Establishing Shot -- United States, Washington D.C. -- Day

TOM V/O: Ah, Little Washington, a place where characters and reality create a never ending blend of fascination for home viewers across the globe. Here in a parallel reality of our world, Andy and Lou are known by distinctly different identities, although their charming personas remain ever universal. Confused? (Laughs) Wonderful!


"Lou" enters hurriedly, he looks worried, he's in dark face, afro and wearing a military suit with lots of medals. (Lou is COLIN POWELL).

(Andy is GEORGE BUSH) George sits in his wheelchair -- Presidential suit, obvious toupee -- at the desk of the Oval Office. George is watching Monster Trucks on a small television on his desk. The truck show goes to commercial.George shuts off the tv.

GEORGE: Hey, Sammy.

COLIN: No, it's me Colin. Colin Powell, I'm your Secretary of State, George.

GEORGE: Yeah, I know.

COLIN: Well, I've got some terrible news, George. It seems terrorist have struck both New York City and the Pentagon. It's a right bloody kerfuffle.

GEORGE: Yeah, I know.

COLIN: You know? How do you know?

GEORGE: Saw it this morning on the tellie.

COLIN: Oh, right. It's really a nasty bit of business.

GEORGE: We need to declare war.

COLIN: Yeah, that's what I came in to talk to you about, George.

(Colin unravels a large world map on the Oval Office desk for George to see. )

COLIN: Now we really have to be sure who we declare war on this time. We don't want it turn out like another Vietnam for us. It's really the China Shop rule here, George, if you broke it you bought it.

GEORGE: I want that one.

COLIN: (looks closely at map) But that's Iraq, George.

GEORGE: (more direct) I want that one.

COLIN: But according to intelligence reports, the terrorist were al-Qaeda, and there located all the way up here in Afghanistan.

GEORGE: Yeah, I know.

COLIN: You sure you don't want to declare war on Afghanistan, George?


COLIN: You really want to declare war on Iraq then?

GEORGE: (irratated) Yes.

(Colin leans in close to George. )

COLIN: But you always said that, "regardless if a state is run by a totalitarian regime or not, we should nevertheless respect both that states' sovereignty and people, and wait patiently for the masses to enact any radical political change for themselves -- lest we lose further credibility, and reinforce the growing world view that we're an imperial democracy ruled by corporate avarice."

GEORGE: Yeah, I know.

COLIN: So, you're sure you want to focus all our military might on Iraq then?

(George points his finger determinately at Iraq.)

GEORGE: I want that one.

COLIN: Alright, I'll make the call then.

(Colin picks up the red Presidential phone.)

COLIN: Yes, we'll take Iraq, please.


(George and Colin are watching the bombs fall on Baghdad.)

GEORGE: I want to declare war on Iran.

(Colin gives George "that look" and goes for the red phone.)