"We had called both schools to let them know you were transferring from your old school to Makoto's school." Usagi paused then said to me, "you'll have the exact same classes as Makoto."

"We're going to go to the police this morning to get a restraining order against your father, as well as a warrent to get all of your belongings to be brought to our house." Kakyo said smiling at me.

"Thank you, so much." I said bowing to them.

Makoto and I left for school.


"I have a gift for you, Kara." Makoto said pulling out a box from his locker and opened it showing me a ten-carat diamond on a twenty-four carat gold ring.

He smiled at me as he placed the ring on my left ring finger. "This shall be our engagement ring."

"Engagement ring?" I asked looking at him, "are you proposing to me?"

I could feel my cheeks becomed flushed.

"If you're excepting my proposal. Then, yes. I am propsing to you. So do you except?"

"Yes, I except." I said smiling at him.

Makoto smiled at me as he pulled me into his arms and kissed me.

We heard clapping around us.

We looked and smiled at everyone.

I could tell I was blushing.

"Hm,mm." A man had cleared his throat behind Makoto. "Mr. Kozuka, we'd appreciate it if you would be more proper to your girlfriend at school."

"Yes sir." Makoto said blushing.

"Nice to meet you Miss Kiriyama. My name is Mr. Satachi. I'm the principle of this school." Mr. Satachi said holding his hand out to shake my hand.

"Nice to meet you too, sir." I said.

Makoto and I had gone to homeroom together.

"Everyone, please welcome Kara Kiriyama." Miss Yatoshi said to the class.

"Nice to meet you," the whole homeroom said to me.

I bowed back to everyone.

"The new girl looks good. I wouldn't mind teaching her some new things." One kid said to another.

Makoto was beginning to feel his anger rise.

The kids sat right behind him.

"Don't even think about touching my fianceè. For if you do," he paused then said showing anger in his eyes. "I'll destroy you."

"Fiancee?" One kid asked.

"Take a look on her ring finger on her left hand. You'll see she's wearing my ring."

"Oh sorry Kozuka. We didn't know."

Homeroom was also our english class.

Our next classes were history, math, lunch, science,geography, economics, and gym.

We went to our lockers and grabbed our skates.

Right when we walked outside, we saw my father.

I had squeezed Makoto's hand, showing him my fear.

"Leave Kara alone, old man." Makoto said angrily walking in front of me, protecting me.

"whee-oo! Whee-oo!" We heard sirens coming towards us.

"Mr. Kiriyama," a police officer said getting out of his car. "You're under violation of your restraining ordetr. Now move away from the kids."

"What restraining order!" he asked angrily.

"This one." The officer said showing him the paper.

"This is bullshit!" He said walking towards me.

"I said to stay away from her," Makoto said showing the rage in his eyes.

The officer went over and grabbed Suzuka's hands and handcuffed them.

"I'm placing you under arrest for for violation of your parole." The officer looked at Makoto and said, "you can put that bat away now young man."

Makoto lowered the bat and grabbed my hand, "let's go home now."

"Okay," I said smiling at him.

We had gone home.

"Welcome home," Usagi and Kakyo said smiling at us.

"We had made a room of your own Kara." Usagi said taking my hand and shown me my room was right across from Makoto's room. "We had used this room as extra storage. We moved everything that was in here into the garage. Your property came around noon."

"Thank you, so much." I said smiling as tears fell out of my eyes.

"You're welcome, Kara." Usagi said placing her hands on my shoulders and smiled at me.

Usagi and Kakyo left my room, shutting the door behind Makoto and I.

I looked at Makoto and smiled as he came over to me.

He lifted my chin up as his lips claimed mine in a passionate kiss.

I had moaned gently, loving the feel of my body being crushed by his.

Makoto lightly brushed his thumbs across my breasts, making them feel heavy and aching at the same time.

My whole body felt like it was beginning to lose contorl and give in to the pleasure it was receiving.

As if on instinct, I felt my hands slowly move towards his waist and began to slightly caress the front of his pants.

Makoto moved his mouth away from mine.

"Kara," he whispered hotly against my skin. If you don't stop, you're going to make me explode."

I smiled at him as I slid my uniform off revealing my see-through undergarments.

"Damn," he said pulling away from me.

"Mak0-chan?" I asked.

He smiled at me as he went over to lock my door.

"You are empting me so badly," he said looking at me.

I smiled at him as I removed my undergarments. I went over to my bed and folded the covers back. I had laid down on my bed and invited him over to my bed.

"I want my husband to be with me tonight. Just like I am now." I paused then said, "we both know what men and women do in the bedroom. I want to experience that."

"Why don't we wait until prom night, or our wedding night to go that far." Makoto paused then said smiling as he walked over to me, "we can please eachother in other ways for now, my love."

"Okay," I said smiling at him.

Makoto undressed and had laid down next to me.

I cpuld feel the heat from his body as he moved closer to me.

"You feel warm," I said gently kissing his neck.

"You feel great, my love." Makoto said caressing my breast.

I felt my body react to his touch.

I closed my legs tightly trying to hold onto the pulsating feeling between them.

"Are you okay?" Makoto asked seeing my legs shut tightly together.

"Yes," I paused then said. "I feel my intimate part throbbing."

"Let me feel," he said.

I opened my legs to allow him to touch the spot that needed his touch.

Right when he touched there, I opened my mouth to let out a cry of pleasure.

Makoto covered my mouth with his to silence the sound of pleasure escaping my throat.

I thrusted my legs up towards his fingers to try to get more of his wonderful touch inside my body.

As soon as my body calmed down, Makoto slid his hand out of my intimate part.

I felt my body jump as he lightly brushed acrossed the little pebble inside my opening.

He smiled at me as he placed his finger in his mouth.

"You taste delicous, Kara." Makoto said kissing me with some of the juices left in his mouth to allow me to taste my essence.

We had laid together silently holding eachother as we burned the memory into our minds.

"I feel like I'm about to fall asleep now. My body feels relaxed." I said kissing his neck as I gently bit his chin.

"I'm glad," Makoto said smiliing at me.

I closed my eyes as I leaned into his warm embrace..

"You feel so nice," I whispered as I leaned up to kiss him before I was all the way asleep.

"So do you," he whispered caressing my flesh.

He laid his head down next to mine as he wrapped his arms around my body as he held me close to his.

Usagi and Kakyo unlocked my door and came to check in on us.

They smiled as they saw us sleep together.

"Did they go all the way?" Kakyo asked.

"No." Usagi paused then said, "I heard Kara ask Makoto to be with her like a husband to his wife. He told her that they should wait until their prom or wedding night to go that far."

"It sounds like he made a wise descision." Kakyo said smiling at us.

Makoto woke up and saw his parents watching us.

He was about to applogize and get out of my bed.

Usagi smiled as she brought her finger to her mouth.

"You can stay in here Makoto. We know what you and Kara did." Kakyo said smiling at him. "You made the right descision about waiting. Go on and get some sleep. We'll see you in the morning. Goodnight," Kakyo said smiling at him.

"Goodnight," Makoto said smiling back.

Usagi and Kakyo had gone back to their room and went to bed.