Of course they'll buy it! I'm going to buy one myself... I mean, to my nephew!" Edith said, blushing. Angelica chuckled.

"You can keep the sample toy I showed to you. We have a lot." Angelica said to the manager. Edith smiled, and handled it to Chuck while taking a pen out from her suit.

"Can you autograph it for me... I mean, for my nephew? His name is Edith, like mine." The woman said, nervous. Angelica rolled her eyes; unless her nephew's parents were really liberal people, it was obvious the autograph was for the manager.

Chuck autographed the toy, and gave it back to Edith. She thanked him, and then walked away to give her declaration to the officers.

"You have more than a few fans, isn't it?" Angelica said to Chuck, arching an eyebrow. Of course she wasn't jealous, but liked to tease her husband once in a while; it was a huge part of their relationship. Chuck shrugged.

"I hope so, or that toy will be a major loss. How had you been, Mrs Pickles-Finster?" Chuck asked in a professional tone. Angelica chuckled.

"I still have to get used to my new last name... but I'm enjoying a lot my new life. My husband isn't the most handsome guy around, but he is very kind, funny, and so sweet I can get cavities just for kissing him." Angie said, smiling slightly at the hero. Chuck laughed a little, but remained in character.

"Well, I'm sure he must be a very good person, and surely a lucky one for marrying such a pretty and talentive woman. One witness told me that you tricked Bumble Man to summon me. Very clever," Chuck commented. Angelica blushed slightly.

"Hey, he is a guy that dresses like a bee and talks as if having a shaving machine inside his throat. Maybe he can be dangerous in a fight, but surely isn't the sharpest man around." Angelica shrugged. The conversation was cut when they noticed the press people's arrival.

"Guess we should go out. I have to give a short speech to the press, and surely they'll like to interview the person that risked her life to summon me." Chuck told Angelica. The blonde smiled; she enjoyed being the center of attention. A moment later, they were outside the bank where a dark blond woman in a green outfit was talking to the cameras.

"Good afternoon. I'm Doddie Bishop, reporting from Everwood National Bank, where the super criminal, Bumble Man, was stopped in his robbery attempt by our local hero, The ColoRed Chuck. Three security guards were incapacitated before the hero could be summoned, and one of them had to be transported to the hospital a few moments ago; luckily, it seems his condition is stable. Oh and here's the man of the moment, The ColoRed Chuck." Doddie said while moving next to Chuck, alongside several reporters from the local newspapers and magazines, as well as a few ones from more recognized ones.

"ColoRed Chuck, can you give us some details about the fight?" Doddie asked the hero. Chuck hated to be rude, but he knew he had to limit his time around the reporters so they couldn't take many close shots of him that might reveal his identity; luckily, this time he had a sure way to escape the interview.

"Well, Miss Bishop, the lovely lady next to me, Mrs Angelica Pickles-Finster, is the one that faced the criminal and handled to summon me. I trust her enough to allow her to answer any question regarding the battle." Chuckie said in his heroic voice. Angelica smiled and moved next to the reporters, who started questioning her about what happened inside the bank; she exaggerated a couple of details, but her description was quite accurate.

Chuck was about to leave when he heard some women screaming, but not in fear, but in excitement. Everyone at the scene turned in the direction of the noise, and noticed a man standing at the end of the street, between two pretty young women, a brunette and a blonde.

"Look, down at the street!" A random woman said, excited.

"Is Val Kilmer!" Another woman said.

"Antonio Banderas! AAAH!" A reporter girl said, fainting at the end.

"No... is Super Hunk!" Lil said, blushing.

"Oh, man! Not him!" Chuck thought, slapping his forehead in annoyance.