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Author's Note: This one-shot was for the LiveJournal Community called "Digimon Drabbles."


It was like being involved in a popular manga… except it was real.

The quirkiness was real. The feeling was real. The love was real. No, it was not a friendship kind of love, but a romantic kind of love. And it was a very nice feeling to have…

Unfortunately, it was forbidden. Yes, that was right, it was forbidden. Forbidden with a capital "F." The romance was generally considered wrong and disgusting to the public's eye. One so gross, it could scorn them for life. Because of this, they wondered if their friends would abandon them, or even worse. As a result, they kept it a secret.

As time went by, their relationship continued, and they kept it hidden; but skepticism from their friends and kin followed them. Finally, after feeling the pressure for so long, they decided to tell their friends and family about the relationship. They feared that the friendship would end right there, and that they might do something bad. However, the actual response was a collection of encouraging remarks. They sighed in relief at the news, but they all agreed not to publicly reveal it. Not yet, at least.

But the full revelation never occurred. They kept it hidden, but only publicized it to their friends and family. Although they still wondered what would happen if the public found out about the relationship, they were determined not to let the results keep them apart.

"After all, love keeps us together," said Takato kindly.

Nami Asaji smiled as they walked into the distance, holding hands along the way.