Summary: Sakura's little brother runs away looking for a big brother. Now Sakura must bring him back. And with the Haruno bloodlimit, will Sakura find her brother heading strait for Orochimaru?

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Chapter 1: I Want a Big Brother!

A kunai is thrown at Sakura knocking her of a log.

"I win. Again" says Katsuo, Sakura's 8 year old brother, sounding bored. Sakura and Katsuo were training on a log seeing who could knock the other one off first. And so far Katsuo was being very victorious.

"You're too good, Katsuo-chan. There's no way I can beat you." Sakura admitted getting out of the river she fell into.

"I wish I had a big brother. He could train with me and actually give me a challenge." Sakura felt hurt even though she was slightly used to the statement.

"You know that's not gonna happen. Mom and Dad are dead, and even if they weren't it would still impossible for you to have a brother older than you."

"Can't we adopt?" Katsuo asks.

"No, because all the orphans older than you are able to live on their own" Sakura explained. Katsuo pouts in defeat. He wanted so bad to have a big brother. He wanted someone strong and smart like him. If he had a big brother than he would be able to travel in Konahas' forests while Sakura was out working in the hospital (A/N: Sakura is 18. Old, yes but hey it's only 10 years difference. Live with it.)

Sakura looks at the suns' position. "Let's go home, it's getting late and I need to make dinner". the dinner table...

They ate dinner in silence. Sakura glanced at Katsuo, he seemed to be deep in thought. He was obviously thinking of some kind of strategy. She smiles at this. He always was smart and gifted. He received the Moriko eye when he was 6. A few months before Sakura had when she was 6. The ­­Moriko eye allowed it's user to control any animal to do he/she's bidding. He was popular in the academy, he had looks and brains with his emerald green eyes and black hair. Girls would die for him. That reminded Sakura of- NO! I can't think about him. Not now. I have to concentrate on getting enough money to support me and Katsuo.

Not like that's a big problem. You're Konaha's top medic. You always get paid big.

Shut up.

Common. You know I'm right. You get paid big and you're still in love with that Uchiha.

I am not. Now go back in your little box!

Fine. Be that way.

"Done. May I be excused?" Katsuo asks suddenly.

"What? Oh, yes of course." Katsuo picks up his plate, leaves it in the sink and walks off.

"Don't you want desert?" Sakura calls, before he leaves the dining room.

"No. I think I'm going to bed early." He replies, still walking.

"Strange, he always wants desert… especially when it's his favorite" Sakura says to herself, cutting a slice of tangerine cheesecake for herselfbefore putting it away in the fridge.

"I wonder if he's up to something" she thinks. Maybe he's planning some kind of bizarre idea that would get him into trouble. "Nah." He wouldn't do that. I'm thinking too much.

Meanwhile with Katsuo

"I hate this" mumbles Katsuo kicking his bed frame.

"I need a brother. A strong one, that can outwit me and make me stronger too." Katsuo had thought about this at dinner. There has to be somebody out there that can be my brother.

Then it hit him. Of course there is. All I have to do is find that person. Katsuo knew exactly what to do. He would sneak out and leave Konaha and search all the other nearest villages. Katsuo got exited. I could probably survive. He thinks packing up the essentials for his trip. He was leaving tonight.

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