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Hard Words

By: SunshineandDaisys

Sakura's PoV

"How hard is it to say 'I love you'?" I wondered out loud, plopping down suddenly in the middle of the woods. "I know he does!"

I glared at a particularly knotty tree to my left. Clearly, it was asking for it. "Tell me, friend, if you loved that... uh..."

I glanced around. Aha.

"That pink flower there. If you loved that flower, would you tell her?"

The tree wouldn't say, but I knew that he would. He was obviously not saying anything from embarrassment. She was a pretty flower, after all--

Embarrassment! That's it.

"He's not saying it because he's shy!" I sat back in the grass, propping myself up on my elbows and nodding. "Yes, that's got to be it. It makes sense, right, friend?"

Mister Gnarly Branches wasn't sayin' again, but something about the timing of the wind in his branches seemed to indicate a 'no'.

"Oh, really?" I turned my head to the side to show him I was not going to be easily persuaded. "So you're saying he's perfectly confident enough to-- alright, I see your point."

He was definitely from a courageous gene pool, and he wasn't a runt, either. I sighed.

This time, turning to the flower, I said, "So what, then? Is he just not sure how I'd respond?"

She twirled her petals side-to-side for a minute, thinking as hard as little pink flowers could, before smiling at me. I swear she did!

"I'm right, he's unsure?" I frowned at this, my eyebrows stitching together in disagreement. "No, he knows I love him. There's no way he couldn't!"

The little flower turned her carnation-colored head to her would-be lover, and I directed my similarly colored head the same. Would he know?

"He isn't shy, and he knows that I'd want to hear the words. What else could that leave?"

There was a pause in the wind, and I saw the answer in the heart of that weathered trunk; it was hollowed out now, long since eaten away by termites and left to rot amongst his taller, living peers. I smiled sadly and stood up.

"Yes, I see now. He doesn't know anything of love."

I picked the lonely flower from the ground and looked down knowingly at her in my grasp. "You and I, we've been fools."

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