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Chapter: 9 New Connection

Oi! Sakura get up!!!

Whaaat...? Sakura thinks lazily.

Get up! Inner Sakura yelled, I have a surprise for you!!

What the... Where have you been?? We currently are in the middle of a forest looking for Katsuo and you weren't there to see any of it!!! Sakura yelled at her inner self. As much as she hated her at times, it felt pretty awkward not having her around.

Well, actually yes I was. I just kept quiet for once. Inner Sakura repied.

There was a pause. ...Are you sure you're me inner self? Sakura thought skeptically.

Well, DUH!! You baka, now's not the time. I want you to meet someone!

Sakura opened her eyes to see Sasuke hovering over her.

"Hey, how are you feeling?" Sasuke asked her.

Sakura blushed "Fine I think, my head hurts a litle. But I'll be ok. Ano, what happened?"

"You ran into a tree branch. I set up camp to let you rest." Sasuke replied.

Hey, Sasuke!! I want you to meet someone, a voice in Sasuke's head yelled.

Where the hell have you been? We just found out that Kabuto took Katsuo and you werent't there!! ACtually, I take that back. I'm glad you weren't there. Sasuke yelled to his inner self.

Owch, that hurts, Inner Sasuke says sarcasticly putting a hand to his chest expressing his sarcasm, but anyways, I want you to meet someone Inner Sasuke said.

Sakura, you have to see this, Inner Sakura says exited.

We just made inner self history! Inner Sasuke says proudly.

How? Sasuke and Sakura thought at the same time.

I just found a way- Inner Sasuke continued.

to enter someones mind- Inner Sakura told Sakura.

and allow us to meet there inner selves!! (you get the whole switch of thing by now...right? Anyways)

What?? Sasuke and Sakura thought.

So- (Sasuke)

now- (Sakura)

I want you- (Sasuke)

to meet- (Sakura)

inner- (you get it...)



Inner Sasuke and Inner Sakura stepped into view of both Sasuke and Sakura.

"Oh my God!" Sakura yells surprised while Sasuke just widened his eyes. They look

at each other then at thier inner selves that back at each other.

"You... it...he... self... you too?" Sakura asks half confused.

Yup!! IS (Inner Sakura) cheered understanding her outer self completely. Then out of

the blue she bagan hugging ISA(soundslike a girls name... tell me if you come up with

a different name i could use, please!!)

What are you doing?! Sakura and Sasuke asked in unision.

What? she retorted, I can't hug my own boyfriend?

"Boy friend?" Sakura repeated.

"You failed to mention this one." Sasuke said to ISA.

Yeah, well we've been together a couple months before we were assigned to you once

your hormones kicked in.

Really. Sakura heard Sasuke say, but when she looked at Sasuke his mouth hadn't

moved. Sakura struggled with the situation for a while.

"You were thinking Sakura stated out of the blue, "you were thinking and I heard it."

Sakura paused putting the pieces together. "I can hear your thoughts!!!" Sakura


Yeah right... Sasuke thought.

"I-It's true!! I just heard your 'yeah right'!!" Sakura started to wave her arms around as if

trying to form words, "Oh my God!"

This is all happening way too fast, Sakura thought putting a hand to her forehead.

Sasuke then realised that what Sakura said was true.

"Hold on, I don't want someone to hear my thoughts. I'd like them to stay private." he

glared at the space accross from him. Supposedly ISA but only Sakura and he would

know that.

Ehehehehe... um well about those thoughts... ISA scratched the back of his head, um

well... those thoughts aren't really between us anymore.

"Who did you tell." Sasuke's tone was deadly.

There was a giggle.

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