This series of Bunnies is just something that bit me one night. Many people have had to make decisions. Sometimes, those decisions change the way you look at yourself, and sometimes, they change your life. In this series, we will look at some of the decisions the Manticores have made. First up is Rose. What do you do when you have to choose between life and death for one of two people? This story takes places in the last five minutes of the ritual at the Heart of the World.



Mercy and Jerrick were splitting their attention between Rose and the gunfire from the mouth of the valley. The Alpha point had been under fire for nearly seven hours and with the ritual about to end, they were really hoping Sonya and the Manticore held out.

They were actually far more worried about Rose Evans. Rose was just finishing her eighteenth hour of casting and was exhausted. The only thing keeping her on her feet was the ritual. If this ritual worked, James and Tiffany would end the rapid aging of the Soul bond alive their normal lifespan.

Chimera had started casting three days ago, and since then, Emma, Hangeld, Lisa and Melissa had gotten to the point where they couldn't cast anymore. Rose and Adam were the only two capable of casting at this point, and Adam had just finished casting for four straight hours and was passed out on his sleeping bag.

Rose was the last caster with May-ling. May-ling could do the simultaneous casting with Rose since they had the twin bond, but Rose was the only person she could cast with, which is why they had saved her until they absolutely had to have her.

Rose was barely aware of what she was doing, with only the routine of the last three days running through her head. She was existing in a fog with but a single thought in her head. She had to finish this. Her brother's life depended on this ritual and Rose was going to finish it.

With barely five minutes to go, Rose's sight suddenly flared up, and she saw the paths open to Manticore right now. If she continued with the ritual, Ron Stone would die in just about three minutes. She could stop, right now, or anytime in the next minute, and he would live.

James and Tiffany would continue the rapid aging, and they would die before they turned twenty-seven. Rose searched the paths in her head frantically, searching for anything she could do. All of the Chimeras that could hear her silent speech were passed out, worn out by the grueling pace of the last three days. May-ling could also hear her, but she was casting and neither one of them could stop without ruining the ritual.

Rose looked at her options, weighing Ron's life against James', and made her decision.

She watched the final seconds that she could stop in tick away, and forced herself to watch as Ron died. The ritual ended just as the giant ran Ron through and James and Tiffany reappeared from wherever they had spent the last three days. Rose felt James' "Final Moments' link with the Manticores come to life for the first time ever, and in that instant when Ron died, she, like all the Manticores felt his pain for the briefest instant and knew something had happened to him.

Unlike the others, Rose knew exactly what had happened, and why. She had let him die.

The casting over, Rose sank to the ground, weeping bitterly for the life she had taken. Melissa was there, alerted by her empathy that something was terribly wrong with Rose, but not even her gentle touch and soothing emotions could help Rose this time.

A/N: There will be more decisions coming, including Lisa's Gatekeeper Test, Draco Jr.'s, and the one I first thought of, the one that made me start looking for more decisions.

Mercy swore an oath that she would never hurt another person. What will she do when she is the only person between fifteen Dark Wizards and twenty-two wounded people that cannot move or fight?