Angelica and Chuckie appear sitting on a theater's booth, holding hands. She is dressed on her intellectual-like look, with fake glasses, her hair in a bun, and a dark pink business suit, while he is using a formal black outfit.

"Hello everybody, and welcome to the bloopers' section of the Colored Chuck's story, A New Hero in Town. I'm Angelica Pickles-Finster, and, next to me, Chuckie Finster." Angelica says in a reporter-like tone, directing to the readers.

"Thanks, Angie, and yes, you read right. Angelica and I got married right before the making of this story." Chuckie says to the readers and then he and Angelica give each other a fond look, while showing their rings.

"What can I say? I can't resist this guy, no matter how much I tried." Angelica chuckles, and then returns to the business at hand. "Anyway, as you can imagine, when making a story like this, with so many guest stars and action scenes, some accidents happen."

"And I must tell you, we worked a lot to try preventing them. However, well… you'll better take a look by yourselves." Chuckie says, and, after passing his arm over Angelica's shoulders, directs to someone unseen. "Roll it!"

Then, a movie reel passes rolling in front of the couple. Angelica and Chuckie slap their own foreheads, and she talks to the person who made the joke, in a slightly upset tone.

"Very funny, Phil. Now, please, do your job, okay?"



On a single movement, Chuck made Bumble Man to drop both guns. The criminal reacted by grabbing the mallet, so he and Chuck started struggling for the weapon's control.

"Hey, Bumble Man, time without seeing you; you still have that speech impediment?" Chuck asked the villain when they were face to face.

"Yes, buzz. You still have the silly costume and can't say correctly a proverb?" The villain snapped back. Chuck smirked.

"Yes... but at least I don't need to use a weapon to fight all the time." Chuck said while releasing his grip on the mallet. This was so sudden it caught the villain by surprise, and, before he could use the mallet, Chuck punched him on the chin, making Bumble man to fall on his back and drop the weapon. Chuckie, compared to most superheroes, wasn't very strong, but that didn't mean he couldn't give a good hit or two when needed, and, against this particular villain, he knew he had the edge in hand-to-hand fighting.

"And who are you to say my disguise is silly, uh?" The ColoRed Chuck said while advancing to finish the fight… and noticed Bumble Man wasn't moving.

"Uh… Bumble Man? You're supposed to defend yourself. Hello?" Chuckie whispered to the villain, who kept unconscious.

"CUT!" Tommy Pickles, in his director's outfit, approached the stage alongside some crew members, and checked Bumble Man, who slowly regained conscience again.

"Chuckie, you were supposed to hit him softly." Tommy said to his friend.

"I hit him softly! That's why I used my right fist instead of the left one." Chuckie commented. Tommy, not believing him, walked next to his friend, and touched his right arm, getting a surprised expression.

"Had you been working out?"

"Hey, I had been doing this role for a while now, remember? Of course I had been working out! Weight lifting, gymnastics, karate, boxing…"

"Uh… okay. Let's repeat the scene… and be more careful, okay?" Tommy said to Chuckie while walking back to his position.

"Good thing he isn't my enemy!" Tommy thought.

She started looking for Chuckie, and when couldn't find him in the kitchen, living room, or gym (despite not being as muscular as other heroes, Chuckie trained at least an hour everyday to keep himself in top shape), she walked upstairs, and then heard Chuck talking to someone on their bedroom. Angelica opened the door slightly to see who was with him; she couldn't help but smile a little when noticing Chuck on his civilian clothes talking with Fluffy, her Persian cat, while brushing her fur.

"I tell you, Fluffy, if that guy wasn't a superhero, and one with super-strength, no less, I would have done something really drastic... but there are several reasons that stopped me. Wanna hear them?" Chuck asked the feline. Fluffy yawned in boredom… and then gave Chuck a sharp scratch on his legs before jumping away.

"A simple No would be enough!" Chuckie complained while rubbing his legs and Angelica entered to check him and have a few words with her cat.


"Don't worry, my wild brothers and sisters! I'll release you from your prison in a moment!" A thin guy with nerdy glasses and a bowl hairdo, wearing black shirt, pants, and boots, with his face painted to mimic a tiger's fur, talked to the birds inside a cage in Hillwood Zoo, while trying to open the cage's lock, as he had done with several others that night.

"Curly, stop! This is dangerous!" A brunette woman, apparently on her forties, wearing a blue dress, appeared behind the guy, trying to make him reason.

"Nonsense, Doctor Bliss! I'm releasing my wild siblings so they can enjoy the sweet gift of freedom!" Curly replied, turning to face the woman.

At that moment, the gate opened, and all the birds flew away.

"CUT! Someone catch those birds!" Tommy yelled while Arnold entered the stage and ran next to an embarrassed Curly.

"Curly, you only had to pretend opening the cage!"


"And, unfortunately, is very hard to fight back his arguments because they're usually partly true. I mean, I'm not like Chuckie, whose became a hero for his own choice; I'm just an archeologist and a documentary film maker who, by several circumstances, had ended playing a heroic role." Tommy admitted.

"But you are as much as a hero as me, or even more, Tommy. I think we'll better start ignoring whatever Super Hunk tells us, or we'll develop a complex or something. As the old and known proverb says; to silly words, doesn't bite." Chuck said in his expert tone. Angelica and Tommy rolled their eyes, knowing what will happen next.

"No, no, wait... a barking dog, deaf ears." Chuck corrected himself. He then slapped his forehead, realizing his mistake, and tried to correct it.

"No, that's wrong... if you are deaf, and a dog barks, you surely aren't going to hear it... and you don't hear silly words as well... actually, if you're deaf, you'll not hear anything... so, if someone asks you to go get a bite, you'll not hear the invitation... and I CAN'T REMEMBER THE REST OF THIS RAMBLING!" Chuckie groaned in annoyance while slapping his own forehead, making Tommy and Angelica to laugh.

"Relax, I'm fine. Okay, now I'll get down the ball. Let's see if I can hit it with my Skweaky Lumper." Chuck said while taking out his mallet. The hero aimed at the ball, and threw his weapon, but, unfortunately, it got stuck as well. Chuck groaned and slapped his forehead.

"Guess I'll need to do it the hard way. Stand back." Chuck told the children, and started climbing the tree. After a minute or so, he directed to the kids, who were a couple of feet away from the tree.

"A ball, going down!" Chuck yelled, while dropping the ball. Bernadette caught it without problems.

"A mallet, going down!" Chuck said next. A moment later, his mallet fell from the tree. Spencer caught it; since the mallet wasn't so heavy, it was easy for the boy.

"Yours truly... GOOOIIING DOOOOOWN!" Chuck yelled in fear while falling from the tree.


"Oh, my...! Are you okay?" Bernadette asked Chuck while she and Spencer ran next to the hero, who luckily had landed in a bush next to the tree, softening his fall. Then, the girl covered her eyes, and Spencer started laughing, alongside the whole filming crew.

"What's going on?" Chuckie asked, and then Spencer pointed to the tree's branches. Chuckie lifted his head, and gasped, noticing his shorts were stuck on one branch.

"Now I know how Ron Stoppable feels." Chuckie said with a nervous grin.

"It's nice to feel appreciated. Well, that will do it." Angelica said while finishing the massage with a playful slapping on Chuck's back. "I don't know what's more amazing; how easily you bruise, or how fast you recover." She commented while sitting next to him.

"Well, since I receive so many hits regularly, my body developed a good healing factor. Of course, some external help is always welcome; right after I fell on the pool, the guys at Ocean Shore attended me before I called you to summon me back. And you are a wonderful nurse." Chuck told her, smiling.

"Someone is feeling better, uh?" Angelica smirked, and then leaned to kiss him; Chuck kissed and hugged the blonde back.

"Ehem! Ehem! Sorry to interrupt, guys."

Chuck and Angie ignored the coughing sound, and kept kissing and hugging.

"Ehem! Guys?" Danny Phantom insisted, sounding a little louder, but now the couple was getting a little more passionate, so kept ignoring him.

"GUYS! I have to use the Ghostly Wail, or what?" Danny said, slightly upset and blushing a little at the scene in front of him.

"CUT!" Tommy approached the stage, and yanked Danny away. "Sorry, Danny; this is my whole fault. I knew it was risky to have them doing this scene with them just marrying just a few weeks ago." Tommy sighed.

"Okay, people, we'll have a fifteen minutes' recess." Tommy said to the crew, but then Danny tapped his shoulder, making Tommy to look back at the couple. The director gulped, and his face became beet-red.

"Make it an hour's recess!" Tommy exclaimed while he and Danny, alongside the rest of the crew, dashed away from the now M-rated scene.

"Neutron, you have a serious ego problem. You can't stand the fact I got the great super powers you wanted for yourself, and want to get rid of them, right? Of course, I can't blame you. Who wouldn't like to be like me? I'm so glorious, I know... so handsome, look well... I'm gorgeous, gallant, stunning, I'm precious! I'm so divine... so exquisite... I'm cool, fine, strong, and also modest." Nick said, almost singing, while returning to see his reflex.

Then, a loud music was heard, and Nick, recognizing the tune, started dancing and singing in front of a confused Jimmy.


Too sexy for my shirt…

Too sexy for my shirt…

"CUT!" Tommy yelled, and then directed to Betty and Brittney, who were behind Jimmy holding a boom box and laughing.

"Very funny, girls!"

"Never imagined my uncles had another basement." Angelica said, surprised.

"It was built just a few years ago, Angie. Actually, the basement is composed by three levels. The first one, where we saw your uncle, is where he usually works. This one, the second, is where he and Dil test their inventions; it has the thickest walls, and nothing around that might get burned. The final one, where we are going, is Dil's working station, where he works almost all the time (except when he is helping his dad with something), designing toys and video games, and preparing the stuff I need as The ColoRed Chuck." Chuckie explained his wife while reaching the second level; as he said, it was mostly empty, except for a few crates and broken pieces of machinery.

The couple reached the third level. Unlike the other two, this one had a thick steel door at the end of the stairway, with a keyboard and a safety camera on it. Chuckie pressed some keys, introducing a password, and then the door opened.


"YIKES!" Angelica and Chuckie gasped and jumped back in fear when a short blue-colored ghost, dressed with worker's clothing, appeared from behind the door.


"CUT!" Tommy entered the stage, groaning. "Danny!"

Danny Phantom made himself visible right behind the Box Ghost, and gave him a high five, with Tommy, Chuckie, and Angelica glaring at him.

"Sorry guys, but I couldn't resist!" Danny said, chuckling.

"Yes, and I wanted to appear in the fic… I'M THE BOX GHOST!" The chubby ghost repeated his trademark phrase. Then, his laughter and Danny's was cut by a growling voice behind them. The ghosts turned to see a red-outfitted Afro-American girl aiming at them with an ecto-blaster.

"That's why Tommy hired me for security, ghosts!" Valerie Gray said right before shooting at Danny and the Box Ghost's rears. The specters yelped in fear and pain, and dashed away, while Chuckie and Angelica laughed, and Tommy gave Valerie a high-five.

The scene changed, and now Chuckie was wearing a 30's-style jacket, cape, mask (with the glasses under it) and pants, all in different shades of purple; the outfit was complete by a gray fedora and a blue turtleneck. Chuckie was reading something from a piece of paper.

"Dil, this character is a little too arrogant for my taste... and, actually, this introduction is kind of scary. I want to be respected by criminals, but also make the regular people to trust me." Chuckie told Dil, who was right in front of him.

"Believe me, pal, this ID will be great. Just read that introduction in the most dramatic tone you can." Dil told him. Chuck decided to give it a try, and started reading the introduction like Dil said.

"I'm the Terror that Flaps in the Night! I'm the Pain in the Neck of Crime! I, am... DARKWIIIIIING CHUCK!" Chuck ended the introduction with a dramatic heroic pose. Dil smiled widely.

"And now, meet your sidekick… Harold-Pad McQuack!" Dil said, and, a moment later, Harold jumped from behind him, using a brown sweater, ancient pilot-style pants, a pilot helmet, a white scarf, and brown boots.

"I'm ready, DW!" Harold said in a heroic tone. Chuckie laughed, and followed the joke.

"Fine, HP! Let's get dangerous!" And he and Harold made a heroic pose for the cameras.

"Oh, please… CUT!"

The scene changed again. Now Chuckie was wearing a green jumpsuit, red mask (still, with the glasses under it), and dark blue gloves, belt, and boots... and, from the top of his head to the end of his back, he had some fake fur mimicking a skunk's, tail and all.

"I don't know who is crazier, Dil; you, for inventing this stuff, or me for using it." Chuck said to Dil, rolling his eyes. The inventor ignored his voice's tone, and placed a hand on Chuck's shoulders.

"Hey, you want to be both respected and trusted, right? Well, no creature is as respected by predators as a skunk, and it's also a funny looking animal, so it fits well for the job's description. I think The Skunk Man is perfect for you." Dil told him. Chuck shook his head.

"Le hunk skunk!"

Chuckie and Dil turned back, surprised by a French-accented female voice. Before they could react, a cute toon purple-furred skunk girl, with a pink bow on her head, dashed on stage, and pounced on Chuckie, wrapping his shoulders with her long tail, and hugging his head.

"Oh, you're so cute! And big!" Fifi La Fume started kissing Chuckie's cheeks and forehead. Dil tried to grab her, as well as several crew members, but her stench kept them away. Finally, Chuckie could remove the top of his disguise, revealing his human head.

"Miss La Fume, calm down! I'm a human, you see? HUMAN!" Chuckie said, making the skunkette to give him a second look, and gasp in surprise.

"And he is taken, Fuzzy Face!" A very pissed Angelica, using a gas mask, entered the stage, and grabbed Fifi by her collar.

"Moi am so sorry! Moi normally can conzrol myself, but it's hard with such a big and handsome skunk!" Fifi said to Angelica while she carried her out of the stage.

"CUT! Deodorize the set so we can continue!" Tommy voice was heard off-screen.

Angelica was already there, alongside Chuckie's parents, Dil and Tommy; they placed themselves among the other persons supporting The ColoRed Chuck. Sadly, their number was minimal compared with the SH's supporters.

"This doesn't look good." Chaz Finster commented, noticing the majority of people were supporting Super Hunk.

"I really feel like saying a few things to that guy." Kira said, with a very upset tone. Tommy directed to her.

"Keep your breath, Kira. That guy doesn't deserve people pointing at you for saying bad words." Tommy said.

"Yeah. Tell them to me, and I'll yell them to the jerk." Dil grinned while showing a megaphone to his friends. At that moment, a well known afro-American officer directed to the group.

"You'll better not, Dil. I would hate to arrest any of you for defending The ColoRed Chuck." Sgt Susie Carmichael said to her friends. She knew about Chuckie's secret ID, and, like them, had to be careful with her words with so many people around.

"CUT!" Tommy interrupted the scene.

"What? But nobody made any mistake, Tommy!" Susie said, confused, now noticing everybody was looking at her.

"Susie… those pants aren't a little too big for you?" Dil commented. Susie looked down, and gasped, noticing the pants were about 5 sizes bigger than her usual ones, and only her belt was preventing them to fall.

"Uh… oops… these are Harold's pants… sorry!" Susie said nervously, and then ran backstage.

"Those two… since they married, are worse than me and Finster." Angelica rolled her eyes.

"Hey, at least we do our stuff behind the cameras, Pickles!" Susie's voice was heard off-screen, making Angelica to blush.

"Oh... and now... who will help MEEEEEE...!" Savannah said right when her fingers couldn't hold her any more, causing her to fall... until a hand grabbed her wrist.

"I!" The ColoRed Chuck said, clenching his teeth while doing an effort to not letting Sneaky fall. He was located on the rooftop, chest down, to support the woman's weight without falling himself.

"The ColoRed Chuck!" Savannah smiled in relief. She never imagined she would be so grateful for seeing him.

"Didn't count... with my... oh, you already know the introduction!... Quick, use my body to climb to the... rooftop!" Chuck said, sweating because of the effort.

"I can't... my chest hurts a lot... and I can't use my other arm!" Savannah replied with a pained voice.

"Then try breaking the... window next to you...to get... into the building! Hurry! You're too heavy!" Chuck told her.

"Are you calling me fat?" Savannah replied, offended.

"NOW!" Chuck snapped at her. Savannah nodded, and, despite the pain, she could balance her body to get enough support and break the window with a good kick… but the window didn't break.

"What the… YIKES!" Savannah fell when Chuckie couldn't hold her any longer. Luckily, she fell on a safety net.

"CUT!" Tommy yelled. "Savannah, the breakable window is the one at your left, not the one at your right!"

"Angie... the website... it was your idea, right?" Chuckie asked, already knowing the answer.

"Of course it was. Super Hunk used the media to gain people's support, so, since I'm a genius, I thought that would help you as well. Besides creating the site, I had talked with many of Merge Corp's contacts in the whole media environment, and both Susie and Kimi are sharing information about you with them to help with the research. Hadn't told you before because I wanted to see the results first. I must say, it had been amazing to read what some of the people who visit the site had written about you. I knew you have done some great things, but is great to read them from the people's POV." Angelica explained. Chuckie hugged her tightly, and Angelica returned the embrace.

"Thanks." Chuckie whispered on her ear.

"For better or worse, until death do us part, remember? Someone has to take care of you, Finster." Angelica replied, and then they kissed tenderly for a few minutes.

"Ummm… Chuckie, it's your Skweaky Lumper, or you are just happy to see me?" Angelica said in a flirty voice without breaking the embrace. Chuckie blushed, and returned to kiss her.

"CUT!" Tommy entered the stage. "Oh, please, guys, don't tell you're gonna try changing the story's rating every time you kiss!"

"Relax, Tommy, I'm just playing." Angelica replied with a playful smirk.

"Yes, we learned our lesson, and, to avoid the temptation, we already did our married couple's stuff before coming to the set." Chuckie continued, making Tommy to arch an eyebrow.

"So… I can count on you guys to behave yourselves?"

"Of course, I mean, we aren't lust machines! Three hours is more than enough for us." Angelica shrugged. Tommy made a double take, and started walking back to his place.

"Note to myself… ask Chuckie what kind of vitamins he is taking!" Tommy thought out-loud.

"Oh well, the blue guy is, for once, right. Nothing personal, Chuck, but I have to do my job." Shego said in a calm tone while cracking her knuckles and doing stretching exercises in front of Chuck. He started doing the same.

"Yes, I know. But can we do it the special way we used to?" Chuck asked. Shego arched an eyebrow.

"In public? I have a reputation, you know." Shego replied.

"Green, pleeeeease? For old times' sake?" Chuck said in his kindest tone. Shego rolled her eyes.

"I can't believe I'm going to do it. Okay, let's finish this." Shego said while clenching her fists. Chuck did the same, and they stood in front of each other, in boxing positions.

"Oh, this is gonna be interesting." Drakken grinned evilly.

Shego and Chuck drew back a fist and started counting at the same time.

"One... two... three!" They said while quickly moving one fist in front of the other's.


"OUCH!" Shego and Chuck shook their hands in pain after their fists collided.

"CUT!" Tommy walked on stage. "Shego, you have to move one half-feet more away from Chuckie. Are you two guys okay?"

"Yes, don't worry. I'm used to these accidents when working." Shego commented while she and Chuckie checked their hands.

"Okay, Rufus, you heard the guy with antennas. Do your job, buddy!" Ron told the rodent. Rufus nodded, and then Ron threw him against the switch. Rufus made an acrobat-like movement, and landed safely on the lever; his weight did the rest, and, a moment later, the lights went off. The only thing visible was the glowing from Shego's hands, moving quickly because of her battle with Kim.

"Booyah!" Ron excited voice was heard, alongside plenty of yelling and hitting sounds. Drakken, despite the darkness, kept barking orders.

"Get them, you fools! Keep fighting... ouch! My foot! Somebody turn on the lights! SHEGO!" Drakken yelled in frustration.

"I have... UFF!... my own problems... –groan-... here!" Shego replied while fighting Kim. The females knew each other's moves so well they would surely be able to fight even sleepwalking.

Drakken groaned, and started walking through the room, trying to find the switch, while the battle continued.


"Step aside... move on... evil genius walking... OUCH! I don't know who hit me, but if it was one of my henchmen, he's not getting Christmas bonus this year!... there... ARGH! Who placed a chair here? Can't believe it... I'm a genius, and didn't think about carrying a light!... Yuck! I don't know what I stepped on, but I swear it was moving! Okay, I think the switch is... HERE!" Drakken exclaimed in triumph, and turned on the lights, grinning.

"Now, get those fools, and finish... them..." Drakken got a shocked expression.

"SURPRISE!" The whole crew from A New Hero in Town, as well as the Kim Possible's cast, surrounded Drakken, all of them wearing party hats. Shego and Kim were in front of the group, holding a large birthday cake.

"Happy Birthday, Doctor D!" Shego smiled at her stage partner, who got a huge grin and washed a single tear from his right eye.

"Oh, you guys remembered!"

"And, how? He has super strength, and maybe other powers. The only one of us who is close to having those advantages is Bumble Man, and that's only when he uses his suit." Jean Claude said. Bumble Man wanted to reply, but even he had to recognize he wasn't so powerful without his disguise and gadgets. The four criminals knew they would need something special to fight Super Hunk; they were more than suited to fight the cops, or The ColoRed Chuck, but not a powerhouse..

At that moment, a little dart flew through Sean and Tim's cell's window, hitting…


… Tim's rear.

"CUT! Shark, work on your aiming, okay?"

"Snakes?" Susie repeated, puzzled. Harold gave the man a long look, and gasped.

"Of course! The panic state, hallucinations, the drug used at the prison... Susie, this guy was infected with The Scarecrow's toxin!" Harold told his girlfriend.

"A toxin called Scarecrow?" Susie replied, confused.

"No, a toxin created by The Scarecrow, a super villain from Gotham City. You know I like to read a lot about heroes and their stunts, and I remember an article from a magazine I read some time ago concerning this particular toxin. It makes the victims to experiment their worst fears; some of them even get traumatized for life, unless you give them an antidote on time. And forget about gas masks; that stuff can also get absorbed through the skin." Harold informed Susie. Then, he got a playful smirk, and, before Susie could say another word, he got an expert-like tone.

"The Scarecrow's real name is Jonathan Crane, who used to be a psychologist. He is one of Batman's enemies, created by Bill Finger and Bob Kane, who debuted in World's Finest Comics number 3, Fall 1941…"

"CUT!" Tommy interrupted Harold's speech, while Susie and the other guys around him chuckled. "Harold, just say your lines and let Susie say hers, okay?"

"Hey, you can get the geek away from the comics, but not the comics out from the geek." Harold shrugged, getting a little kiss from Susie after that.

Meanwhile, in Retroville, a beautiful green-eyed blond young woman, wearing a green blouse and brown pants, approached an apparently ordinary club house, the kind kids build with planks they find here and there, located in a backyard. However, this house had a DNA analyzer and a speaker on the door. The blonde pushed a button on the speaker, and talked to it.

"Hey, Nerdtron, it's me. Let me in!" The blonde said, and, a couple of seconds later, a trap door opened under her feet, making her to fall. Fortunately, she landed in a mattress…


Cindy got a nervous expression, while Jimmy and the whole crew started laughing. The blonde then lifted the mattress, finding a whoopie cushion and a microphone.

"Phil DeVille, you're dead meat!" Cindy yelled in anger. Phil, hidden behind one cameraman, gulped.

"How did you know it was me?"

"Actually, I didn't… until now that you confessed." Cindy replied with an evil smirk, and cracked her knuckles a second before darting against Phil.

"AAAH! Lil! Kimi! HELP!"

"Jennifer Wakeman. Global Response Unit XJ-9. You are all under arrest." The girl said in an authoritarian tone. The prisoners gasped, and started shooting at her, but the bullets did as much damage as paper balls.

"Stand back, tin can girl, or the hostages are done!" One of the criminals yelled while aiming at the people inside the cells. Jennifer replied by transforming one of her hands into a magnet and aiming it at the criminals; one moment later, all the small sized metallic objects around her, including the guns and some dental fillings, were attracted by the magnet, leaving the criminals unarmed…

And then started attracting the belts, microphones, cameras, watches, various props…

"CUT!" Tommy yelled. "Jennie, put down the potency a little bit, can you?"

"Yes. Please, keep talking to him." Chuck told the officer. Nicole nodded and leaned next to the bed, realizing how important it was to keep SH awake to prevent brain damage. Chuck stood up, and looked out the window to check the situation, noticing Bumble Man's attempt to escape.

"Oh, no, you don't! Sorry, Nicole, have some work out there!" Chuck directed to the officer while opening the window.

"You'll never catch me again, buzz!" Bumble Man mocked the cops while shooting at them with his wax's gun.

"I don't think so, bug-face!" Chuck exclaimed while jumping from the window, landing on Bumble Man's back. However, this disguise was better built than the previous one, so it could stand Chuckie's weight.

"Get down, buzz! I don't take passengers, buzz!" Bumble Man groaned while struggling with Chuck in the air. At that moment, the wings' mechanism started failing... or more precisely, got overpowered because of one wire that got damaged by Chuck's attack. Both the villain and the hero stopped struggling when hearing the noise, and gulped.


"CUT!" Tommy and the rest of the crew ran next to Chuckie and Bumble Man, who had crashed instead of flying.

"Are you guys okay?"

"I want to thank the Academy…" Chuckie said, dizzy.

"I see a light… it's calling me…" And even dizzier Bumble Man replied.

Angelica and Kimi adopted their fighting positions, and started circling each other. The females drew back their right fists...



"CUT!" Tommy exclaimed while he and Chuckie ran to the stage to check Angelica and Kimi, who hit each other when hearing the phone's bell.

"What's wrong with you two?" Tommy asked to the females. Angelica, rubbing her chin, replied.

"It's because of the training we did for the story, Tommy. Kimi and I heard the bell, and took it as the cue to start fighting. Kimi, are you okay?"

Kimi, slightly groggy, shook her head to recover.

"Yeah, I think so. Don't worry; we'll not get confused again." Kimi said. Chuckie and Tommy sighed in relief, and went back to their places.

"Hey, Angelica, after the filming, you want to have a friendly match for real?" Kimi asked her sister-in-law.

"Sure, why not?" Angelica replied in a happy tone while she and Kimi pounded each other's gloved fists.

"Maybe asking Shego and Kim to train them wasn't a good idea." Chuckie whispered at Tommy, who nodded in reply.



Back in the now dark theater, Chuckie and Angelica laugh loudly.

"God, that was great!" Chuckie says while Angelica nods.

"Yes. Lights, please."

At that moment, Danny, Phil, Dil, Harold, Lil, Ron, Curly and Goddard appear from the seats around them, each one holding a lantern.

"Hardy har har, guys." Angelica groans, making her friends to laugh. Then, they disappear, and the lights return for real.

"First of all, we want to thank The J.A.M for being a major influence on this extra chapter." Chuckie says.

"True. Also, we want to remember you guys that The Box Ghost and Valerie Gray are characters from Danny Phantom, Fifi La Fume is from Tiny Toons Adventures, and Launchpad McQuack, the character Harold disguised as, is from Darkwing Duck, so Ramiro doesn't own them." Angie points.

"Guess that's all. Thank you for reading and reviewing both this extra chapter, and the story. We appreciate it a lot, and sorry if any of you got offended by some of the bloopers; we tried to make them as decent as possible, but, well, I love Angelica, so I couldn't resist that one… you know what I mean." Chuckie says, blushing.

"Oh, I'm sure they understand, Finster… and I'm sure you'll understand this."

Angelica, in a dashing movement, handcuffs Chuckie and herself.

"What the… hey, these are the handcuffs Shego used in this story, right?" Chuckie, surprised, directs to her.

"Yep. That scene brought back some memories… and this time, Finster, I have no hurry to release us." Angelica says in a seductive tone while taking off her glasses and loosening her hair. Chuckie smiles widely, and the couple embraces; right before kissing, they turn to face the readers, both with huge love-sick smiles.

"Okay, thanks again to all of you."

"And, as Ramiro says at the end of all his stories and reviews…"

Keep the good writing.